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    Kickstarter Coming soon to Kickstarter - Electrocube War: Battle Plans,

    Coming soon to Kickstarter - Electrocube War: Battle Plans, a series of six thrilling adventures for the popular Valor Knights RPG published by Bloat Games. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned veteran, these adventures will provide hours of entertainment and challenge. What is Valor...
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    D&D General Darrin Drader Brings You Reign of Discordia 2nd Edition -- 5E in Space!

    Alright! Love to see new White Star content!
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    Release Post-Apocalyptic Setting The After Released for Savage Worlds

    The After is a setting of savage frontier action (think The Revenant or Jeremiah Johnson) in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic world (think Annihilation or The Quiet Place). It uses the newly retooled Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. The After was successfully Kickstarted last year and is now...
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    Youniversal Monsters Omnibus for Mutants and Masterminds

    Glad you like it. This is actually published by Fainting Goat Games. Green Ronin does cool stuff though :)
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    Youniversal Monsters Omnibus for Mutants and Masterminds

    AVAILABLE NOW ON DRIVETHRURPG From Jacob Blackmon (author of the fan-favorite Super Powered Legends Line) comes a new terrifying tome full of creepy and unusual foes ready to add a little chill to your M&M game! Dracula... Frankenstein...The Mummy... Jack Frost... Krampus...The...
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    Grant Howitt (Honey Heist creator) Interview - Talking Games, the RPG Industry and Carnivorous Taverns

    Recently spoke with Grant Howitt (Honey Heist creator) about One Page RPGs, the gaming business, carnivorous taverns and his latest game - Heart. Fun chat - check it out.
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    Nothing Up My Sleeves! BAMF talks Altered Carbon RPG

    Yeah - it seems cool in a lot of ways. I believe there's an actual play video of the game embedded on the KS page that's probably worth a watch too if you're wanting to go deeper
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    Nothing Up My Sleeves! BAMF talks Altered Carbon RPG

    Talking with Ivan Van Norman from Hunter's Entertainment about their new Altered Carbon RPG On Kickstarter now: Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game Check out Hunter's Entertainment on twitter Hunters Entertainment | RPG Publishing
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    Looking for the best in Superhero RPGs from 2019! Voting is open for the BAMFSIES

    WTF are the BAMFSIES? The BAMFSIES are a cheeky and fun RPG awards focused solely on superhero RPGs. We’re not nearly as serious as the Ennies. We’re probably more serious than the Grammys. Here’s our blog: The Bamfsies We’re sponsored by the kind folks at the BAMF podcast: BAMF Podcast WHY...
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    What Were the Best Superhero RPGS in 2019?

    There are a ton of great superhero RPGs released every year - that are usually ignored by the major RPG awards. The BAMFSIES awards (sponsored by the BAMF Podcast) recognizes the best in the field. And - we also want to hear from you, the gaming public, about what releases you liked. This...
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    Starfinder Starfinder Alexa Skill: 'The Future Of 'Voice Gaming'

    and here's part two of that interview
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    Starfinder Starfinder Alexa Skill: 'The Future Of 'Voice Gaming'

    So - over on the BAMF podcast, we just had James Sutter - the author of the Alexa Starfinder project - on for an interview
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    Media [BAMF Podcast] Owen Stephens and Christopher Dean Talk 52 in 52, Rolevember and an Amazing Rebel Lt Story

    Talking with Owen Stephens and Christopher Dean - 52 in 52 and Rolevember. Also Mandalorian and Owen's Famous Rebel Lieutenant Story 52 in 52 link: 52 IN 52 PREORDER and BONUS MEGABUNDLE Owen's Blog: Owen K.C. Stephens Rolevember: Log into Facebook | Facebook
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    Last 48 hours! City of Solstice, a crime-noir fantasy city for OSR RPGs

    ALSO: Manaburnt podcast interview Manaburnt Podcast – City of Solstice And find the Quick Start Guide here: City of Solstice Quickstart - Apocalyptic Games | OSRIC Character Creation on Babies with Knives podcast Actual Play on the Babies with Knives podcast
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    RPG Behind the Scenes: Chat with Owen Stephens on BAMF

    Game design legend Owen Stephens stops by to chat with us about his current ventures (including Green Ronin's Fantasy AGE), his experience in the RPG industry, his creative process and his advice for those looking to make a career in the game business. Bonus: Mike pitches an absurd amount of...
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    Kickstarter City of Solstice: A Setting for OSR Fantasy Campaigns from Chuck Rice on Kickstarter Now.

    Link: Here's a preview on the Cross Planes blog Noir crime fiction and old-school fantasy gaming meet in City of Solstice: a fantasy game setting for OSR games, set in a city run by...
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