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  1. Old Drew Id

    Challenge based on Party Creativity, or Give Me My Genitals Back!

    In a low-level "D&D crime family" game I played in at one point, we were assigned a mission to steal a package that was being transported by a caravan which included a group of good NPC's, including a paladin and a wizard among others. The DM left the entire operation up to the players to put...
  2. Old Drew Id

    Help me create a broken, munchkin character!

    Play a half-orc fighter 14/cleric 1 with strength domain, so you can geat a lot of feats and also cast Enlarge Person. With a 20 strength starting out, all increases into strength, and a +4 item, that's a 27 strength, or +8 damage on a one-handed weapon. Grab a Lance, which you will need to...
  3. Old Drew Id

    protection from ability drain

    What spells or items are out there to render someone immune to ability damage?
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    Help! A character in need of optimization!-sort of...

    I think any method here is probably going to be a little "cheesy", but if your DM is cool with it, here are two ideas: 1) Basic Idea: Purchase a wand or other spell-casting item with a caster level of 5 or higher. You can use UMD to use this wand, and for all rule purposes, your caster level...
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    is this a valid tactic for shutting down a caster

    Effective method I have seen in game, improvement on the arrow trick: Get a small glass bottle + Fill it with sand + Cast Silence on one of the grains of sand on the top + Cork the bottle, thus blocking line of effect = Silence Grenade, usable by any member of the party Keep the grenade on...
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    Post Apocolypse Resource

    Website for the book Also, it may be a typo in the previous post, but the book shows that (unless humans had at least several days if not weeks to prep the reactors for shutdown) that pretty much every nuclear reactor on the planet (i think around 200-400 of them) would all have meltdowns, so...
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    De-magicking D&D Adventures

    Here are some steps that I would follow to "normalize" a typical D&D adventure: 1) Convert all of the other races mentioned in the adventure to human. If you have a monstrous race that is integral to the plotline and that, for whatever reason, can not be human, then review that race's...
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    What do I do with this campaign?

    There is a common plotline in movies based on a small group of con artists. It goes as follows: The group sets up a con/theft to steal something that looks simple, such as cash or a piece of art, etc. However, they discover later that they have accidentally stolen something MUCH MUCH more...
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    Characters coming and going (your opinion)

    I would use the teleport trap, but replace it with a "plane shift" type of trap - the character gets replaced with his "alternate dimension equivalent." Take the basic character and reverse everything that can be reversed, but leave him as a stealthy scout guy so that he is still what the party...
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    Boosting Spell DCs

    SPELL FOCUS [GENERAL] Choose a school of magic. Benefit: Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells from the school of magic you select. Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new school...
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    d20 Post Apocalypse resources

    First off, d20 Apocalypse is a very good setting book, though a little pricey for the length. Anyhow, I recommend it. More Recent Novels: Dies the Fire The Road For websites Tablesmith scavenging file List of Novels as inspiration...
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    Need weird, creepy animal ideas

    You could just about come up with a list of animal features and then just roll randomly to add them to other animals, and most of the stuff would be either creepy or silly. Remove the silly stuff and you would have a good list. For instance: whip-like tongue (like a frog) beak vomits to digest...
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    Movies With Traps

    Saw (and sequels) Space Quest (the convoluted path to the self-destruct override button) Nothing But Trouble (trapdoor) Alien vs Predator Princess Bride (the fire swamp) The Poseidon Adventure James Bond movies and other pulp spy movies have devices that function like traps, often with knockout...
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    How does a dragon grapple?

    From the SRD:
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    Limiting Magic

    Consider allowing specialist wizards to continue up to 9th level spells in their chosen school. Makes specializing more interesting, and means that the group might have to seek out a high-level specialist to get certain spells cast.
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    Different player types hogging the spotlight?

    XP points for identifying plot points is good. The reverse is also good. Killing the BBEG is only worth XP if you know what his plan was. Otherwise it was a nice fight with no XP reward at the end of it. At least that will get the powergamer willing to talk enought to make someone "XP-worthy."...
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    Sell me on fey!

    Some legends say that the fey were originally angels who, in the original rebellion in Heaven, chose to not take a side. The good angels remained angelic, the bad angels became demons, and the neutral angels became fey. An interesting take if you are working within a real-world mythology setting.
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    Helm of Opposite Alignment ... Think "A Clockwork Orange"

    One twist on the idea that the helm turns the one Good innocent guy Evil: imagine that the Helm has been in use for decades, and very successfully. Crime is down, the streets are safe, etc. But all along, the Helms were never really destroying all of that Evil, they were just storing it away...
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    Star Wars: The Great Galactic Race - need suggestions

    If you have a race for a cash prize created as entertainment, it feels like something you are setting on top of the SW universe. If you have the same race for a serious prize, where the race was not something artificially created for entertainment, then it would feel more like SW. More "It's a...
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    I had a gnome sorcerer with the Earth Bloodline feat (Dragon 311) and Planar Familiar (Planar Handbook). He was a small earth-related gnome sorcerer. His familiar was a small earth elemental. They were half-brothers.