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  1. agrayday

    WotC Ex D&D Beyond Staffers Criticize Relationship With WotC

    you could do a quick score sheet of successes and wins along with support and abandonment both in products and staff careers of the life of D&D and it should tell you something. To me it tells me its a rough train ride where most things are treated and invested in, as momentary.
  2. agrayday

    OGL The OGL -- Just What's Going On?

    think about how many 5E KS projects are in Design/Production mode right now getting nervous and trying to find an answer about how they will deliver their projects. I know i have two backed KS projects, and the creators already sent out notices saying they may need to think about how their...
  3. agrayday

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Sands of Doom, Black Sword Hack, Epic Levels, and more

    That was about 4-5 years ago, and i believe he (M.T. Black) only released it via his Patreon.
  4. agrayday

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Sands of Doom, Black Sword Hack, Epic Levels, and more

    Phillip Reed is a Machine on KS with 54+ KS projects.... I backed several of them, great content, but he must not sleep.
  5. agrayday

    RPG Print News – Free League, Cubicle 7, Modiphius, and More

    i wonder how much creature feature could be supplement Monster of The Week?
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    Here Are Your 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs of 2023

    i saw a prediction on the dice tower stating they are thinking the gloomhaven RPG will break $10M.
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    EN World Columnists Update: New Year, New Columns!

    Thank you En World Team / Content Providers for providing a great space! Cheers, and Happy New Year to you all.
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    Not DnD - A Look Back At 2022

    Ben over on questing beach just did a video on this today:
  9. agrayday

    Not DnD - A Look Back At 2022

    BTW: semi-related, many community indie designers have picked up on the dungeon23 challenge: Dungeon 23 Challenge – Follow Me And Die!
  10. agrayday

    Not DnD - A Look Back At 2022

    The team at "Beyond the Wall" at Flatland Games would be great! Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, a zero-prep OSR roleplaying game you can play in an afternoon Ben Dutter and Jessica Dutter of "Five Torches Deep" & "Hunt the Wicked": Five Torches Deep | FTD | The Tabletop RPG combining the...
  11. agrayday

    Nominate your favorite TTRPG podcast of 2022

    Has and always been "The Grognard Files" - The GROGNARD Files they cover old systems, new systems, interview old designers and new ones, a bunch of great members, and an awesome podcast!
  12. agrayday

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Exalted, Heroes of Mythic Americas, Scrap Rats Strikes Back, and more

    No Mention of Hexrawl Took Box from Andrew Novoea? His undying signs and Bottled Sea hex crawl mini games published by exalted funeral are awesome! The Hexcrawl Toolbox is a deluxe worldbuilding accessory for use with fantasy roleplaying games. Contains 150 physical hex tiles for eight biomes...
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    i already supplied my two nominations, this was posted as someone asked for a list of more releases coming/expected. :)
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    i have already nominated two, but coming in 2023 should also be: Elden Ring RPG Gloomhaven RPG Darktower RPG Shadowdark RPG from Arcane Library The Walking Dead RPG Relic RPG Hyper Light Drifter RPG AGON: Realms of Khaos Evil hat Studios Astro Inferno RPG Haxan Studios Tidal Blades RPG Pendragon...
  15. agrayday

    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    If i recall correctly the two 2D20 systems are different enough to not be the same. I am willing to bet more people are willing to put up with 2d20 for star trek (how many options are there?), than a dark sun combat oriented game.
  16. agrayday

    RPG Crowdfunding News – Space 1889, TableTone, Grim Hollow, and more

    i am curious on the impact of oneD&D to all the 5E compatible projects coming out. Anyone know if Wizards is supplying them any info so there are no major changes, or are the statements by wizards saying all of the past products will be compatible enough to keep 3rd parties pumping out...
  17. agrayday

    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    How popular was the 2D20 system with Conan? I know lots of people who purchased the books for information and art more than playing the game. Online reviewers didn't seem to favor the system or how it was presented for play. I saw several games in our area start up but end pretty quick.
  18. agrayday

    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    I wish they (Goodman) had the Tekumel License as well. :)
  19. agrayday


    Shadow of the Weird Wizard by Schwalb Entertainment. Weird Tales: An Introduction - Schwalb Entertainment Ironsworn: Starforged Tomkin Press & Modiphius
  20. agrayday

    Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen & Warriors of Krynn Review

    IMHO i think the boardgame looks uninspiring, laying that out on the table doesn't exactly look "Wow, Dragonlance". I understand it may be more of a utility tie into the campaign, but aesthetically it doesn't look all that great.