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  1. IronWolf

    D&D 5E GWF vs TWF: The Math

    Or a DM cool with house rules. (i.e. I won't be using feats, but if a player has a cool reason for why his character can do something - we're off to the races).
  2. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Just wrapped up four consecutive days of D&D 5th.

    Good to hear! With Basic there a couple of things I am not sure I like, but they are things I am willing to see how it behaves during play. Funny - my list is very similar to yours. I think I can get used to most of it, the one of most concern is full recovery of HP with a long rest. I sort of...
  3. IronWolf

    Reading PDFs on tablets

    I read a lot of gaming PDFs on my tablet. I do enjoy the dead-tree version of things and for things I really like I will end up owning both. The best trick I have found for reading RPG PDFs on the tablet is to use Good Reader and use the "crop" feature. It lets me crop the large margins out...
  4. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Why no 16-18s allowed in Point Buy?

    The easiest way to prevent the re-roll problem is to simply do character generation at the first session and watch folks. I've been playing and running a lot of DCC RPG. 3d6 in order. It feels odd at first, but if the rest of the group is doing it, the game is still a blast even with crappy...
  5. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Damaging Spells

    My initial read of Burning Hands I had similar first thoughts - "wow! 3d6!" But I think the points made here are good ones. Magic has to bring something that is more promising than simply training with a sword. So I am anxious to see how this plays out.
  6. IronWolf

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Unchained in 2015

    I'm just one voice, but I always liked the fact they kept things somewhat compatible. But I didn't think 3.x was that broken at its core.
  7. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Just a reality check.

    Now I haven't seen or even kept in touch with what is coming in the PHB or DMG, but the Basic Rules pretty much do what I want. I only need small tweaks and adjustments. I don't feel the need for full on 'modules' at this point. But more tweaks that feel better suited for house rules (i.e...
  8. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Just a reality check.

    Agreed. I think The Basic Rules will serve as a base platform for my game quite well. It seems to provide a good solid foundation to work with. Much like the reason I like Swords & Wizardry. Strong foundation to tweak as I see fit with house rules. Largely because I am in the camp that thinks it...
  9. IronWolf

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Unchained in 2015

    Putting it that way makes the book sound more appealing to me. Shifts my head to the right frame of thinking!
  10. IronWolf

    D&D 5E 5e Basic Rules poll

    I answered the poll that I am reserving judgment, but really - I like what I see so far in the Basic PDF download. Probably a few tweaks here and there, but it feels more like making house rules than overhauls to bring it into "spec". Definitely a positive vibe at this point.
  11. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Just a reality check.

    I definitely seem to be seeing more positive than negative in the various social circles I hang out in - which typically have an old-school slant.
  12. IronWolf

    D&D 5E Criticizing the new edition of D&D (because I like it a lot)

    No game will be perfect. With 5e it seems they really did go with a simple foundation, so a lot of your suggestions can easily be tweaked in or out. Make it your game, you don't need the rules to tell you it is okay. I want D&D 5th edition to be everything that it can be. I don't want it to...
  13. IronWolf

    Spellburn - DCC RPG Podcast

    Episode 3 went live this morning with an interview with Michael Curtis:
  14. IronWolf

    Spellburn - DCC RPG Podcast

    A new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG podcast has been started up. Two episodes are posted now (and available through iTunes). The third episode should be going live a little later this week. The website for the podcast is: Enjoy!
  15. IronWolf

    Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day

    Yesterday was hopping with all sorts of S&W posts! Lots of cool stuff out there. And it was a great day to pick up some discounted S&W stuff as well. The Iron Tavern participated with two posts yesterday: Is Swords & Wizardry the One? and a free mini-adventure for S&W (or easily adaptable to...
  16. IronWolf

    How best to Play-by-Post?

    I posted a series of PbP advice over at The Iron Tavern that might be of interest:
  17. IronWolf

    Gamehackery: The Facebook Effect

    My local group uses private message boards we have setup. We've been using that for the past 8 years and it works out great. We handle IC and OOC play topics there and another section for scheduling and other topics. My online groups use G+ for communication between sessions and scheduling. Of...
  18. IronWolf

    [LPF] Ties that Bind

    Thanks for jumping in to finish this one out! Much appreciated.
  19. IronWolf

    [LPF] Ties that Bind

    Fulgrim manages to get the fire put out as his rage slips away. The burns still sting and he grumbles at some of the singed hair in his beard. He leans heavily on his axe as he catches his breath.
  20. IronWolf

    [LPF] Ties that Bind

    Fulgrim watches as the last of the fire elementals falls. He stands for a moment before the realization of the flames still burning on his body strike him. He quickly drops to the ground and begins rolling in an attempt to put the flames out, still gripping his axe tightly. Reflex Save --...