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  1. Slit518

    OGL Class action lawsuit?

    I don't know (probably not), but, I posted them in this in case they would be effected. Who knows how tangled the law and stuff could get?
  2. Slit518

    OGL Class action lawsuit?

    I don't know how much it would/could effect Final Fantasy, especially in its current state. But, it started out as a game which was D&D based and borrowed heavily from it. Final Fantasy even has Mind Flayers in it. Which, oddly enough, aren't OGL, but, that is another sticky situation.
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    OGL Class action lawsuit?

    How about larger companies whom may also potentially be effected by this? Aside from Paizo, what about Disney with Star Wars? Blizzard/Microsoft with Warcraft? Square Enix with Final Fantasy? Sony Online Entertainment with EverQuest? The Tolkein estate with their LotR RPG? Surely some of these...
  4. Slit518

    D&D 5E How would you do the sword mage in 5e?

    I would do a d10 arcane up to level 5 and access to Cantrips. Their magic would fuel from the Constitution perhaps, they would be Str/Con based Class. Choose 3 skills from a combination of Fighter and Wizard Skills. All armor and weapons, and of course Extra Attack at 5th level. They can...
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    D&D General Do you like LOTS of races/ancestries/whatever? If so, why?

    Do I like a lot of race options in my game? Including sub-races are part of one race? Probably 12-18 to choose from being my sweet spot.
  6. Slit518

    D&D 5E I'm looking for templates

    That would be cool. I would prefer if CR and Prof bonus were separate, too. But, I can only use what is available to be. Can I add a Luck stat to it?
  7. Slit518

    D&D General Solasta: Crown of the Magister reaches 1.0!

    This game is so good. I got it pretty early in its early access.
  8. Slit518

    D&D 5E I'm looking for templates

    Thanks! The only thing I don't like about this one is I cannot have a low number of Hit-Dice with a higher Proficiency Bonus.
  9. Slit518

    D&D 5E I'm looking for templates

    Does anyone have any or know of any templates out there which are free to use? I am looking for Creature templates and Spell templates most of all. I am not looking for ones that auto fill data (though I wouldn't rule them out), but instead ones I can fill the blanks in myself. The main...
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    OneDnD Half-race feats how would you design them?

    I don't know if I would have half-race feats, but for half-races I would do this: Be any size between both races. Average Age between both races. Choose any two traits from both races (except Human, you get both Resourceful & Skillful, you do not get Versatile). There you have it, your...
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    D&D 5E Rules We Have Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

    Not to mention other buffs like Bless or a Bardic Inspiration die could be possible to put it over.
  12. Slit518

    The EVERY CLASS EVER List: Can You Add to It?

    There was a game where Elf, Dwarf, and Gnome were classes. Actually, Princess was, too.
  13. Slit518

    Level Up (A5E) I wish we had some good substitute monsters!

    I am mistaken then. I swore Purple Worms were not, but, perhaps I missed them back in the 3e days? Anyways, I am excited to start a game using this system. I like the added options!
  14. Slit518

    Level Up (A5E) I wish we had some good substitute monsters!

    I know it was said to be compatible, but I didn't know if anything would be missing out by not having official A5E versions of it. Also, when did the Purple Worm become SRD? Wasn't it not SRD in pervious editions? Just curious. Double also, I may try the Khalkos if they're replacements...
  15. Slit518

    Level Up (A5E) I wish we had some good substitute monsters!

    I am planning on playing a 3rd iteration of a dungeon I run -- Akrid's Dungeon -- and instead of D&D 5e, this time I plan on using Advanced 5e. One of the main creatures I wish the party to encounter are the Mindflayer, however, they are not present in A5e. I assume this has to do with WotC...
  16. Slit518

    D&D 5E Why my friends hate talking to me about 5e.

    This reminds me of a homebrew rule where players suffer 1 level of exhaustion each time they drop to 0 hit points. Her rule just adds another level for each failed Death Save, but you're conscious.
  17. Slit518

    D&D 5E Critical Hits and damage - What do you do?

    For Critical Hits I do this: I max one set of the attacks's damage dice, so for example if it is a Dagger or Great Sword or Firebolt or whatever, they max one set of the damage. Then, once they do that, I have them roll an additional set with any bonus damage modifiers added. That way on a...
  18. Slit518

    D&D 5E Rules Q: Sorcerer multiclass

    As a DM I would rule you can use Sorcery Points for Sorcery Slots. Cheers! And vice versa.