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  1. Sir Brennen

    D&D Movie/TV There's A New Trailer For D&D: Honor Among Thieves

    And posting it on a money-grubbing social media platform.
  2. Sir Brennen

    OGL 95% of you didn't need the OGL and you don't need ORC

    Is its foundation the 3.5 SRD though? I thought SF was based on PF2, which is not based on the 3.5 SRD as PF 1E is. (I’m fully prepared to be proven wrong on this point. I haven’t followed Paizo products close enough to be sure of the timeline.) Including the OGL for PF2, to my understanding...
  3. Sir Brennen

    OGL Battlezoo Shares The OGL v1.1

    I think in many corporate minds "protecting" is synonymous with "controlling and shutting down competition"...
  4. Sir Brennen

    OGL Battlezoo Shares The OGL v1.1

    The word "irrevocable" isn't used in the OGL 1.0, and as a specific legal term, means it is very likely, in fact, to be revokable. At least according to some of the actual lawyers in other threads and websites.
  5. Sir Brennen

    OGL Battlezoo Shares The OGL v1.1

    Can we blame TSR3 for this somehow? Seriously, did that whole debacle make Hasbro sit up and think "we need to put more protections on our D&D IP, make it more like our other games/licenses?"
  6. Sir Brennen

    How do you pronunce "grognard"?

    Deep south would be "... and then engage in maaay-lay"
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    How do you overcome the "improvise a character name" problem?

    Back in the day, I'd keep a phonebook handy, at least for modern or futuristic games. Oh, umm, a phonebook is like a user list for the phone companies, printed as a book. Ah, well, see, a book is a collection of pages...
  10. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD What do you think of the new rules for preparing spells?

    The only thing I don’t like about this is it’s a nerf to the number of spells a wizard can have prepared compared to the current system. If I wanted clairvoyance (utility), dispel magic (defense) and fireball (offense), I’m done under this system, whereas the current system I have six more...
  11. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD What do you think of the new rules for preparing spells?

    Just a nitpick: “total spells prepared” isn’t a thing on the class feature grid for casters who memorize, like clerics and wizards. Plus, it’s not a consistent number since it’s modified by caster stat bonus. So, that’s not the reasoning. I think it might be in part a power balancing thing. It...
  12. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD Cleric Playtest Summary

    Note that the playtest cleric gets one more Divine Channel right off the bat compared to the 5E, which is pretty much equivalent to getting one back after a short rest. The playtest cleric stays ahead of the existing one in terms of number of Channel Divinitys, having 6 at 18th level compared to...
  13. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD What is a warlock/sorcerer without a starting patron/origin?

    Yeah, but what power? Do you still have to choose a patron or origin at first level? If so, then that defeats the purpose of pushing all subclasses to third level to simplify creating a new character.
  14. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD What is a warlock/sorcerer without a starting patron/origin?

    If classes which currently start with their subclass at first level, such as warlocks, wizards and sorcerers, have their subclass choice moved to third, what would theses classes even look like their first couple of levels? Wizards are pretty easy, as one who hasn’t specialized yet is still a...
  15. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD Cleric Playtest Summary

    For the Life domain, one small but actually kind big thing I noticed: cure wounds is no longer a “free” prepared spell. No free cure wounds! For a Life cleric!
  16. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD One D&D Cleric & Revised Species Playtest Includes Goliath

    It's nothing to do with assumptions of intelligence. On the contrary, if the game thought people weren't smart enough to "get" their classes, it would linger in the 1st-3rd level area much longer, instead of rushing into the more complex stuff. And if a group enjoys playing the "zero" levels...
  17. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD Fun new use for exhaustion?

    Woah. I really like this. At once per short rest, Heroic Effort seems pretty balanced. Martial classes have a bit of niche protection when it comes to attack/defense by virtue of their bigger Hit Die. It addresses one of the biggest complaints about the Monk and Sorcerer, namely their small...
  18. Sir Brennen

    OneDnD Should 1D&D introduce silver standard for prices?

    Prices for those metals aren’t in that range… in what world? The rarity of those metals may be completely different in a given fantasy land, especially one populated with races dedicated to mining. Really, to me it would have no impact on the game if the economy were based on foos and quatloos.
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    Anyone else in the TTRPG community moving to Mastodon? Share your handle below! Not done much but setup an account and do a couple quick follows. For those new to Mastodon, here's a good quick start/overview of the service: Your Guide to Mastodon: What Is It, and How Is It Different From Twitter? Also, an article where someone spells out some of...