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    Savage Worlds and Deadlands…

    Perhaps it is useful to mention that the rules for the latest version are just about completely different (you folks probably know that, a casual reader may not know).
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    Where Are the Board Gamers?

    Top marks for the thread title… 😁
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    Savage Worlds and Deadlands…

    I only have a passing familiarity with BitD so won’t try to comment on clocks. I do love Dramatic Tasks, however, and they are a mechanism I probably use as often as combat when GMing SWADE. The strength of Dramatic Tasks, for me, is that they do put mechanical weight into what the characters...
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    Savage Worlds and Deadlands…

    And Deadlands Noir and there is a medieval Deadlands on the development path (Deadlands Dark Ages? Not sure what the working title is). Pinnacle‘s volume of development is off the charts at the moment.
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    Savage Worlds and Deadlands…

    In a recent stream about the new Kickstarter for Ghost Mountain, Shane Hensley mentioned they have tried to get the Thundarr license but at the time he managed to track down the right person to ask they weren’t interested. He keeps it on his ‘to do list’ to ask them again periodically! Savage...
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    What are your thoughts on system-less worldbuilding/setting books?

    I have a collection of these. Setting bibles of different kinds are great for this purpose. I have them for Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of Time. Even Glorantha has a pair of system-less setting books. I also have four art books by Simon Stålenhag - Tales from the Loop and three further...
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    OGL OGL: What Are The Publishers Saying [UPDATED]

    Ioun Stones are also straight out of Vance…
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Sands of Doom, Black Sword Hack, Epic Levels, and more

    Here’s another one for you, currently with 60 hrs to run: Big Box of Dungeon Doors This is by Loke who do great battle mats. The campaign is for standee doors of different kinds to use with your maps and minis. It comes with a bunch of reusable maps, too as a bonus.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Silverplate, The Wolf King’s Son, Rose Labyrinth, and more

    Another Crowd Funding project finishing in that window is a double-‘Game Changer’ From Pinnacle: Terror on The Dark Frontier & Land of a Thousand Islands [link] This is a double-campaign for Savage RIFTS. Terror on the Dark Frontier is an adventure boxset, while Land of a Thousand Islands is...
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    What's the Best Print RPG Out in 2022?

    Worlds Without Number is very pretty and its GM tools can be used in any fantasy game. The companion book ‘Atlas of the Latter Earth’ came out very recently.
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    Worlds of Design: The Price of Advancement

    While this might be a common use case, RuneQuest was doing this in 1978. Indeed!
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    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    GURPS Conan and four solo adventures are still available in PDF from Warehouse 23.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – TROIKA!, Convictor Drive, Gutterpunk, and more

    Another Kickstarter in the final furlough is Titan Robotics for Palladium Rifts. Some contention, in that Palladium have had an unsuccessful Kickstarter in the past. This is being run by Sean Roberson who also does work for Savage Rifts and the book Is pretty much complete. As a bonus, the...
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    OGL What's All This About The OGL Going Away?

    I guess it depends on a person’s definition of ‘D&D adjacent’. Sine Nomine’s Worlds Without Number is an OSR fantasy RPG with six stats, armour class and hit points but is not an OGL-based product.
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    Sources of one-shot non-fantasy adventures

    The Last Parsec series of adventures from Pinnacle are good. They typically include a plot-point campaign and several ‘savage tales’ as well. One adventure would get you a campaign and maybe 5 one-shots. There are three free one-shots for Last Parsec on DriveThru as well.
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    Two Combat Systems, One Game

    Savage Worlds has already been mentioned for the fact it has a ‘standard’ and ‘Mass battle’ system. In the latest version (Adventurer Edition) there is also a third option - Quick Encounters. The purpose of that system is to quickly assess the outcome or impact of a less significant combat (or...
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    New Battle map books

    Loke have a new set of paired battle map books out, Castles, Crypts and Caverns. I am not affiliated with them, just a big fan. This one might have slipped by people’s radar as they didn’t go the Kickstarter route this time. I just got my set and it’s a fantastic product as usual. Here are some...
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