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  1. QuentinGeorge

    Critical Role Mighty Nien heads to Amazon Prime!

    Vox Machina weren’t even that originally. Try out Super High Intensity Team and see how it feels.
  2. QuentinGeorge

    OGL WotC Unveils Draft of New Open Gaming License

    Ah yes my bad, was using the words interchangeably when they’re not.
  3. QuentinGeorge

    OGL WotC Unveils Draft of New Open Gaming License

    Let’s be very clear that the reason WotC is going after LaNasa is copyright violation. (And even with that, a conman who hadn’t really produced any saleable product is not destroying the industry or WotC) If LaNasa had a company called LaNasa Games and produced FATAL 2nd edition they wouldn’t...
  4. QuentinGeorge

    OGL WotC Talks OGL... Again! Draft Coming Jan 20th With Feedback Survey; v1 De-Auth Still On

    That’s because getting rid of the original OGL is their main goal, everything else WotC doesn’t really care about much and is willing to “compromise” on.
  5. QuentinGeorge

    OGL D&D Beyond Twitter Account says OGL will be addressed soon

    Why do you think Ray left “of his own accord”
  6. QuentinGeorge

    Paizo How will OGL 1.1 affect Pazio, PF1 and P2?

    Yep, that’s 100% what WotC will do. Neutralise Paizo, cut off access to DrivethruRPG and they’ve basically won already.
  7. QuentinGeorge

    OGL The OGL -- Just What's Going On?

    Welcome to the wonders of digital “ownership”.
  8. QuentinGeorge

    D&D General AI isn't all that great when it comes to D&D

    Strange creatures AND dangerous monsters, you say?
  9. QuentinGeorge

    D&D General Sir Plane "Not Appearing in this Cosmology"

    They’re all pretty dull which is why I basically eliminated all of them from my home brew.
  10. QuentinGeorge

    D&D General what is the worst race in dnd?

    Do you expect all dwarves to be grumpy curmudgeons and half elves to be whiny and conflicted? Cos that’s from the same novel. There’s be plenty of mender in Dragonlance who are quite different to Tasslehoff
  11. QuentinGeorge

    D&D 5E Chronicles of Eberron Is Keith Baker's New D&D Book, out now!

    This is thanks to Keith Baker, not WotC. It’s also the setting that 5e has monkeyed with the least- again thanks to Baker.
  12. QuentinGeorge

    Dragonlance WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same

    Yes, I pointed this out the previous time this argument came up and I was assured that it's the same Tiamat despite making no logical sense at all and being blatantly against the author's intent and inimical to the soul of Eberron as a setting.
  13. QuentinGeorge

    Dragonlance WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same

    Another daft lore decision from the company that specialises in them.
  14. QuentinGeorge

    D&D General Dragon+ Content Going Away -- Whoops, It's Gone!

    All those free adventures you can now buy on DmsGuild lol glad I saved them all.
  15. QuentinGeorge

    Dragonlance Dragonlance Adventure & Prelude Details Revealed

    I really think Goldmoon was only the catalyst for clerics of good gods (eg Elistan). It doesn’t make sense for the disks to be relevant for the neutral or evil pantheons.
  16. QuentinGeorge

    Dragonlance Dragonlance Adventure & Prelude Details Revealed

    Yeah, I’m not sure that’s true for the neutral gods. The dwarves never stopped worshipping Reorx. Gilean’s avatar was on Krynn the whole time. And the three moon gods never ended their relationship with the orders of high sorcery.
  17. QuentinGeorge

    Dragonlance Dragonlance Adventure & Prelude Details Revealed

    The neutral gods never really completely left, Gilean as Astinus was working in the library the whole time
  18. QuentinGeorge

    Dumbest rpg idea ever?

    I read the infamous review of FATAL and it clearly included magic items that played on racial caricatures as well, like the one that gave you big genitals but lowered your intellect (no prize awarded for guessing what the race in question was). It was also possible to somehow fumble badly...
  19. QuentinGeorge

    Dragonlance Building a Dragonlance character, according to DDB.

    I think they may have existed in some DL sources, basically as non-Mr Nevermind gnomes