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    I'm beginning to dislike Netflix (re: Archive 81, 1899, Warrior Nun etc cancellations)

    You need to ask him: If he won't, then who watches the Watchmen? Well, history proves them right. Every show quickly plummeted once they cancelled them. There you see how accurate their foresight is ;)
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    I'm beginning to dislike Netflix (re: Archive 81, 1899, Warrior Nun etc cancellations)

    From this link: "Something has broken with this model. It’s now created a system where creators should be afraid to make a series that dares to end on a cliffhanger or save anything for future seasons, lest their story forever be left unfinished." I am not actually sure that I dislike this...
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    WotC DND Beyond AI DM

    Only if every time the AI DM has to say no to a player idea it will be using this
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    D&D General Just Read: Azure Bonds. A Faerun novel from '88

    Are you crazy? The Matzica trilogy? in this day and age? ;)
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    OGL Going Nuclear:1D&D

    D&D Kickstarters or really Kickstarter itself? Has it become so depend on D&D projects? Has been ages since I backed/purchased anything via Kickstarter
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    D&D 5E The Overwhelming Dominance of D&D is Bad for Everyone...

    Well, Germany has DSA as the big fish in the small pond ;)
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    WotC Ex D&D Beyond Staffers Criticize Relationship With WotC

    This. Why care where the company will be in 15 years if you have a 5 year contract and actually plan to end your stint there after three years getting send into paid garden leave with a golden handshake
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    WotC WotC Cancels 5 Video Games

    I have agree with those that disagree with you here. It'd still be an AAA game, just a failed AAA game. As opposed to a successful non-AAA game that could very well outsell even some just moderately successful AAA games. A flopped Hollywood movie is still a Hollywood movie, even if outsold by...
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    OGL What's All This About The OGL Going Away?

    Looked very much like Fantasy Grounds and was even integrated with the web based character builder. I played a couple of LFR games on it. Too bad none of the screenshots I made have survived to this day
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    D&D 5E The Gloves Are Off?

    Well, you are clearly behind on the latest fashion trends among the nobles of [insert city] ;)
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    Dragonlance WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same

    No multispheric deity lost her power during the ToT. They were still chilling safe and sound in their outer planar homes, but if they wanted to continue to act on Toril they each had to manifest a single avatar of limited power and if that avatar was slain, the deity would be banned from Toril...
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    Dragonlance WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same

    Just send her a fat check adressed to Tiamat and if she tries to cash it in we'll have her :)
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    NEWS; Gunning down the Snyderverse UPDATE Cavill gets the Kryptonite handshake!

    So they're still trying to figure how to cut out the entirety of Ezra Miller while still keeping it a Flash movie? :) That does them no good if all those praising voters do not actually go and watch the movies they are praising. Either they're not doing that or they are indeed a tiny minority...
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    WotC Hasbro Bets Big on D&D

    Or are just working in big corporations themselves and know that CEOs lie. They lie when the adress the personel in a townhall and they lie even more when they adress customers.
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    D&D 5E Could D&D Die Again?

    Wow, it really has been 20 years already. Time flies indeed
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    D&D 5E Could D&D Die Again?

    D&D, like all other franchises before, will go through it's up and downs. Currently it's ridding a wave of all-time high, eventually it will fall back down into absolute niche. Like Power Ranger, Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe, TMNT, ........ It will never completely die, but very well...
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    World Cup Thread?

    Well, I am only a casual fan but their last few matches didn't leave me with much hope. After they barely ended up as 3rd (out of 4) in their nations league group, I wrote a 5th world cup off
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    World Cup Thread?

    That explains why our team wants to go home as quickly as possible. Back in Germany we wouldn't even know what to do with this weird beverage. It's some kind of alcoholic drink we guess? But we rather drink be beer so no need for his budweiser stuff
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    World Cup Thread?

    Forget about great peril, Germany is done for this world cup. No way they can beat Spain. Winning the cup was out of question from the very beginning, but we at least hoped to see the round of sixteen. Well, maybe in 2026