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    OGL It is time to forgive WOTC and get back onboard.

    I don't have to forgive them because I was waiting until all the hype and hysteria and misinformation and outright disinformation died down and we saw what the final decision and version from WotC would be. And now that it is settled, it looks fine to me. I still might not buy the 2024 edition...
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    Cubicle 7 Also Announces A New 'C7d20' System

    Between the excellent work C7 did on AiME, when they had the Tolkein sub-license, and on Doctors & Daleks, this may be the winner for me. I only have the time, energy and money to mess with one system right now, so if not 1st party D&D, then this will be good. Now I just need to hear what the...
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Awesome Force Lightning raw sorcery energy battle. That armor is going to show up in so many D&D campaigns. Nice teaser at the end that two more seasons are planned.
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Yes, if she is the real princess, she has been in the city for decades, but time also passes differently there, than in the rest of the world.
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Now, for a plot question. Is the princess of Cashmere working with the Crone, under the Crone's mental control or actually possessed by the spirit of the Crone? Or did the Crone simply shapeshift into the appearance of the princess? The way the character is acted, it feels like she is the real...
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Well, that was a lot of fun and yet another very D&D episode!
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Yep, definitely. Or maybe it was just a stupid movie to begin with.
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    The dance scene with modern music was especially stupid.
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    I don't like A Knight's Tale specifically because the modern music did not fit and ruined it. Willow has been better about using it.
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    OGL WotC Announces OGL 1.1 -- Revised Terms, Royalties, and Annual Revenue Reporting

    That is nice and all, but this is starting to feel like the jump from 3.0 to 3.5. They were supposed to be backward-compatible also, but as soon as 3.5 was out, sales started to tank for anything 3.0 from 3PPs. That will happen again when the revised rules tied to the new OGL come out in 2024...
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    OGL What's All This About The OGL Going Away?

    Wow, there are quite a few panicky, misinformed comments about this on Twitter. Some of them even border on intentional disinformation. Now, considering that Ray Winninger, before leaving, had talked about WotC working on two brand-new settings still to come out, assuming nothing happens to can...
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    OneDnD What new jargon do you want to replace "Race"?

    Of all the choices here, if 1D&D is either getting rid of the half-races or making them very rare, then species works best. After all, in the real world, lions and tigers are different species and can interbreed, and the same with horses and donkeys. So humans and elves or humans and orcs can be...
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    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons New Cover Reveal

    They already updated and cleaned up the adventure when the single volume version was first released a couple of years ago, so why would they need to changes things again for this re-release? Are people expecting it to be updated to match the 2024 rules revisions?
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    D&D General Which D&D Words and Things are Post 1608?

    1400s, not 1600s. The actual English word "rapier" was also in use by 1600.
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    D&D General Which D&D Words and Things are Post 1608?

    The way technological advances can happen so quickly, it is weird that the first spyglass did not happen until over 300 years after the first eyeglasses were invented in the 13th century.
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Did you all catch the call-out for Camryn Manheim in the scene in Willow's village when discussing which route to travel?
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    Both episodes were good and definitely still feels very D&D, just like the movie.
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Nexus - DMs Guild Product Schedule and Richard Knaak Partnership!

    That is just DM's Guild requirements of products not being available anywhere else if sold there, so it is expected.
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    Willow - Official Teaser Trailer

    There is a lot of good stuff on there right now, or coming soon, that is not Star Wars or MCU, if you are avoiding it because of those. Willow debuts this week. the National Treasure series starts next month. The Santa Clauses series has been fun so far. And The Mysterious Benedict Society is in...