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    D&D General Are you jumping ship? What will you be switching to?

    "Jumping ship" is a big statement, since I guess I'll always play DnD is some shape or form. But recently I'm very intrigued by Soulbound. The rules look very simple, and the lore and the art of the books is just gorgeous. That's something I miss from WotC (and DnD) lately. Everything is so...
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    OGL So how do we respond?

    Rarely if ever have I used third party material, so I guess nothing changes for me.
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    D&D General AI isn't all that great when it comes to D&D

    this is just too good... I may never buy a WotC adventure ever again! prompt: write a D&D one-shot adventure in the world of Christmas. Santa is dead, and Disney Princesses are sent by Mickey Mouse to take over. Include at least one combat encounter, one exploration encounter, and one...
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    OneDnD Feats still optional in 1D&D: and other notes from the survey results

    What does it mean "Feats are Optional"? Optional for who? Everything is optional, if you decide to not use it. I never really understood this distinction. If the party says "we're not using clerics in this campaign", then Clerics are optional, I guess?
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    OneDnD New UA one D&D play test document Dec 1st.

    Divine Intervention still sucks. Nothing is worse than doing just nothing on your turn.
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    D&D 5E Rebalanced Tyranny of Dragons Coming In January

    I'm not buying this for the THIRD time, what the heck!?
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    Dragonlance Lord Soth’s stats and CR

    after so many fights to get to him, I don't see this fight going well for the party... how does the adventure deal with this? is Soth supposed to win?
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen shows up in the wild!

    When we played the original modules, Goldmoon switched to plate pretty fast. I remember a scene between Laurana's and Goldmoon's players L: that's so ... que-shu... you need my elven tailor! G: ...
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen shows up in the wild!

    Peoples of Krynn... and no orcs?! I'll say!
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    D&D General Solasta: Crown of the Magister reaches 1.0!

    This game is really scratching my DnD itch during no-IRL-games days!
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    Fantasy France - what would it have?

    I would look into Bretonnia from Warhammer Fantasy for some inspiration.
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    D&D 5E Help me brainstorm a kingdom ruled by a golem

    Makes me think of the Emperor of Mankind (WH40K) for some reason. So maybe the realms is indeed ruled by a mob of advisors and nobles, and the golem sits there silent and still for most of the time. Only sometimes, something happens that "wakes him up', and he lops off the head of one of the...
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    D&D 5E What do you need for Dark Sun that is already out there?

    For your consideration, my minimalistic rules to play Dark Sun in 5e. We played a 2-years campaign with it, worked like a charm! And it was before the Aberrant Sorcerer came out, which is what I would use for psions now instead of Mystics. Here
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    Dragonlance Did you play Dragonlance using the pregens?

    We played through all of it, used the pregen, and even decided to have two PCs die when they died in the books. Not sure if this is spoiler material at this point. We were all teenagers deeply in love with DL and the novels, and we wanted to re-enact those wonderful adventures as faithfully as...
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    Krynn Returns: A Preview of Dragonlance

    So to me doesn’t look like a big stretch to think that in some other parts of the world, someone might have had contact with a returning god of good/neutral in that period.
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    Krynn Returns: A Preview of Dragonlance

    Haven’t read the whole thread, but on the matter of Clerics, we do know of at least one cleric existing way before Goldmoon found the disks: Verminaard.
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    Dragonlance Building a Dragonlance character, according to DDB.

    "However, College of Lore bards and Arcana and Knowledge Domain clerics could undoubtedly find themselves dedicated enough to learning to risk their lives by taking the Test of High Sorcery. " I didn't expect that...
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    D&D 5E Campaign Diary: Converting "The Enemy Within" to 5E

    Apologies for the necromancy! @Urriak Uruk Is this campaign still ongoing? I recently started a WFRP4e game, going through some intro scenarios, to then start TEW. But I'm having big issues with the system, and I'm planning to convert to DnD 5e. Do you maybe have some conversion notes to...
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    WotC Dragonlance: Everything You Need For Shadow of the Dragon Queen

    We're still at orcs? What's gonna happen when it's confirmed that Bards are also Mages of High Sorcery? The forums will just implode...
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    D&D 5E "I’m that DM. . ."

    I'm that DM that roots for his players. I want them to win, but I also want them to suffer...