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  1. BookTenTiger

    OneDnD Hypothetical Direction Shift For 1D&D/6E

    I could see WotC / Hasbro wanting to capture the casual D&D fan who might be inspired by the movie or upcoming TV show to try it out, but who doesn't have D&D friends who can teach them. This would mean radically simplifying the rules and adjusting them to run even better online. The goal being...
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    D&D General So how about alignment, eh?

    I'd love to see a return to just these three alignments, but without the idea that lawful = good and chaotic = evil. Take good and evil out of it, and keep the lawful, neutral, and chaotic. It would be really fun for some celestials and some devils to have the same alignment!
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    D&D General 1 in 1000 chance

    We were playing d20 Gamma World (when it was published in Dungeon Magazine), and we were rolling randomly for mutations. My friend rolled 100: roll twice. So they rolled again and got Smaller Size and 100. So they rolled again and got Smaller Size and 100. So they rolled again and got Smaller...
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    D&D General 1 in 1000 chance

    I believe there are two kinds of odds: logical odds and emotional odds.
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    How fast do you type your posts?

    My usual typing speed is around 104 wpm with 99% accuracy. I know this because I challenge my students to beat my typing test score every year. I'm much slower on ENWorld because I try my best to post with clarity. So I think through what I'm typing, stop to revise, then read over it to fix...
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    D&D 5E Archetypal Nations for a Modern Fantasy Traditional D&D like Setting

    It might be more useful to make lists that are not reliant on race? You could have two categories: structure and size. For structure, you could have things like Tribe, Nomadic, Fortified, Travel Hub, etc. And for size you could have Settlement, Village, Town, etc. You could go all the way up...
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    The Wyvern's Horn - A Solo Ironsworn Adventure

    Thanks! After this game, I did another solo game in which I was essentially a bard negotiating peace between a Giant king and a powerful chieftain. For the last few months I've been running an Ironsworn game for three friends. Now that's a totally different beast and a lot of fun!
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    I really don't think it should be called the "ORC license"

    🤷 People love orcs. They're fun, have a deep history with multiple nerd mediums and genres, and are iconic to roleplaying games. In my opinion it's an effective name that lots of people are already rallying around. Also I think it's a little too late to change the name!
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    OGL WotC: We Are Not Making AI Dungeon Masters

    I misread this as a "Knights of the Dinner Table" MMORPG (I must have been scanning too quickly and saw Knights of the... OGL) and my mind went wild for a moment!
  10. BookTenTiger

    The Last of Us (HBO Max)

    It will be interesting to see how (or if) it differentiates itself apart from the fungus origins of the zombies. I wonder if the different mediums of their sources will make any kind of difference? I'm honestly not sure!
  11. BookTenTiger

    OneDnD Change in Charisma Description

    But what's stopping that character from being drop dead good looking with the current rules? I really don't see a problem in need of fixing here.
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    The Last of Us (HBO Max)

    We really enjoyed the first episode! I have not played the games and don't know much about them. Some things I liked:
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    OneDnD Change in Charisma Description

    But you ignored my three other examples which don't have beauty, one of which doesn't even mention appearance. Beauty is not charisma, it's surface.
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    OneDnD Change in Charisma Description

    I think any issue here is solved by just asking the players: "Your character has high charisma... How does that manifest?" "They are stunningly beautiful and know how to use it to manipulate people." "They are plain looking, but have a powerful voice that can command armies." "They are...
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    OneDnD Change in Charisma Description

    I can't say I find your arguments persuasive... You chose mostly performers as examples, who are part of a modern advertising system that relies on physical beauty. However, a good performer can be a good actor without fitting to those standards (Danny Devito, say), and a poor performer can be...
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    OneDnD So...the next OneD&D update is gonna feel weird...

    I've got to admit, all this has made me totally lose interest in OneD&D. I'm usually pretty good at separating the art from the "artist," but WotC/Hasbro's handling of all this has been so disappointing and disheartening that I just don't want to be involved any more.
  17. BookTenTiger

    Syfy's New Year's Twilight Zone marathon (Saturday, 12/31/22 - Tuesday, 1/3/23)

    I used to watch this every year! On New Year's Eve I would babysit for the neighbors (and all their friends who would drop kids off), and after the kids went to bed I would watch tons of Twilight Zone. By the time the families got home they were pretty wasted and would give me a lot of cash...
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    D&D General DM Says No Powergaming?

    I fully believe you haven't played with power gamers who aren't good roleplayers. I will say I used to have a group full of them. Three of the four players loved to pour over the rules to make the most powerful characters possible (and then they'd help the fourth player). They were also...
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    D&D 5E Improving Weapon Damage (+)

    I think this is a great idea! Another way to implement it would be to give fighters a "weapon die" they always roll when dealing damage with a weapon. It could start off as a d4 or d6 and grow over time. So a fighter using a battle-axe would roll a d10 and a d4 for damage. Later they would...
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    D&D 5E Making Spell Foci more interesting

    Very cool, great ideas!