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    Level Up (A5E) Stealth Expert

    I can't speak for the designers/writers, but I think you may be getting caught up on the term obscured. I highlighted the phrases that I would focus on when determining stealth - the initial "rule" itself, and a less subjective example. To hide from a creature, you need to be out of its vision...
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    Homebrew Level Up Roll20 Character Sheet is live!

    Are the Standard/Advantage/Disadvantage toggles supposed to affect attack rolls? I was fixing an issue on two of my players sheets and noticed that it was only changing the rolls for skills (didn't check basic ability rolls).
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    Level Up (A5E) The Demilich's Devour Soul Ability

    I would run it as they are immune to the failed-save effects (essentially they auto-save after the first time). I'm basing that on a few things: 1) It's the only offensive standard action that is listed. 2) 40 damage per rounds for a CR 18 creature doesn't seem like a ton, even if it is...
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    Rogue Social Expertise

    Thanks. I wanted to comfirm because the kickers for the other options seemed a little more significant than just ribbon abilities. Wasn't sure how much choice was weighed against "something extra".
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    Rogue Social Expertise

    I was originally reading this ability as you choose one of the listed skills to gain expertise in, but given that the other options give an expertise die and a related ability, I'm not so sure. Could someone confirm?
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    Level Up (A5E) Backgrounds Check

    If all characters are using backgrounds from the same rule set (A5E or O5E), there shouldn't be any issue with under/over-powered. The main concern I can think of is there is at least one O5E background that makes the supply rules irrelevant. Obviously if you don't use those rules, or noone...
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    Homebrew Level Up Roll20 Character Sheet is live!

    Is anyone else having issues with getting Dexterity (Vehicles) to roll? Tried looking up the thread, but didn't see any recent comments. All of the other options work for me.
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    Level Up (A5E) RAW vs RAE

    Based on the wording, I would say no. You would also want to roll the initial damage dice separate from critical dice since it says "the weapon damage dice" vs "any weapon damage dice." The interpretation I get is that you need maximum damage from the base weapon damage to get the reroll and...
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    D&D General Has anyone tried this?

    We somewhat did this during 2e. You memorized whatever spells your slots would allow, but didn't forget them when cast, so no need to double up (if you can cast three 1st level spells, you can memorize three spells). The only difference it made was versatility - either allowing utility spells...
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    D&D 5E Blur vs Shadowblade for a Bladesinger/Rogue multiclass

    So first, check with your DM about whether they use the most recent printing of the "blade" cantrips, as that will likely affect your decision. The most recent requires a weapon with a coin cost as a component. After that, I would say which is better depends how heavily you go into rogue. If...
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    D&D General Bag of Holding in Bag of Holding(No) Large chest shrunken in Bag of Holding(?)

    Having a shrunken item that allows you to pop in, and also shrink, sounds like "complicated" (read: high level) magic. If you're mostly interested in the magic girl type gear swap, having something that directly did that without the shrunken armory flavor might be more reasonable(?). In 2e...
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    D&D General Bag of Holding in Bag of Holding(No) Large chest shrunken in Bag of Holding(?)

    With the text that D1Tremere posted, you should be safe unless you go stuffing bags into each other/portable holes. It specifies items a couple times, so it shouldn't react with spells or other effects (Rope Trick, M's Mansion, etc.). The DM could rule otherwise, but that should be something...
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    D&D 5E House Rule Idea: Pouring On the Power!

    As much as it sounds awesome, there are some significant potential issues to consider: 1) Spellcasters generally aren't thought of as weak, and this would add more to them. Some sort of balance for martials should be considered. 2) As TwoSix mentioned, it could be abused by waiting to see if...
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    D&D 5E Dropping to 0 HP - House Rule Variant

    How easy do you make it to run from combat in your games? Unless there are rogues or magic involved, it tends to be very difficult to escape anything that wants to pursue. If you'd like to have the unconsciousness be a result, but not necessarily remove the character from combat completely...
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    D&D General Seeming, Non-Detection & True Sight

    As written, Truesight allows you to auto-detect visual illusions and succeed in the check/save against them. For Seeming, a successful check means that you know the creature is disguised - no more or less. So if a creature with Truesight saw something under the effects of a Seeming, they would...
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    D&D General Perception, Search Rolls, and Game Style (thinking about expectation for how rules play out at the table).

    My process generally goes along the lines of: *Describe what their passive perception would notice. Ask what the characters would like to do. *They can focus in on an area, which may call for a perception check (if just looking/listening) or an investigation check (if getting up-close and...
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    D&D General How do you handle doubling of classes?

    I'm running a game with two Evokers in it, and both have their own style. One is a human and is taking the more traditional "hang back and cast" focus. The other is a mountain dwarf and gets up close hitting things with a stick, and occasionally dropping close-range AoE spells.
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    D&D 5E Proficiency # of Uses Per Day

    What have people's experiences with the abilities that base daily uses on Proficiency been? I'm particularly curious in whether concerns have come up with the abilities and multi-classing.
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    D&D 5E Ranged attacks and disadvantage in melee

    Agreed with Daulsuul. #1 - There is no facing in 5e (unless you're using tactical house rules), therefore you can see in all directions. #2 - "See" is a descriptive term rather than a litteral statement. It's more of a shorthand for "has good knowledge of your physical location and...
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    D&D 5E House rule to force spellcasters with daily spell slots to take short rests

    I think this is your actual issue. The players HAVE short rest abilities and options, but seem to actively ignore them. You would probably be better served by talkng to them about short rests, rather than trying to figure out a balance on making long rest classes into short rest. Point of...