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  1. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Playing through a Sample Stat Draft (COMPLETED!)

    Just resurrecting this to say I ran through one in person today for my new "Primordial Evil" campaign (based on ToEE)
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  3. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Dramatic Rules for Dying

    This is what my group has been using since last summer (based on Think DM's "Death Saves Revived"). I moved the death save to the end of the turn, allowing for dramatic action before someone drops off to death or unconsciousness. ------------------------------------------------- When a you drop...
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    D&D General Weekly D&D Content on HOW I RUN

    Last week was pretty busy for me, so this week is a little light on content for the site, though I worked on this one for quite a while. I converted the Knockdown rules adapted from 2E's Combat & Tactics (that my group used in both our late 2E and...
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    D&D General Ordering bulk dice by type?

    Yeah, but separating the wheat from the chafe on Amazon can be exasperating.
  6. el-remmen

    D&D General Ordering bulk dice by type?
  7. el-remmen

    D&D General Ordering bulk dice by type?

    I found another site that does this immediately upon hitting submit. Thanks!
  8. el-remmen

    D&D General Ordering bulk dice by type?

    I am looking to order multiples (10 or more) of specific types of polyhedral dice that are (ideally) all the same color). I know when I've been to con there are vendors from which I could pick out individual dice I like (or once I bought a bucket of dice!) but my google skills are failing me in...
  9. el-remmen

    D&D General Your last adventure in photos.

    Shots from the final scene of yesterday's session, as the PCs decide to openly come down the stairs to the levels below the abbey ruins to parley with the surviving death cultists in an effort to avoid bloodshed and convince them it is in their best interest to clear out. We'll see how well...
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  14. el-remmen

    D&D General How Was Your Last Session?

    It went really well. It was the second session tackling "The Isle of the Abbey" for my "Revenants of Saltmarsh" campaign and we introduced a new player/character who seems like a good fit right off the bat. Unfortunately, the already too short session was cut shorter by baby drama (sometimes...
  15. el-remmen

    D&D General 1 in 1000 chance

    Thank you for explaining this so I didn't have to point it out to folks who think they are really clever (but apparently not clever enough to actually read the whole thread and see how many times others have made the same comment). The odds of such pedantry on ENWorld are much better than 1 in a...
  16. el-remmen

    D&D General 1 in 1000 chance

    Me: Look at this cool thing that happened! Some People: Actually, it is not that cool. Me: Uh. . . thanks?
  17. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Buying the Farm - Claiming the Ruin - Occupying the Dungeon

    Oh and one thing to mention is that if the PCs get a property as the direct consequence of an adventure they should just get it, but when they buy it or inherit it I always write a short adventure that helps cement it as theirs. For example, for my current group they had to earn the favor of the...
  18. el-remmen

    D&D 5E Buying the Farm - Claiming the Ruin - Occupying the Dungeon

    Sure, let me find them. But with the caveat that while I like the idea and tied the extended rest to stuff like brewing potions and other downtime activity - I was not happy with the powers themselves and it is something I want to tweak for my next campaign.