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  1. Flipguarder

    Big combats take too much time for us.

    if your 4 player party can get rid of 20 or so minions in 1 round then they deserve to feel awesome. My advice 1. use minions 2. use minions with a MAXIMUM of 2 attack options, 3. Make their attacks very damaging and more likely to hit. 4. Make all the minions go one one initiative count.
  2. Flipguarder

    Fort on NPCs

    IGNORE ME! I dont know how to delete threads
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    Epic Destiny for Barbarian

    get the Eternal Defender (requires MC figher) your weapoon size can increase and make your 1d12 or 2d6 weapon into a 2d6 or 2d8 respectively.
  4. Flipguarder

    Hybrid Championship - Round 1, Group 1

    I believe the rest of the fighter ones will be in round two (and hopefully some more druid ones.) There are more to come.
  5. Flipguarder

    Why Did They Get Rid of the Law & Chaos Alignment?

    Emphasis mine. This is entierly your opinion and has no basis in any rule in any book of 4th edition. It can be the way YOU play and that's totally fine. But your gaming style doesn't apply to what I like and appreciate about D&D. Nor what I think is "absurd" or not.
  6. Flipguarder

    Why Did They Get Rid of the Law & Chaos Alignment?

    I disagree. Alignment doesn't exist within normal RL people so why should characters that are supposed to be complex and interesting have to stick to some arbitrarily decided moral code.
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    D&D 4E No 4E fey?

    Let me clarify my point: 1. While probably more mischievous than most cats, and definitely more intelligent, I would be hard pressed to call them "monster-worthy" I don't see them as serious threats. Even a unicorn or a riding horse could easily do more damage physically then a pixie. 2. When...
  8. Flipguarder

    Nerf Player Characters!

    you could also just have them fight a family of tarrasques.
  9. Flipguarder

    D&D 4E No 4E fey?

    They don't list housecats either. I think they fall into that category. If a DM told me that there was 5 or 6 pixies in the next room, my reaction would not be to roll initiative. Regardless of your opinion of how dangerous these creatures can be, they certainly don't encompass the idea of fey...
  10. Flipguarder

    How ubiquitous is the Superior Weapon feat?

    See now I have to get a d20 displaying 1-4 five times.
  11. Flipguarder

    Encounter Level - realistic maximums

    If you want a big baddie I would not use levels to make it big and bad. I'd give it extra hp, lots of minor action powers, free actions when hit, powerful recharge powers. It isn't very fun for players to fight something their level +7 or 8 mainly due to their defenses. round after round of...
  12. Flipguarder

    Protector's Shield Feat

    Go to build-retraining, select the level of retraining, highlight the feat you want to retrain out of in left column, highlight the feat you want to retrain into in the right column, then click "take element"
  13. Flipguarder

    Protector's Shield Feat

    Yeah, sorry jbear but Aulirophile is right. Also I think people should pay more attention to when something adds rolls to that which was previously NOT a roll. Because as the OP pointed out, the result can be FAR more than the actual average of the dX roll.
  14. Flipguarder

    False Bravado (PHB3)

    You could give this to NPCs but I think a much better way of saying "screw you" to your defenders is just to add 2 to all monster attack rolls.
  15. Flipguarder

    Come and get it and vertical pulls

    meh. I'm wrong, lets just go with that.
  16. Flipguarder

    Come and get it and vertical pulls

    No Obryn, see thats why i say EACH successive square.
  17. Flipguarder

    Come and get it and vertical pulls

    My pov is that horizontal means not just one plane. I would define forced movement is horizontal as long as it is under 45 degree vertical tilt. This means that whenver you push someone, each successive square you push has to be more of a horizontal push than a vertical one.
  18. Flipguarder

    Temp Hit Points to an unconcious player?

    I'd allow it, they have temp hp, thats what happens. I don't see any reason for anything else to happen.
  19. Flipguarder

    Combat actions before combat?

    Ok then king, explain to me where 4e explains how two different GROUPS of creatures expecting each other decide which of them "realizes the presence" of the other first.
  20. Flipguarder

    Combat actions before combat?

    Monsters are guarding a room under the impression that at some point during their guarding shift there is an 80% chance an enemy of theirs will come in. PCs are dungeon crawling, aware that every room could be full of danger. So who is aware of who in this situation? My rule is to nullify the...