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  1. TheLibrarian

    Your Post Apocalyptic Shopping List

    Indeed. Also add baby formula. And prenatal vitamins if the community has women of childbearing years. haha. And condoms. Which actually have a lot of uses beyond the intended.
  2. TheLibrarian

    Your Post Apocalyptic Shopping List

    Head out to The Googles and look at prepper blogs. You'll find tons of lists of items to stockpile. Here's some additional items that haven't already been mentioned. Water and water collection. You can never have enough water. 3 gallons/day/person at a minimum. Water purification. Berkey...
  3. TheLibrarian

    GM Confessional

    Super guilty of overcomplicating the writing process. I try to make things line up just so and I doubt my player notice or care. They're just there to enjoy themselves. I also tend to buy modules to make my life easier... and then end up trying to rewrite it because I think I can make it...
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    I don't work a lot with brandy, but keep a bottle around in case someone asks for a drink that includes it. This one intrigued me though so I went and made it. Color me impressed!
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    I was serving this to guests today. I think its called a "Southern Frost" and I probably got it off the SoCo website at one point in time. 1.5 oz Southern Comfort 2 oz cranberry juice 2 oz ginger ale. Stir the SoCo and cranberry juice together in a tin and strain. Pour into a class with...
  6. TheLibrarian

    "Appendix N" for Steampunk & Weird West?

    Clockwork Cairo: Steampunk Tales of Egypt Books 4-7 of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn saga have been pitched to me as steampunk-ish. They're still on my TBR pile so I can't confirm. The Golgotha series by RS Blecher have been pitched to me as weird west, but again they're on my TBR pile. The...
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    OneDnD Postmortem: 10 Ideas in 5e that didn't quite work...

    Definitely agree on backgrounds/bonds/ideals/flaws/trinkets. This felt like forced roleplaying to me. Like the meme where the security guard says: "I specifically told you to role play amongst yourselves." But then these are activities most of my groups already engaged in. I can see where...
  8. TheLibrarian

    OneDnD "One D&D": do you like this name for the 2024 edition?

    The name is kinda "meh." Kinda like Xbox One. Or Windows Vista. To me it smacks of marketing spin. It felt like they were saying: We're sort of giving you a new edition, but we don't want to spook you. I question whether it will stick or whether they'll end up renaming it by release time.
  9. TheLibrarian

    Star Wars Larry Trailer

    The first two episodes were hilarious. Haven't had a chance to catch the third yet.
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    D&D General All Time Favorite Dragon Magazine or Dungeon Magazine Content

    Dragon 140 w/ Avelyne the Life Giver on the cover by Elmore. I think it was the first piece of D&D content I ever bought. My parents bought it for me because the Red Box was out of stock and they wanted to get me into the hobby. It was my introduction into D&D and just a magical piece of...
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    D&D General 'Theme song' for game

    So many to choose from! Overture/Prisoner of the Crusades from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Robin Hood Theme by Andy Price Swordland from Sword Art Online This is Berk from How to Train Your Dragon Main Title from The Musketeer by Nicholas Dodd Asgard from Thor: The Dark World Battlefield...
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    How Relevant is Gencon (or Any Con)?

    I help run a local con that gets around 400-500 guests. We've talked about this anecdotally over beers and wonder if the local, smaller cons are becoming more relevant (depending on how you define "relevant"). The smaller, more localized cons seem to be a way of finding more niche or...
  13. TheLibrarian

    What did you study in college?

    As an undergrad I double majored in History & Religion. Upon graduating, I was shocked to find that no one was hiring in those fields. I didn't get it so I doubled down and got a Masters in History. I still didn't get why folks weren't knocking down my door for my expertise upon...
  14. TheLibrarian

    D&D General Consequences of serious failure... other than death

    The sweet sweet release of death is too good for them! :)
  15. TheLibrarian

    Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

    I'm intrigued by Neon Dynasty. I just recently got back into Magic. The setting doesn't feel very Magic-y to me, but its a really cool concept. There was a music video that dropped last week that started me thinking I'd like to see it as a setting for an anime.
  16. TheLibrarian

    Polyhedral Dice in Everyday Life

    I've used them similarly in a martial arts setting for creating sparring and bag combos.
  17. TheLibrarian

    D&D 5E Ravenloft in 5e: rating the domains....

    I thought the reimagined 5e Ravenloft was pretty "meh" but then I've been pretty "meh" on 5e in general. (I collect Ravenloft content so I bought it anyway.) I liked what they did with Falkovnia the most. What I disliked the most was how they reimagined Harkon Lucas. Or at least the art...
  18. TheLibrarian

    D&D General First official D&D game product you owned?

    Dragon 140. My parents bought if for me because Walden's didn't Red Box in stock.
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    What are your (up to) five favorite tunes?

    All the Fools Sailed Away by DIO (1987) I Would Do Anything for Love by Meat Loaf (1993) Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC (1980) I Want My Tears Back by Nightwish (2011) Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler (1984)