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    OGL WotC To Give Core D&D Mechanics To Community Via Creative Commons

    I'm guessing the community will still need the ORC, whatever it happens with OGL. The "morale clause" is too much of a risk. And I still find it not necessary, as almost all of the (very few) RPG discutibile products out there weren't ever made with the OGL.
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    The Art of the Apology

    Yeah, this is borderline gaslighting and victim-blaming. And it somewhat works, judging from some reactions I've read.
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    The Art of the Apology

    I would say D+, actually. Plainly lying is a no-no, that's not lessened by anything else. And the statement from WotC is full of obvious lies.
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    OGL Gizmodo Reveals OGL v1.1's 'Term Sheet' Carrots For Selected Publishers

    If all of these leaks are true, they make that official statement from D&D Beyond even more of a lie, if that's even possibile.
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    Here Are Your 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs of 2023

    Having said that, Greg Stafford's "King Arthur Pendragon" is the (grand)father of all narrative games.
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    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 2

    To be completely precise, the basic Dragonlance Campaign Setting book for D&D 3.5 was a in-house Wizards of the Coast product. "Only" the other supplements were Sovereign Press.
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    Vote For The Most Anticipated RPG of 2023!

    You can vote up to three nominees.
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    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 1

    SAGA was an innovative system, quite ahead of its time. The "Dragonlance: Fifth Age" version was still a bit too rough, but it got really, really good with the "Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game". It was probably too much different from what people were expecting from rpgs in those times, but...
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    Dragonlance Dragons of Fate Dragonlance Novel Cover Revealed

    This perfectly sums up my thoughts.
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    King Arthur Pendragon 6th edition (Chaosium): Pendragon Quick-Start DIE The Roleplaying Game (Rowan, Rook & Decard): DIE RPG
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    Dedicated Mechanics

    I appreciate the thread-branching. Myself, I usually prefer rules systems that model the narrative and the fiction, but it doesn't have to be a laser-focus on some specific aspect. I mean, I can certainly do some FitD, but I also appreciate a broader focus: The One Rings is actually a fitting...
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    D&D 5E February's Keys from the Golden Vault Appears on Amazon

    And that could be said for almost any game. But D&D doesn't model heist in any way, mechanically speaking. It simply becomes a matter of playstyle. In which case, I prefer a game that gives me the instruments to play on the strengths of the heist.
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    D&D 5E February's Keys from the Golden Vault Appears on Amazon

    Well, let's just completely exclude mechanics from RPGs, then. There's actually a reason Blades in the Dark and the Leverage RPG has been well regarded and are influential. The same goes for the GUMSHOE system and the investigation mechanic. D&D doesn't certainly support heist (or...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Itza’s Guide to Dragonbonding, Ultimate Faeries, EUMORPHICA, and More

    "Rifts®", please! I guess its fans (the few surviving ones) are loyal and the project isn't (mis)managed by Kevin Siembieda himself, but by a new creative director who firstly became involved with Palladium through Savage Rifts®. Savage Rifts® has (rightly) got some good fame, so that helps...
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    News Digest for the Week of October 21

    "Mediaeval", my good Sir.
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    WotC Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Is A New UK Magazine To Teach D&D

    80 numbers, published weekly... if it ever really reaches number 80, it will already be full One D&D time. Scratching my head on this. And it will be quite an amount of money. £ 630,20 for the full collection, £ 747,20 if you go premium. I wonder how many dice sets can justify that!
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    Spelljammer My Five Favorite Things From Spelljammer: Adventures In Space

    I deeply despise the format, if just for the insane amount of useless paper and thick cardboard necessary for it. The increased cost for less (in this case, useful) pages is just the negative icing on the cake. I love that they're revisiting old, weirder, whimsical settings, but wasted paper...
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    Talisman Adventures – Tales of the Dungeon Review

    The product description says 128 pages.