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    D&D 5E Dramatic Rules for Dying

    The exhaustion is to make sure this isn't a free pass if you know you won't die (or stay dead long). The disadvantage on death saves is to make sure this isn't a free pass compared to Unconscious. If your wounds haven't stabilized yet, you really shouldn't be moving around.
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    D&D 5E Dramatic Rules for Dying

    Reynard, the goal is providing players with more agency at 0 HP, and incentivizing game play that follows the tropes of dramatic battle scenes. Adding this might make it clearer: At the start of a round, they can choose to be unconscious instead of grievously wounded for that round. (Do you...
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    D&D 5E Dramatic Rules for Dying

    Edit v1.4 - re-simplify and use more standard wording. At the start of each round, a named character at 0 HP chooses to be either unconscious or grievously wounded. Grievously Wounded condition: A Grievously Wounded creature is Stunned. They have disadvantage on all other saving throws...
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    D&D 5E Expanded Rules to Expend Hit Dice

    In the "What do you want in 1D&D" thread, Here's some ideas for that last one. To endure harsh environments, forced marches, lack of sleep, and other tiring situations, creatures need to expend Hit Dice, at a rate depending on the severity (ranging from 1 per day to multiple per hour). Some...
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    OneDnD What Should 1D&D Resurrect? +

    ... you're making incompatible requests back to back? o_O My requests: Warlord. some Int-based mostly-non-caster class (Factotum or perhaps ... Warlord?) Psionic classes (if they're already bringing back Primal, complete the set): Monk, Psion, maybe others. mass combat rules, if it's possible...
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    D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?

    Having read some more about Enemy Within: instead of going from 1st Tier to 3rd or 4th, it goes from 0th Tier to 2nd. In WFRP, starting PCs are basically commoners with skill or two, and late-game PCs are still very mortal. It would be a very different experience from a typical d20 adventure...
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    Unearthed Arcana META: whose homebrewers know their stuff?

    Interesting. My experience with the sub in the past was they're easily impressed by pretty art and prefer good flavor text over game mechanics. Has that changed? I might need to look at the Discord.
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    Unearthed Arcana META: whose homebrewers know their stuff?

    If you have an RPG content balance decision you want community advice about, which sites would you trust? Whose wisdom of crowds is wisest? Or better yet, turn the question contrapositive: think what communities would you NOT trust for good advice, then vote for the opposite.
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    D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?

    I don't disagree. My group had a great time, including me, but wow it took a lot of prep hours. My ratings, although I may be mis-remembering some. Name Info Levels Story NPCs Layout Play Ease TGDQ 1E TSR 1-14 ok poor ok ok ok Ravenloft 2E TSR ?-13 good ok poor ok ? Drow...
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    D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?

    CoS is also the big counterexample of how not to write an adventure in the article for point #3.
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    D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?

    I'll have to take a look at that, and read threads about translating it. WFRP system is definitely a lot farther from D&D than PF.
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    D&D 5E Advent's Amazing Advice: The Lost Mine of Phandelver, A module fully prepped and ready to go! Part 4 Wave Echo Cave

    In your Patreon you write: Read the module front to back. It can be extremely confusing when you don't know where everything leads too. Here's a little chart to reduce that confusion: L1 Phandelver Location Flowchart
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    D&D 5E Balancing Warlocks on a 1-2 combat per day workload.

    ... which is exactly why WotC is replacing "1 per SR" abilities with "PB per LR", so classes remain balanced across different play styles. But the math for Warlock might not fit that rule, probably too powerful. IMO doubling their SR slot count should be about right.
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    D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?

    Large but straightforward question: what is the best collection of pre-made adventure content that follows a full story arc from small-time local heroes (preferably starting at level 1, no higher than 4) to world-hopping legends (preferably reaching 20, no lower than 14)? Not just in 5E. Any...
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    D&D 5E Barb/Fighter vs pure Barbarian?

    Barbarian features are sub-par in the 3rd tier. In most situations, single-class barbarians level 9-19 don't have as much capability as a barbarian/fighter of the same level. I suspect the same is true for single-class fighters...
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    D&D 5E [Guide] How to Win Fights and Intimidate People (Another Barbarian Primer)

    Guide updated to rate races based on features only, not stat boosts. But I'm probably wrong about some of them.
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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist: Endgame

    The finale begins. Thank you to the artist who posted that Reida image.
  18. reida-battle.png


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    ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist: Endgame

    After years and years of gaming, one night a week, the Heroes of Risur have slain Nicodemus and are preparing to complete the Ancient ritual. I'm quite pleased that the group spent half our session debating the merits of planar configurations. FWIW, it's looking like Jiese, Baden, Guay (with The...