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  1. Nikosandros

    OGL Hello, I am lawyer with a PSA: almost everyone is wrong about the OGL and SRD. Clearing up confusion.

    If you are referring to the OGL, it was released after Hasbro had already acquired WotC and D&D.
  2. Nikosandros

    Blog (A5E) EN Publishing Launches Advanced 5E SRD

    What do you mean by more stufff? If you're talking about the fact that Level Up has more stuff than 5e, I'm aware, I have the game. In my question I was talking about an SRD for Level Up, not for 5e. Or did you mean something else?
  3. Nikosandros

    Blog (A5E) EN Publishing Launches Advanced 5E SRD

    I apologize for what is probably a dumb question. What you are trying to do is to produce an SRD for A5e in which the text is not a derivative product of the 5.1 SRD; is that correct?
  4. Nikosandros

    OGL Matt Colville weighs in.

    But if someone stops subscribing from Paizo, you keep all the books (and the PDFs) that you bought. It's a big difference. The Paizo model is more like a traditional magazine subscription, except that you pay as you go. The WotC model is like streaming services. That's what I was saying.
  5. Nikosandros

    OGL Matt Colville weighs in.

    Point being I was talking specifically about a specific thing you wrote. You were simply misremembering a video you probably saw only once a year and half ago. No big deal. I misremember stuff all the time.
  6. Nikosandros

    OGL Matt Colville weighs in.

    I was refuting your point about access to all the rules being free according to that video. Nothing more.
  7. Nikosandros

    OGL Matt Colville weighs in.

    Paizo subscriptions are very different though. You subscribe to a certain line of products and you basically auto-buy each new release them and you get a free PDF included.
  8. Nikosandros

    OGL Matt Colville weighs in.

    They proposed making characters for free, but full access to the rules would require a subscription. I can send you the whole video if you want.
  9. Nikosandros

    OGL Matt Colville weighs in.

    In that video they proposed a subscription to get access to the full rules.
  10. Nikosandros

    OGL OGL 1.2 survey is now live

    I'm wondering, or rather I should say hoping, if there's a pro-OGL "faction" within WotC management and if they might use the survey as a tool to try and push their view.
  11. Nikosandros

    OGL Will WotC release Keys from the Golden Vault with zero promotion due to OGL firestorm?

    Further proof that rouge is almost as old as the game itself...
  12. Nikosandros

    OGL Over 1,500 Publishers Support Paizo's Upcoming Open RPG Creator's License

    The list of publishers is nice, but - IMHO - it is not too meaningful until we see the license itself and what material each publisher will release under it.
  13. Nikosandros

    Free League Develops Two New Open Game Licenses

    The 5e versions. The others are not affected by the OGL.
  14. Nikosandros

    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves could change D&D forever

    That was my thought as well. it would explain the delays in the marketing campaign and the general lack of information.
  15. Nikosandros

    OGL DnD Shorts final video

    Personally, OGL or not, I've got zero interest in playing in this glorious digital environment.
  16. Nikosandros

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons re-released without fanfare?

    Yes, I'm not happy about the store at all. The one good thing I can say about it, is that I've been reimbursed shipping costs, since the EU store now also has free shipping.
  17. Nikosandros

    D&D 2E On AD&D 2E

    In all my years of playing AD&D, I never, even once, found myself in a situation in which I wasn't sure how to apply a modifier to AC.
  18. Nikosandros

    D&D General Linda Codega Interviews Critical Roles Marisha Ray and Matthew Mercer

    Well, Codega twitted that they asked some "pointed questions", so it's likely that the OGL question was raised.
  19. Nikosandros

    OGL An IP lawyer just broke down the new OGL draft (v1.2)

    This seems a bit dismissive... ;) I appreciate the design of AW, but I'm not interested in the experience it provides except for the occasional one-off.
  20. Nikosandros

    OGL My thoughts on the new OGL v1.2 draft

    The introduction to the draft contains the following text: This seems a strong indication that they are planning to allow 3PPs to publish on DDB in some form.