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    Cubicle 7 Also Announces A New 'C7d20' System

    Sounds cool, but C7d20 doesn't roll of tongue.
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    Dragon Reflections #63

    I'd gladly give them 50% of the profits if they did a licensing agreement that let me rewrite older stuff. Give everyone who wants it a Crack at the back catalog. Like covering a song. Sure we would get a million crappy versions of Keep on the Boarderlands and Secret of Saltmarsh but also...
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    Dragon Reflections #63

    Amazon sells used copies of the CD rom that is searchable. Probably pretty easy to compile from there. Heck pay me $100,000 and I'll do it for you. $100,035 if you want hardbound.
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    Dragon Reflections #63

    John Milius is the man. Conan and Red Dawn. Two parts of the holy trinity of 80s action. The third being Road Warrior of course.
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    D&D Movie/TV There's A New Trailer For D&D: Honor Among Thieves

    I hear the end credits have stats for a spellless ranger variation. If you sit through the whole thing.
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    Blade Runner Starter Set Review

    100% this sets the bar super high for subsequent adventures. That's why I run home brew. Same seat of my pants unprepared crappy consistency through all my adventures.
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    WOIN Open-Licensed WOIN Starter Set Coming in 2023

    If you want to sell me a starter set I have some high standards, like it has to say starter set on it and come in a box. Looks like you managed to meet them.
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    News Digest for the Week of January 13, 2023

    Man that's coming up quick not to have the hype train started. Normally we would be casting dispersions at WOTC right now for something we didn't like about the product. Maybe they wanted to have a few peaceful weeks in early 2023 not catching any flak?
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    Looking Back at My Gaming Goals for 2022

    I was going to make a "OGL 1.2" joke but my lawyer wasn't sure how the courts would rule on its legality and if it was worth fighting such a well funded corporation.
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    Looking Back at My Gaming Goals for 2022

    Looking at your post last year I see from my comment that my goal was to make 3% less joke posts on Enworld. Looks like I succeeded, but probably just because Spelljammer was confirmed so I took down my bot that was posting "Spelljammer confirmed" on every article. Maybe I should turn it back...
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    D&D General Monster ENCyclopedia: Will-o'-wisp

    I copied this to quote and had something funny to say but that was three hours ago when I first started reading this and I forgot. Great article, and a two for one with all the Boggart info. Well educational and funny.
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    New Year, New Campaign: Vaesen Mythic Britain & Ireland

    I played in a England based Masque of the Red Death campaign in the late 90s. One of the most fun campaigns I played. 2e D&D wasn't a great fit as a system so maybe this would help me relive the magic.
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    News Digest for the Week of January 6

    I mean Race as Class sounds like one of the worst things ever. But OSR is definitely about one thing and one thing only. Searching for secret doors with a d6.
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    WotC WotC Cancels 5 Video Games

    The marketing should be on the low side. Each D&D product has a full page and the url.
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    Here Are Your 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs of 2023

    Glad Vegas didn't have odds on this as I would have put money on Gloomhaven being the top game. Once again in live I am very wrong.
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    A Ruins Of The Lost Realm Review

    Do all copies include that? The free league website product page doesn't mention a fold out map? The drivethru preview shows some of it though.
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    Worlds of Design: The Lost Art of Being Lost

    I sometimes miss it and sometimes don't. It's fun to watch the map grow and adds tension. But we have been spoiled by auyo maps in video games for to long. Getting lost in the real world sucks and is very easy to do. I got lost in Cario one time trying to get back to my hotel to use the...
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    A Dragonlance Retrospective: Part 2

    Somehow this flew under my radar. I was vaugly aware of the 3E Dragonlance rule books but don't remember the module rewrites. Quick search shows they are still available on and they have POD option! (Not sure why you didn't link with affiliate links to make some cash).
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    The Dragons Come Home to Roost

    The Movie needs to be a hit for this to work. Then spin off some streaming content. Eventually you build a base where people love D&D but have never played the game. Either way sign me up for the ride. Even if it ends up ruining D&D nothing stops me from using my B/X books and running whatever...