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  1. Mort_Q

    How do these two feats interact? If at all...

    I agree. If you aren't charging into a flanking position, or if you don't already have combat advantage due to some other effect, you can't use Surprising Charge, 'cause Risky Charge doesn't actually knock the target prone until after the attack roll.
  2. Mort_Q

    Three Dragon Ante

    There are now two Three Dragon Ante decks, and although I have the new one, Emperors Gambit iirc, I haven't played with it yet. I enjoy it, and my non-RPG friends play it gladly. I am also interested in reading about Inn Fighting.
  3. Mort_Q

    Beastmaster Pet Question

    Martial Power p. 42, under Beast Companinon and Healing; Death and Dying: same rules as a character
  4. Mort_Q

    Condition: Weakened

    That'd be my read, yes.
  5. Mort_Q

    How to make a game harder?

    I haven't had any trouble dying in 4e. Unlucky dice are still unlucky.
  6. Mort_Q

    D&D in Target?!?!

    Target Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. Mort_Q

    D&D in Target?!?!

    Haters hate. I'm a Lover.
  8. Mort_Q

    D&D 4E 4e Darksun Modern?

    Dark Sun Modern = Dune
  9. Mort_Q

    Falling Prone

    There was a thread awhile back about and item or feat or whatever, that allowed a character to get up and shift 1 as a free action... and the OP had come up with an 'abuse' that would have worked by RAW... if falling prone was free.
  10. Mort_Q

    What is the current state of the Battlemind?

    I haven't had a chance to play a Battlemind yet, nor have I seen on in action, so I can't really comment. I would however be interested in you fleshing out you statement about roleplaying archetypes... 'cause I'm not really sure what you mean.
  11. Mort_Q

    DS Excerpt #3

  12. Mort_Q

    multiple quarries

    How're you getting multiple Quarries? It's been a while since I've read throught the Ranger stuff.
  13. Mort_Q

    Action Points!

    There is no set limit, only a practical one. You reset to one AP after an extended rest*, and gain one more every milestone (every two encounters). You can only spend one per encounter. *some exceptions iirc (Human, PP)
  14. Mort_Q

    1st Eye on Darksun up!

    Source? Not that that's a bad thing... though there are some things in the revised set that I liked.
  15. Mort_Q

    More Usable Terrain!

    Design Challenge: Utilizing Fantastic Terrain
  16. Mort_Q

    1st Eye on Darksun up!

    Have they said whether they were planning on using both the Revised and/or Original Campaign Setting stuff as therir basis of the 4e version anywhere? The Pristine Tower is from the Revised.
  17. Mort_Q

    Lvl 1 Bear Shaman AC a problem?

    Remember that the SC doesn't take damage per se. At that level, the baddies aren't going to be doing 10+ damage per attack that often.
  18. Mort_Q

    Teleportation Question

    Without knowing what monster was involved it's hard to say. I don't think there is anything in the general teleportation rules about it, so it would be down to the specifics of the power used. I would assume that if I wanted the NPC to do that, I'd give it the power to do that. They don't...
  19. Mort_Q

    A Deva Artificer?

    Tinkerer Artificer seems the ideal choice. I'm fond of Crossbow Caster myself.
  20. Mort_Q

    Eye of the Warlock aka Mirzam's Secret Eye

    Adventurer's Vault.