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    Attack Page warning?!

    Still getting attack page warnings from Google... Seems like it's taking a long time for the warnings to clear, compared to other times I've seen this kind of thing happen.
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    How to tell someone not to come back.

    Maybe he's just bored with playing a monk. See if he wants to play something different?
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    Where would you put a D&D museum?

    I would love to visit an Edition Wars Wing, as well as seeing the Grognard exhibit.
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    GMs: What (across all editions) was your favorite adventure to RUN?

    White Plume Mountain is probably my favorite, but honorable mention has to go to Pharaoh and the Desert of Desolation series, just because it was the first time I really prepared before game time, instead of reading ahead a bit during snack, dinner, and bathroom breaks. :blush:
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    Kickstarter Too many Kickstarter projects? Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?

    I think it will all blow over soon, after a bunch of ill-advised projects fail. But who knows? Maybe it'll become the de facto publishing method for small press RPGs.
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    How to Make a Fantasy Sandbox PDF

    Really nice stuff, the material on wind circulation and monsoons was most interesting. A little real-world knowledge goes a long way in making a fantasy world come to life.
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    Warlord is a stupid name. Call them Captains.

    Honcho! Or maybe Daijoh? (sp?)
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    What to do about the 15-minute work day?

    Maybe it was a bit heavy-handed, but only thing I could think of on the spur of the moment. :blush: Now now, let's not stray into straw man territory here. Fixing certain problems does not mean the game automatically becomes unplayable. There may be a workable solution that suits a lot of...
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    What to do about the 15-minute work day?

    I've never gone hungry either, but that doesn't mean that people aren't starving somewhere in the world. It's still a problem to be acknowledged and hopefully solved some day.
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    In the heat of battle, is hit point loss a wound?

    Oh please, it was just a joke, a silly one-liner. Don't take yourself so seriously.
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    In the heat of battle, is hit point loss a wound?

    I should try narrating all hit point loss as wounds. I want to describe my PCs as walking slabs of shredded beef by the end of the session. :D
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    The Id DM Interviews Monte Cook

    Wow, so minimizing system mastery produces a game where "there’s no chance that you can lose"? Sounds like a bit of a straw man, to me.
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    Zenimax files trademark for "Dragonborn"

    Yeah, so? That has no bearing if WotC were to make a D&D video game (or license a third party to do so) with Dragonborn in it.
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    Zenimax files trademark for "Dragonborn"

    OK, but you said it only applies if someone tries to name a product or market a product by that name. So, not if someone uses the trademark in a product that doesn't have "Dragonborn" in the title? That seems like rather poor protection to me... Why bother trademarking then? Any third party who...
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    Zenimax files trademark for "Dragonborn"

    Really? If I made a game called Griego's Game which had playable races of Jawa, Wookiee, and Gungan, I think George Lucas would have something to say about that (through his lawyers). How is this any different?
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    Zenimax files trademark for "Dragonborn"

    Wow, I guess I should have paid more attention when playing the Elder Scrolls series. lol. Never knew (or forgot) about dragonborn appearing in Morrowind and Oblivion (although you can hardly blame me for sleep-walking through the latter). If this comes to a head then WotC's lawyers may have...
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    Zenimax files trademark for "Dragonborn"

    This is a message board post by Griego promoted to a news article. Zenimax, publishers of the Elder Scrolls games, has filed a trademark application for Dragonborn, "an individual who has been born with the blood and soul of a Dragon, but the body of a mortal." The application covers...
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    What's Up With D&D? for Monday, 7 May 2012

    Howard's Red Sonja (actually spelled Sonya) didn't wear the iconic chainmail bikini. She was much more sensibly dressed in his short story The Shadow of the Vulture. You can thank Marvel Comics for the scantily-clad incarnation of the character.
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    When did the Fighter become "defender"?

    Yes, I would like the Fighter to be more about crushing skulls than doing the Rope-a-Dope in a tin can.