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  1. Corone

    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 2

    Following up on Part 1, we look at the return of Dragonlance from the 90s to its current incarnation. The Saga Continues In the late 90s Dragonlance made another return, with a reboot in terms of both setting and system. It became the main setting for the launch of a new Saga Edition D&D...
  2. Corone

    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 1

    When I ran it (although we've not quite finished yet) I used new characters and used the original Heroes of the Lance as NPCs. They carried on as if they'd never gone on the adventure. So they met Riverwind and Goldmoon helping refugees and Caramon and Raistlin were mercenries helpnig at the...
  3. Corone

    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 1

    The Dragonlance setting has a long history, and as it’s the time of year for retrospection it seemed a good time to take a look at it. By Larry Elmore. Uploaded to Wikipedia by User: Peregrine Fisher With the release of Shadow of the Dragon Queen, the popular Dragonlance setting gets a new 5e...
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    I've got my two noms before I forget. Month Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme by Exalted Funeral - Exalted Funeral Current website for the actual game is the kickstarter page sadly -...
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    DMs Guild Roundup: Spelljammer Edition, Part 2

    Like the previous installment, this list adds five more products to the list. These products are listed in no particular order that I found intriguing from the top 100 rated products. They are all 4-5 star products, but also a somewhat personal choice. Your mileage may vary. The Voidfarer's...
  6. Corone

    DMs Guild Roundup: Spelljammer Edition, Part 1

    While the talk is all about Dragonlance at the moment, Spelljammer remains an extremely popular setting for the DM’s Guild on Drivethrurpg. So we decided to take a quick look at that was out there and see what caught our eye. Hopefully these will whet your appetite enough to take a look at the...
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    I'm down for Pendragon and Die too. But looking at my kickstarter page... I suspect this year the winner will be the Monty Python Game (Oct 2023) But I'm also looking forward to: Witch: Fated Souls Second Edition by Angry Hamster (Oct 2023) The Secret World (based on the computer game) by Star...
  8. Corone

    Adventure Writing Basics: Part 2

    We previously recommended some writing tips on adventures. Rather than talk about how to create a scenario or how to plot an adventure, I thought I’d focus on common pitfalls in the nuts and bolts of writing and presentation. You may find these useful for any adventure or community content...
  9. Corone

    Adventure Writing Basics: Part 1

    Thankyou. Ah yes, ‘empty rolls’ my favourite bugbear! Coming up in part 2 :)
  10. Corone

    Adventure Writing Basics: Part 1

    Writing an adventure is a good way to get into games writing. Most games companies are looking for more pre-written adventures as they are a good way to get people playing. While plenty of GMs write their own, many don’t have the time and given the choice between picking something off the shelf...
  11. Corone

    Halloween Surprises

    As we’re approaching the season for horror gaming, it’s worth considering some ways to surprise your players with something different but recognisable. It’s always good to revisit the classics, like zombies and werewolves etc. But the classics are so well known they can be predictable and even a...
  12. Corone

    Review – The Midnight World

    The Midnight World is a standalone horror game from Gem and Eye RPG Studios. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2020 and now it’s out in the wild. Put simply, the Midnight World is a modern day horror game, with many shades of Kult, World of Darkness and Call of Cthulhu. But it...
  13. Corone

    Review – Human, Almost

    Human… Almost is a new Blades in the Dark variant by our own Egg Embry. Obviously as he’s one of the EN Publishing team we’re a bit biased, but we’d not be doing a review if we didn’t like it. The game is currently being offered for free as Egg is looking for playtest feedback given the game is...
  14. Corone

    Returning to Gen Con

    I’ve missed Gen Con, really missed it. I’ve been lucky enough to be a regular attendee for the last few years, and it’s become something of an addiction. I’ve met so many amazing people over the years, Gen Con has become less of a gaming con for me and more of an opportunity to hang out with...
  15. Corone

    All Aboard the Invisible Railroad!

    Ok, I promised myself not to comment on threads like this but as I've just read a page of people talking about how I do or do not either run games or intend the article to be read, I clearly have to post something. The intent of the article is to offer another tool for the GM, not a map for how...
  16. Corone

    All Aboard the Invisible Railroad!

    What if I told you it was possible to lock your players on a tight railroad, but make them think every decision they made mattered? Picture courtesy of Pixabay. While this may sound like the evil GM speaking, I have my reasons. Firstly, not every GM has time to craft a massive campaign. There...
  17. Corone

    Religion in Your Campaign – Festivals and Worship

    While it’s all very well to talk about Gods and priests, religions are also very much about the ordinary men and women that follow it. How they practice a religion shows how it relates to a community and connects to everyday life. As I mentioned in a previous article, you need not be a faith...
  18. Corone

    Religion in Gaming—Types of “Priest”

    In previous articles I’ve somewhat simplistically used priest as a standard term for a religious leader. It’s not the best option by any means but it’s a functional one at least in terms of “person who is leading the religious community in some way”. But even that is a very broad category and...
  19. Corone

    Religion in Your Campaign – Priests and Congregations

    I should add, and should have added earlier, that while there are many, many titles for religious leaders and officiants, I use priest in the article as a general term, as the articles usually talk in general terms about religion, and mainly as I've got stuck in 2nd Edition. :)
  20. Corone

    The Black Hand Review – Playing the Sabbat

    This Storyteller’s Vault offering comes with a very experienced pedigree. Not only is there a lot of experience on the writing team, but one of them also worked on the official Sabbat book. FULL DISCLOSURE: I know members of the writing team. After the Camarilla and Anarch books it was hard...