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  1. FCWesel

    Gaming At The Kids Table With Amazing Tales

    Too bad it's not available for retail stores.
  2. FCWesel

    D&D 5E Charisma 1 ...

    Due to a Curse, character has a "1" in Charisma, until a Remove Curse can be obtained. What effects does this have in the game world, other than the obvious negative modifier to Skills, Ability Checks and CHA Saves?
  3. FCWesel

    Which official 5E adventures have you played through?

    Need to maybe add a "NONE" option.
  4. FCWesel

    Tyranny of Dragons DM Screen

    1 out of 5 rating for Tyranny of Dragons DM Screen I'm sorry but the only point of this "DM screen" is for GF9 to make money. There's simply no real value in this for the customer (the DM), other then to hide dice rolls. The art placement is bad, NPC images would be more helpful on the outside...
  5. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XXII Planning Thread; our date is March 21st

    Curt, that table will be back in place by Game Day; easily. :cool:
  6. FCWesel

    How do ELEMENTALS heal?

    So healing a fire elemntal should probably cause a cleric (or whatever) some damage, since he's putting his hand on PURE FIRE.
  7. FCWesel

    How do ELEMENTALS heal?

    How doe Elementals heal? Do they "regenerate" (but not the power, if you know what I mean) their mass or matter or energy? Can healing/harming spells affect them? (There seems to be something woring with that, but that's neither here nor there.)
  8. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XXI Planning Thread; our date is Nov 8th

    Hey Buzz, it turns out that I am not going to be able to run a game that day. Sorry for the confusion, maybe next time.
  9. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XXI Planning Thread; our date is Nov 8th

    Buzz, I am going to have a chance to run a game in the AM slot, in the Private Room please. I'll post my game description shortly. It will be a fantasy adventure for sure; possibly Pathfinder D&D or CORTEX System. Have not decided just yet. Thanks.
  10. FCWesel

    Random Encounter Generator UPDATED June 12th

    I got: *The Nauseating Cabin of the Congregation of the Crimson Cavern* *The Knavish Betrayal of the Undead's Axe* *The Scorpion Dwarf and the Gargoyle Jester*
  11. FCWesel

    KotS impressions

    I, for one, am completely unimpressed with this product. I find that the number of mistakes and the rather terrible art (and rather skimpy production value for $30.00) are simply unexcusable for the VERY FIRST product of a brand new game line that was meant to inspire and all of us on 4th ed...
  12. FCWesel

    I almost cried...

    No, Tracerbullet's group got the Bunny from the use of a Baleful Polymorph on an Assassin. Tracerbullet himself, however, had his halfling Chef reincarnated as a kobold, which made it a most difficult time to introduce him and his halfling brother as twins...
  13. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XIX 3/15/08: Planning Thread

    Just a reminder, ORIGINS is the 25-29th of June.
  14. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XVIII: the aftermath!

    I don't think anyone wants to shorten the lunch break any. I think an hour is a good amount of time.
  15. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XVIII: the aftermath!

    Good post, Mark. I have heard this before and I just don't see it being a real issue to be honest. Gamers, as a general rule are one of the most consumer saavy group of customers. We usually know what we want, and when "budgets" are concerned (which they are for everyone these days), we are...
  16. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XVIII: the aftermath!

    I think the new time set-up worked out well.
  17. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XVIII: the aftermath!

    Not if we see you first! :p
  18. FCWesel

    Chicago Gameday XVIII: the aftermath!

    That's what you get for being a "drop-out-loser-jerk-guy", you drop-out-loser-jerk-guy. Oh, and "I'll sure you". (for the double burn)