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  1. Heathen72

    March Fourth for GM's Day!!

    Thanks, Morrus.
  2. Heathen72

    What you love about D&D, isn't D&D

    What you wrote has nothing to do with internet forums. Arguments are what life is made of.
  3. Heathen72

    Whining & Complaining

    Oryan77, have you considered what the common denominator with all 10 of your issues is? ;)
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    How does interbreeding work in your campaign?

    Well, Um, how does one go about this... Firstly Mummy and Daddy like each other very much. They... Hmm, hang on, I don't want to offend Eric's Grandmother. I will leave it to the Goodies to show you how it's done. Decently. YouTube - ‪Gender Education.mp4‬‏ I acknowledge things might be...
  5. Heathen72

    Tool for mapping a city wanted

    Use Google Maps. Pick somewhere old, and steal.
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    DM Issues: Railroading

    This is the nub of it. If your GM isn't prepared, or able to come up with a totally new adventure on the fly, it doesn't mean he is railroading you. For me, railroading is when the GM continually negates unexpected player actions to keep them "on the rails", i.e., bring them back to the game he...
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    If Conversation Worked Like Combat

    When you have a Stat for Charisma, and people who want to play non combat orientated characters (particularly in 3rd Ed) they often want to have something that reflects their abilities. Doesn't seem that unreasonable to me. And for those who feel uncomfortable with feats of personality that...
  8. Heathen72

    If Conversation Worked Like Combat

    Burning Wheel has a conversation system, IIRC, as does Dying Earth
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    Squire to Knight

    Thanks for this, guys. Any other thoughts, anyone?
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    Gaming Group Turns 29 !

    Actually 29, or is this your 46th anniversary, but you are self conscious about how long you have been gaming?
  11. Heathen72

    Going to church? Don't forget your sawed-off shotgun!

    Lucky he wasn't playing in my group. I would have been ranting about why he wasn't calling it a sawn off shotgun. As for whether it was appropriate to carry one into a church, that would depend on a) how far into the game had run - had the character's actually faced any monsters, lost any san...
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    How do you use linguistics in world-building?

    Read about how the Lord of the Rings was conceived. Seriously. Tolkien was a linguist before he was a writer and Middle Earth is THE world to look to when considering building a world based on it's languages. IIRC Middle Earth was created as a place in which Elen síla lumenn’ omentielvo - A star...
  13. Heathen72

    Suggestions for a unicorn name?

    My Paladin's Unicorn Warhorse from when I was a kid was called Tysyana. I freed her from service after many years because she had been so great, basically. It would hearten me if she found another master to care for (and mentor) somewhere in another realm. (that 360 yard teleport was such a get...
  14. Heathen72

    Squire to Knight

    One of my players has just become a squire of a knight errant in a realm of Arthurian Romance. He intends to play an old school paladin. We are going to play through some short background scenes together (as he grows from boy to knight). I'm looking for some prompts to help me flesh it out.
  15. Heathen72

    Plot transparency

    Not just Yeah, but HELL YEAH! Well, it depends on your gaming style and your players, but I have players who love to use player knowledge to get their characters into trouble. That is not to say that these players have meta knowledge about every aspect of the game, but I am happy handing over a...
  16. Heathen72

    A History of the World in 100 Objects

    Thanks Burra. One of the great things about Gaming as hobby is that it motivates you to improve yourself in so many ways.
  17. Heathen72

    PC on PC Action

    Yet another in a long line of threads I thought were going to be about something else...
  18. Heathen72

    Writer's Block -- Help with Finale

    Note also, though, that their motivations are obscure and prone to change because they can uncover potential truths about the consequences of their actions, not only on themselves, but also on their allies and their loved ones. You can use this to your own advantage. Look at the PC's and...
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    Break my game: Indestructible sword at level 1

    Which asks the question, how do you destroy an indestructible sword?
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    Break my game: Indestructible sword at level 1

    Blood stains, no doubt, but then, it's an Al Qadim campaign. I suspect they will just use all the perfumes of Arabia to sweeten this little sword*. Ho Ho Ho... *not that it will work.