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    Kickstarter Campaign City Supers for Savage Worlds

    Blessed Machine has just launched its latest Kickstarter. Join us as we create Supers adventures for Savage Worlds. Get Campaign City Supers #1, which includes full-color villains, maps, and adventure in a comic book layout style. Help us meet stretch goals with backup adventures from both...
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    Campaign City Supers Logo.png

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    Sale Deal of the Day: Secret Agents of CROSS

    My setting, Secret Agents of CROSS, is the Deal of the Day at DriveThruRPG today. Its just $6.75 to join the world of secret agents working for the Church! Check it out here!
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Wild West Hardware Kickstarter is live! Check out our campy video and all of our fine goods!
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Spittoon Dice Tower!
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Shotgun Ammunition Tracker Check out the Shotgun Ammunition Tracker! This guy is our first accessory to use magnets to provide a very satisfying closing snap. Here is our test print using a nice silky black grey gun metal filament.
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Here is my personal favorite accessory: The Derringer Ammunition Tracker.
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    The Westerner's Dash brings together all of our accessories into a fun and organized set. This is the console that all of the components lock into and in itself has areas for Poker cards, dice, ammunition trays, and tokens. Check out this render and test print. Sign up to be notified when the...
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Here are the ammunition trays that are compatible with the Six-gun:
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Here is the first of our Wild West table top accessories. The idea is to create a player station made of OpenLock tiles that can snap together. The first tile is the Six-gun Ammunition Tracker. Check out the load and unload action. Sign up for the launch here...
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    Kickstarter Wild West Hardware

    Gang, I am launching a new Kickstarter in November that will be great for anyone playing tabletop games in the Old West. Sign up to be alerted to the launch and watch here for some renders and pictures of the stuff that will be available for your 3d printers or pre-printed by my team. Coming...
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    Kickstarter Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is now live!

    I am pleased to announce that a new SWADE-compatible edition of Secret Agents of CROSS is now available here!
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    Kickstarter Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is now live!

    Get in-depth data on the setting and me on SavageCast here:
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    Kickstarter Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is now live!

    There is now a Secret Agents of CROSS Test Drive file available for download. Get it here! If you like it, back if for a buck at the Kickstarter!
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    Kickstarter Secret Agents of CROSS for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is now live!

    Blessed Machine is happy to announce the Kickstarter for our new setting, Secret Agents of CROSS is now live! We are also excited to announce that Blessed Machine is now an official licensee of the Savage Worlds game system. We were looking for a system that could model the setting's concept...
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