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  1. Baumi

    D&D 5E Reacting to Movement

    Just because his movement stops, doesn't mean that he moved his full 5 feet. And in fact he could not have moved 5 feet else he would have been out of reach for the attack.
  2. Baumi

    D&D 5E Reacting to Movement

    Ah, found the answer .. the OA ist right BEFORE leaving the space. :)
  3. Baumi

    D&D 5E Reacting to Movement

    I have a case where a War Casting Fighter uses Booming Blade as an Opportunity Attack against an Enemy leaving his Reach... is the Enemy still in Range after the attack or already 5 feet away?
  4. Baumi

    OneDnD What do you think of the new rules for preparing spells?

    I like the new Version, it's very straight forward and should be much easier to explain players who are not used to playing casters. Also you can now change cantrips too, which is a big plus in my book :)
  5. Baumi

    OneDnD One D&D Cleric & Revised Species Playtest Includes Goliath

    Isn't Guidance and Resistance now to strong and anying (gets used ALL the time)? Anyway love the class especially the new Spellcasting (can change even Cantrips at long rest and no more math-checking how many Spells to prepare)! Not to happy with the races. The Ardling is not my thing, but...
  6. Baumi

    Dragonlance Unlocked on D&D Beyond: Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen!

    Thanks you! Interesting, in AD&D it was 3rd Character level. :) Since Renegades are hunted and might even get killed, I would call it a requirement (Storywise) ;) Anyway. did the mention the other Arcane Users like Bards, Sorcerer or Warlocks. Or even Half-Casters like the Eldritch Knight and...
  7. Baumi

    Dragonlance Unlocked on D&D Beyond: Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen!

    In the old Editions, the High Sorcery forbids Spellcasters to advance above 3rd Level. How did they handle it here? Is the Background mandatory and what about non-wizards (Sorcerers, Artificers, Bards,..)?
  8. Baumi

    OneDnD How to fix Path of the Berserker of the Barbarian?

    Isn't it already fixed with the new Exhaustion Levels and changes two two-weapon fighting?
  9. Baumi

    OneDnD Fighting Styles Are Not Worth a Whole Feat

    I agree that you should get something for taking lower level feats. I think that the Fighting Styles are ok compared to the other first level feats, not great but if you like to fight in a certain way than it is certainly usefull. But when you get highter level feats you should be given the +1...
  10. Baumi

    OneDnD The new ONE inspiration rules really screw Halflings

    Funny, I actually written that in the survey :) Also what happens with Rogues who count the 1 as a 10 for Skill Rolls? Anyway I would personlay just give Halflings Inspiration on a rolled 1, even though they will reroll that Dice with Lucky.
  11. Baumi

    WotC Is Mike Mearls still in WotC?

    Thanks. I really overlooked that post :P
  12. Baumi

    WotC Is Mike Mearls still in WotC?

    Thank you! I really liked the games he was involved (Iron Heroes, 4E and 5E) and wondered if he is still on the design for OneD&D.
  13. Baumi

    Blog (A5E) New Tools On!

    Wow, that are some impressive and usefull tools! 8D
  14. Baumi

    WotC Is Mike Mearls still in WotC?

    I haven't heard anything from him in years and I was wandering if he works still in WotC.
  15. Baumi

    OneDnD Expert Classes - Rules Glossary

    Some interesting bits... Jump is a Strenght (Acrobatics or Athletics) check. I don't think I have ever seen an official Check that allows you two different Skills and both with the same Attribute, where one Skill is linked to another (Acrobatics to Dex). Heroic Inspiration gives you Advantage...
  16. Baumi

    OneDnD Expert Classes - Feats Discussion

    Crossbow Expert - Dual Wielding is one of the most confusing written Descriptions. :P
  17. Baumi

    OneDnD Expert Classes - Feats Discussion

    But the best feat IMHO is the Lighty Armored 1st Level Feat. That fixes all that awkward Multiclassing/Races builds just to get your Spellcaster some Armor.
  18. Baumi

    OneDnD Expert Classes - Feats Discussion

    Yeah I don't like that change. The old version was quite underrated but actually felt great if you took it and was quite powerful a. which I find good if you take something that helps other instead of yourself.
  19. Baumi

    OneDnD Expert Classes - Feats Discussion

    Overall I am VERY happy with it! They made every weak/usefull Feat now really compelling ... except Weapon Training, which still sucks (but at least give a Ability Increase now) :P As a fan of Inspiring Leader, I find it interesting that they uncoppled it from Charisma. I belive that it is...
  20. Baumi

    OneDnD Sharp shooter/Great Weapon Mastery

    The update to the feats are great. Even the Charger is good now :) And the light Armor Feat make so many Multiclass-Combos unnessesary 👍