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  1. Yora

    D&D General DMing Hard Stop

    No, I have not. But I assume that was a rhetorical question.
  2. Yora

    D&D General What monster names are public domain?

    Displacer beast won't fly. The person making that list might not have known it, but they are just coeurls from Voyage of the Space Beagle. (As are xill, which aren't on the list.)
  3. Yora

    D&D General What monster names are public domain?

    I'd guess 2:1...
  4. Yora

    How fast do you type your posts?

    I type around 60 words per minute, but writing a post is much more than typing. I still have to think about what I really want to say, and then go back to change sentences and maybe paragraphs depending on what I want to say.
  5. Yora

    What's Pendragon like and what is it suited for?

    So Pendragon 6th edition has made it into the top most anticipated new games of the year for the third time in a row. And apparently, this year it's actually coming out. Pendragon has always been one of the games I knew existed and sounded pretty interesting and fun, but which never turned into...
  6. Yora

    OSR Are There Any OSR (or OSR-adjacent) Games With Modern Sensibilities?

    With lots of people tinkering with their own fantasy heartbreaker systems right now, I started putting together a version of the Basic/Expert rules with all my house rules. And while I'm at it, I'm completely replacing all the values in the character class tables with math that makes sense to...
  7. Yora

    RPG Design: How do you build a new world?

    I think the very first thing to think about when creating a campaign setting is what you intend to happen and appear in adventures. Scenes, situations, and encounters that could happen during adventures and a certain style or feel you want to evoke with them. Then you can start thinking about...
  8. Yora

    D&D General Has the OGL/WotC debacle motivated you to create your own Fantasy Heartbreaker or homebrew?

    Screw it, I'm gonna do it! I have so many house rules for B/X already, might just as well replace the other parts that "I would have done differently if I designed it", and put it all into a single tidied up document. I think I should be able to make it look as professional as Basic Fantasy...
  9. Yora

    Paizo News: Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Hits One Million Copies Sold

    Oh, a videogame... I was really confused how any adventure could sell to a million GMs.
  10. Yora

    What's the problem with five room dungeons?

    It's a criticism that is both correct but also meaningless. If you have a campaign that is nothing but 5 room dungeons, then of course the formula will get very disappointing very quickly. You either want to have plenty of stuff that isn't dungeons at all, or have several dungeons that aren't...
  11. Yora

    Are you a publisher/creator? Tell us about it!

    I occasionally have custom classes or creatures on my website.
  12. Yora

    Free League Develops Two New Open Game Licenses

    There is an SRD? I wasn't able to find one, or an indication that one exists.
  13. Yora

    I really don't think it should be called the "ORC license"

    "You are overthinking it" was always the "Well, I don't see an issue" argument. I'm really not asking for much. Name it anything. Just not orc. It's not even an established product name yet. It's still only a plan for something that is meant to bring lots of people together in a shared space...
  14. Yora

    That 90's Show

    But wasn't trying hard the whole premise to begin with?
  15. Yora

    Free League Develops Two New Open Game Licenses

    I tried finding the existing license for Year Zero a few weeks back, and I really couldn't figure out what exactly they are giving permission to do.
  16. Yora

    I really don't think it should be called the "ORC license"

    I get it. It's a bit of a pun. It's cute. And they needed to announce something quickly as things were rapidly in motion. But I think ORC is probably the worst name for any kind of banner to unite medium and small RPG content creators under. Some people really don't care about it. Other people...
  17. Yora

    D&D General Here we are again

    Publicly traded companies and art are not compatible. They are a vehicle for people to park their money and watch it multiply. If it would multiply more when parked in another company, they sell of their stocks and buy another company. The only job management has to do is to make sure is that...
  18. Yora

    History of the World, Part 2- It's Real, and It's Spectacular

    Oooff, Mel Brooks is 96. If you want this made, now is the time.
  19. Yora

    Fixing the Mess

    It personally bothers me that the stock image does not have the length of the arrows correspond to the wavelength of the different colors. Such a missed opportunity. One of the things they have not done yet is to make any kind of statement to assure customers that the bad thing they are rumored...
  20. Yora

    D&D General Are You Seriously Planning to Stop Playing and/or Running D&D Over The Recent OGL Developments?

    Of course not. I ditched 5th edition after one campaign and now only run Basic/Expert. Nothing wrong with non-WotC D&D.