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  1. TheHand

    D&D 5E Which D&D books currently scheduled for 2023 are you interested in?

    Well only speaking for myself, but I've hardly heard a peep about Golden Vault, so I have no real clue what's going to be in it. I forgot it was even a thing until this poll.
  2. TheHand

    Level Up (A5E) Maybe switching over to Level Up -- I have three big questions -- seeking suggestions

    Throwing my 2 coppers in as well... 1. The tools website is quite robust and you can navigate to each adventuring class' page and step through all the features pretty nicely. There's a character builder tool as well. Without any computers at the table, it might be a challenge going with pdf's...
  3. TheHand

    D&D 5E Which D&D books currently scheduled for 2023 are you interested in?

    I voted Planescape, as I've been running a continuous Planescape campaign since the days of 4th edition, but at this point (with the thin Spelljammer book format and everything happening at corporate heaven) let's call it morbid interest. I do collect miniatures, however, so if there's a cool...
  4. TheHand

    OGL What is the most scathing feedback you left?(+)

    In my conclusion, I told them how they had broken 10+ years of trust in their stewardship of D&D in a matter of days, and how that trust would be nearly impossible to return. I went on to add that if they only went back before that, they would see that the brand-name wasn't strong enough to...
  5. TheHand

    Homebrew Level Up Roll20 Character Sheet is live!

    If I may, I'd like to make another feature request: Currently, under Exploration Knacks there is a relatively new button "+Add" that creates segmented knacks. Could we get the same button/feature for Features and Traits? I'd love to divide them up among class features, feats, etc, etc, and it's...
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    Level Up (A5E) Questions From Someone Who Was Looking At A5E Right Before The WOTC/OGL Nonsense

    I'm also not familiar with Midnight, but I've been using A5e seamlessly with official D&D content/adventures, Kobold Press adventures/monsters, some stuff from Monte Cooke, and a smattering of other 3rd parties.
  8. TheHand

    D&D 5E Do you ACTUALLY use 3rd Party Books?

    We use Levelup and a fair amount of Kobold Press materials, with a smattering of others
  9. TheHand

    Level Up (A5E) de-OGL-ifying Level Up?

    I found Level Up's "extra bits" to be fairly modular in their presentation. For instance, don't want to use Supply, you can ignore it but still use the Journey system if you want? Don't want to use all the nitty-gritty modifiers in combat? That's fine, run it like 5e. Feel like Destinies are a...
  10. TheHand

    Level Up (A5E) de-OGL-ifying Level Up?

    I'm assuming whatever a de-OGL-ified version of LevelUp will be, would still be mostly backwards-compatible with the existing materials? Asking for someone who owns all the existing hardbacks but doesn't have the disposable income to rebuy them ;)
  11. TheHand

    Whamaggeddon — who’s still in?

    I'm pretty sure that's the whammie equivalent of James Bond stopping the bomb from going off with 1 second to spare. Well done!
  12. TheHand

    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Apparently they were just random NPCs in a forest?? Doesn't seem like they were brownies, but their scene felt so surreal I wondered the same thing!
  13. TheHand

    Whamaggeddon — who’s still in?

    I'd never "played" or heard of this until last month, so I decided to unofficially try for fun! I almost made it. I got whammied at my FLGS of all places. I'm pretty sure they knew exactly what they were doing.
  14. TheHand

    D&D General Deities in D&D: Gods as Tulpas versus Gods as Progenitors

    Our campaign world is kind of a Planescape-ish Multiverse. With a lot of influence from some of the lore of the old Planescape, a pinch of every other edition of D&D (even 4e), and a huge dose of Pratchett, most of the gods in our setting can be considered Tulpas, but the narrative we created...
  15. TheHand

    Anyone tried FASERIP?

    I have a nostalgic fondness for the old MSH 80's game, though I would personally write a lot of tweaks to the system if I were to run it today. As far as your question goes, I'm not that familiar with this particular "FASERIP" clone, but skimming through it, the core engine more or less looks...
  16. TheHand

    D&D 5E Using the "Bonus Action Potion Houserule" with Cure Wounds/Healing Word

    I haven't seen the bonus-action Cure Wounds houserule before, but we do use a kind of modified version of the bonus-action potion rule. You can drink a potion as a bonus action as long as you do not/have not used your move action in the same turn (so in a sense, kind of a don't drink and drive...
  17. TheHand

    Deadly combat systems

    Early edition Stormbringer was pretty deadly. You had fixed maximum hit points that usually averaged around 11, and weapons did comparable damage numbers to D&D.
  18. TheHand

    GM Confessional

    Ah, you mean my tried and true failsafe :LOL: !
  19. TheHand

    GM Confessional

    Ok, I didn't see this one posted yet... my GM sin is that I don't like choosing and divvying out loot, particularly magic items in D&D. It's not that I don't mind the PCs having magic items, it's just that I don't like picking and choosing through lists of them and deciding where they will get...
  20. TheHand

    Level Up (A5E) Do you feel A5E has Addressed the Martial/Class divide sufficiently?

    No negative effects that I've seen so far, but I've been gaming this group for many years and none of them are 'power gamers', so I'm sure if someone wanted to exploit the system they could. I found 15 minutes is short enough that the party can 'stop for a breather' outside of combat, but long...