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  1. Lucas Yew

    OGL WotC To Give Core D&D Mechanics To Community Via Creative Commons

    Probably only a laughable fraction of the rules expressions. And will most likely have the NonCommercial and NonDerivative poison pills too. Cynical? They gave me all the signs to be...
  2. Lucas Yew

    OGL WotC Talks OGL... Again! Draft Coming Jan 20th With Feedback Survey; v1 De-Auth Still On

    They still refuse to stop killing the old OGL. No surprises there...
  3. Lucas Yew

    WOIN WOIN Switching to New Licence

    The new ORC that Paizo seems to spearhead sounds like a good idea.
  4. Lucas Yew

    OGL Paizo Announces New Irrevocable Open RPG License To Replace the OGL

    Splendid news! My rocky day today has been compensated well...
  5. Lucas Yew

    This Sounds Familiar

    Ah, I think I remember hearing of some exodus from Patreon, and that's what actually happened behind the curtains of capitalism...
  6. Lucas Yew

    WotC non-OGL alternative to D&D

    Umm, any recommendations as the title which are "rules as physics", other than GURPS and the HERO System (which I already know)? More thanks if said rule is CC-BY-SA or less restrictive than that in any scenario...
  7. Lucas Yew

    OGL What's All This About The OGL Going Away?

    Ouch, now THAT's a good punch...
  8. Lucas Yew

    Worlds of Design: Are You Consistent?

    YES. As in generally saying, Rules over Rulings.
  9. Lucas Yew

    Pathfinder 2E How is Pathfinder doing?

    Ah, when I said "free" I meant it more in the likes of "being free of getting sued if you casually throw stat blocks built with said game's rules on free/cheap short fantasy stories you've written on the Internet" kind of thing. Apprently I heard the infamous TSR in its latter half did just...
  10. Lucas Yew

    Pathfinder 2E How is Pathfinder doing?

    Huh, the BRP system was "simulationist" in that regard? O_o A shame I never got to know about it beforehand, as I usually tried to look for legally free rules firstmost when searching for simulationist rule systems... (and I don't like the cosmic horror atmosphere for its most popular version...
  11. Lucas Yew

    OneDnD Can we have the sorcerer fixed now? (Plz, I beg you n_n°)

    Have Sorcerers finally get rid of all spell components from their class spells. Their magic is built in, why would they rely on specific limbs and/or an artificial phonetic language system to unleash natural magic?
  12. Lucas Yew

    D&D 5E What rule(s) is 5e missing?

    Sample DCs for common happenstances (chandelier swing, etc.). It gets frustrating every time I have to translate some samples from the core rulebook of an another game ()...
  13. Lucas Yew

    D&D General Is power creep bad?

    If the Guy At The Gym Fallacy is successfully exterminated, then yesssss...
  14. Lucas Yew

    WOIN Point Pool Totals for MAG, CHI, PSI

    Your MP is equal to 3 times your MAG attribute. Your CP is equal to your CHI dice pool. Your PP is equal to the total of your PSI and WIL dice pool. So far it seems with equal attribute growth investment you accumulate CP < PP < (leaps and bounds) < MP, in ascending order. Is this intended? I...
  15. Lucas Yew

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Giving Away Acquisitions Inc and Phandelver For Free!

    I'm genuinely curious on what those 2 other books getting retired for. If I can guess, is it the insensitivity problems they got called on for some time ago?
  16. Lucas Yew

    WOIN Encounter Building Guidelines

    Wouldn't having "equal" total MDP on each side make it a 50% win rate scenario (assuming equally eager usage of tactics on each side), especially if the average MDP of each participants are close enough?
  17. Lucas Yew

    Worlds of Design: Heroes … Made or Born?

    Both, as in the sense that I shamelessly love the concept of Zero to Superhero (and higher).
  18. Lucas Yew

    D&D 5E The Bible Is A New 5E Setting

    Cultural Victory, indeed.
  19. Lucas Yew

    A Last-Minute Gift Guide for the D&D Gamer in Your Life

    The two dice options look nice. One looks shiny, and the other is the first time I ever saw a dice set actually having more than 1d6 included (which is to say, incredibly useful)...
  20. Lucas Yew

    What even is "Rules Medium"?

    For me, two boolean values would determine a rule's "weight"... 1. Is the dead tree core rulebooks(s) hardcover? 2. Does the game suggest rules over rulings? If both are false, Rules Lite, else if both are true, Rules Heavy. Naturally, if only one of those are false and the other is true, now...