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  1. Salthorae

    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part XIV: Wizard)

    Abjuration 25 Bladesinging 27 Chronurgy 7 Conjuration 22 Divination 31 Enchantment 23 Evocation 11 Graviturgy 14 Illusion 15 Invention 18 Lore Mastery 13 Necromancy 21 Onomancy 14 Order of Scribes 15 Runecrafter 20 Technomancy 3 Theurgy 10 Transmutation 25 War Magic 26
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    D&D 5E Disney builds

    I think honestly Snow White is best as a Glamour Bard (you know she used enthralling performance on those Dwarves! And Mantle of Majesty to get them to "wash up"!) variant Human with the Eldritch Adept (Beast Speech) feat as their variant feat Cinderella is definitely an Archfey Warlock (fairy...
  3. Salthorae

    D&D General Does The D&D Movie Poster Feature Pathfinder Artwork?

    I mean the pathfinder version certainly looks WAY cooler than the D&D version Has there been any statements from either eOne/WotC/Paizo on this yet? Could there be any realm where the art was licensed for this poster specifically because it looked good and they didn't think everyone in the...
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    D&D 5E Simic Hybrids Outside of Ravnica

    Simic Hybrids could fit very well in FR in Thay given all the magical experimentation they have a history with from creating darkenbeasts and stuff.
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    D&D 5E Does lightening bolt spell cause extra damage to sea creatures in water?

    I like the dis to saves and also the double width ideas, both of them make it more thematically cool and also a little extra. But ... these hags aren't dumb and I'm sure they've thought about lightning or whatever. They're ancient magical creatures after all.
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    D&D 5E Character Thoughts -- Primary Warlock Build

    Custom Lineage where you appear as a high-elf, but you can use the feat to pick up something like Magic Initiate (Sorcerer) with Lightning Lure, Shocking Grasp, and Fog Cloud as your spell (or something like that). Finding a DM willing to swap a cantrip for Air Genasi stuff isn't a guarantee...
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    5E Magic Item "Sane" Prices in Excel 1.0

    Wonderful people out there developed "Sane" prices for 5e magic items as found in the DMG. The PDF is wonderful... but I've always wanted it in Excel form for sorting and slicing. Well, here it is... enjoy.
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    D&D 5E D&D Needs "Weirder"/More Unique Races

    Just use the new Custom Lineage and call it whatever you want. Feats can replicate many racial abilities depending on what you want to do. Walking crystal person? Check. Groot? Check With the custom lineage it's all about the flavor you and your DM can agree on to work in the game.
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    D&D 5E Lightning Bolt should be better.

    I agree - I think all lightning spells should have the adv on attack or dis to saves for those in metal armor. No reactions would also be nice but would probably be too much. For me my biggest issue with Lightning Bolt in particular is that it's a "Self" spell and therefore a sorcerer can't use...
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    D&D General How Would You Do Fantasy 1984?

    In many ways the War Wizards of Cormyr in FR lore, under Vanderghast anyway, functioned like this with their "mind reaming" spells keeping an eye on nobles and other threats alike to protect the throne. Though, they obviously weren't nearly as fully tilt 1984, it's a start for sure. Detect...
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    D&D General Character Classes should Mean Something in the Setting

    I agree with the OP, that I like my classes to impact the fiction of my world, though this discussion seems to have gone far afield from the original proposition. That said, it's not the only way to play the game. For me it is. What is the impact on the world around for people who are born...
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    D&D 5E Rogue, Bard, Assassin, Tinker, (Tailer, Spy)

    So.. you want to have all the abilities of a Valor Bard (better fighting) and a Lore Bard (three more skills and cutting words) ... and you want to get rid of the ability that would let you just take the spell you think Bards should have (Hex)? You say you want to focus on Bard's skills... but...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Edition Experience - Did/Do you Play 3rd Edtion D&D? How Was/Is it?

    It was great when I got Overland Flight because at some point I lost a leg... :)
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Edition Experience - Did/Do you Play 3rd Edtion D&D? How Was/Is it?

    The most resonant word I can think of when I started playing 3.0/3.5 is/was "freedom" after playing 2e as my starting point about 8 years before 3.0 came out. My very first 3.0 character was a dwarven sorcerer. Because. I. Could!
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    Survivor 5e Constructs: STONE GOLEM WINS!

    Animated Armor 24 Bronze Scout 16 Cadaver Collector 18-2=16 isn't this one undead? Duodrone 5 Flesh Golem 24 Flying Sword 24 Hellfire Engine 14 Helmed Horror 23 Homunculus 18 Iron Cobra 16 Iron Golem 26 Marut 20 Pentadrone 15 Quadrone 19 Retriever 19 Rug of Smothering 18+1=19 Scarecrow 20 Shield...
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    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    BEHOLD(ER)... victory!!
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    D&D General I'm reading the Forgotten Realms Novels- #178 The Emerald Scepter by Thomas M Reid (Scions of Arrabar 3)

    Spellfire is one of my favorites. Thanks for the re-read synopsis!
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    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Aboleth 6-2=4 Beholder 17+1=18 Mindflayer 17 Rise my spherical overlords!
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    D&D 5E Divine Soul is Kinda Nasty

    I guess I don't just see the issue with this. You're burning a 4th level spell slot and a sorcery point to get some extra hit points.
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    Survivor Aberrations: BEHOLD THE WINNER!

    Huzzah! Let's get to a final thrashing out between the three great aberrations of the age!