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  1. MonkeyBoy

    Strange Audio Tech Problem...

    Err... Right, so your speaker wires are acting as an antenna. Possibly the circuit to feed the 'phones is lower quality than that for the speakers, possibly the speakers have enough noise in them to drown the rogue signal. What we need to do is cancel the lower power signal. Fortunately this...
  2. MonkeyBoy

    help word a wish

    "I wish not to die of old age." Thats what would do the job IMC. It follows 3 of the 4 rules of good-wishing for my game; No rules lawyering. I got very tired of the 1/2 hour or longer wait for someone to use a wish, the groans and looks of accusation thrown my way whenever I mentioned a wish...
  3. MonkeyBoy

    Trouble with Slowdowns [request for aid]

    Check the following things (and I'd go in this order): How much space left on your C: drive? If under 2Gb, you may need to make space, XP needs much swap file space. If you have a second partition with more space, consider telling windows to put the swap file on that drive (especially if, as...
  4. MonkeyBoy

    This is a Troll [meta-thread]

    I randomly decide that I can be a voice of conciliation and peace. However I then entr into a long and rambling message centering on a side issue to the actaul thread, finishing with an irrelevant, yet deeply moving comment on the nature of cabbages. 99% of people ignore my post, yet someone...
  5. MonkeyBoy

    [DM gripe/rant] I'm beginning to notice some trends...

    This again eh? Should only Clerver people play Clever characters because otherwise they're not playing them "right"? Similarly for Charismatic or Wise characters? Ask yourself if only people who can cast spells should be able to play wizards - it is a direct analogue. As for dishonourable...
  6. MonkeyBoy

    Naming conventions... or something

    I can't remember whether its Van or Von or both, but I believe that Van/Von is added to a german name to denote "nobility"; its kind of like "Sir" in Britain. Can't remember if it denotes a particular standing, or if its just all nobility. Anyway, its a pretty cool facet for a game where the...
  7. MonkeyBoy

    Adventuring 101

    "It would though give the BBEG a reason to haul adventurers in alive" Nah; the BBEG just gets even with you by killing all your friends first, then when they're about to kill you... they tell you what they did :)
  8. MonkeyBoy

    Moon Orbit/Phase Generator?

    Moon Phases OK. Firt things first; you are going to need to simplify a lot of the maths for real moon phases to keep yourself sane while doing this. Remember that our real calendar and its relation to the moon phases is pretty complex, calendar months all being different lengths from the lunar...
  9. MonkeyBoy

    Writing an Article - Who else uses tarot cards for creating games?

    erm... Me. But about all I do is rough out my ideas and then do a reading on how this idea will pan out generally. I'm considering the concept of doing readings "for" NPCs, but I'm not yet convinced thats either worthwhile or plausible... But there you go, there are two of us with this idea :)
  10. MonkeyBoy

    Paladin as core class or Prc, simple poll

    I voted core class; it allows the DM to demonstrate to the player what their going to expect of a paladin BEFORE they are in the position to mess up their character by making one mistake... "Now, you see, if you were a paladin, that would have cost you your status" You'd get to RP the whole...
  11. MonkeyBoy

    How to roleplay Int 6?

    "what would have I been if I had rolled a 3??? A Simpson?" I rolled a half-orc barbarian, and actually got to invoke the bonus INT point rule (i.e. if your penalty takes INT to 2 or less, you get a three) I recall I put all his skill points (4) into jumping, 'cause jumping is fun! I...
  12. MonkeyBoy

    Monte's Alternate Bard & Sorceror

    Well, I don't think that much of the alt.sorceror, but I agree with Taluron about the bard; I use the alt.bard for elven bards, and the bland.bard for the rest. Makes elf bards stand out as different. Of course, I should mention that I don't use the PHB spellcasting rules, so my Wizards...
  13. MonkeyBoy

    Your thoughts on the power of prestige classes

    mkletch: "And I disagree with that. It is obvious from postings and articles by Monte Cook that the original intent was that PrC = organization. WotC destroyed this all on their own, so there is nobody to 'blame'. What we have (in official books) is a combination of organizations and...
  14. MonkeyBoy

    Initiative 0.8 and RPGenerator 0.9.2 released

  15. MonkeyBoy

    Your thoughts on the power of prestige classes

    IMO a PrC should encapsulate a character concept (stereotype, if you like). The requirements for entry should all be related to that stereotype. As such they should be things that any sensible person aiming at becoming that stereotype would at least have contemplated taking anyway. Therefore I...
  16. MonkeyBoy

    [Rant] Armor as DR is bad !

    Rolemaster Now, lets be up front; I hate rolemaster. Its a hideosly over complex system. But, the core concept of its armor system is this; Heavier armor makes you EASIER to hit. But heavier armor ensures that those hits will be less severe. So, in light / no armor you expect a lucky hit to...
  17. MonkeyBoy


    Come in from the left-field; Aquatic Ape Theory guaranteed winner!
  18. MonkeyBoy


    The ghost-pain effect is actually frequently a lot nastier than "the brain sends impulses to something thats not there, gets confused, and invents pain". Its most commonly suffered by those who've lost a limb through trauma, and manifests mainly as a memory of the limb. Of course the strongest...
  19. MonkeyBoy

    1001 movies for plots.

    113: Ghost Dog (mumble mumble) Samurai 114: It 115: 1984 116: Nosferatu 117: Excalibur 118: any of the Bond films 119: Wizard of Oz 120: Sleepy Hollow I was going to say Dungeons and Dragons, but that'd never work! [edit; de-duplicated Alien]
  20. MonkeyBoy

    Anthony (I am a big fat liar) Valterra 11/12

    Chaz; "The no CD ver. was released first." Oh, Bum. I'd almost got to the point of considering getting E-Tools (post patch) again, until you reminded me of _that_ issue. Applications should _not_ require the CD in the drive; games do that and its only OK then because they take over the whole...