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  1. Sekhmet

    Polymorph Any Object question- Types and Subtypes

    Please remember that Polymorph Any Object changes your Intelligence score to match the new form, which could spell disaster for your Int based caster. Also, it is important to note that Polymorph (as Gantros mentioned) changes your type and subtype to match the new form. [/FONT][/COLOR]
  2. Sekhmet

    Where can I find minor useful glamers? Sorry! If it isn't here, it likely isn't anywhere. We have Illusory Wall for disguising a door (works wonderfully), Enlarge Person combined with...
  3. Sekhmet

    Spellwarped - Permanent buff?

    Well, you're right in saying that they don't have a duration. I'd probably DM Fiat it to "1 minute", to match the duration of the other effects. It seems like a fine limit to me. I'm certain it was just looked over. Having an infinite movement or hit point bonus (while possible) is something...
  4. Sekhmet

    Pathfinder 1E Black Puddings and Item Damage

    Don't forget that magic items get their own saving throws (2 + 1/2 caster level rounded down). Since it's up to DM discretion, I'm fine with Acid dealing full damage to what he was wearing. We use acids all the time in the real world to etch away at precious gems or particularly hard minerals...
  5. Sekhmet

    Pathfinder 1E New DM Needs Help

    While there have been a great many wonderful tips and hints provided above, and I highly recommend learning the proper methodology behind creating great dungeons, Myth Weavers has a useful tool for quickly pumping out dungeon floors that allow for much easier/less complicated dungeon building...
  6. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E D&D Next will succeed or die on the basis of its digital apps.

    You know, I have a couple of white boards that I write these things out on. Takes a couple of seconds, everyone is is connected via ocular, aural, and vocal organs, and can freely rectify any mistakes with the stroke of the corrective tool. D&D has been interconnected for years. Why does it...
  7. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    @Obryn Even before my military training, I was into martial arts. I've spent a great portion of my life learning and practicing, and even on this board it's been suggested that I'd be a level 2 pugilist of some form (Monk or Fighter). To become a better Fighter, you swing your sword a few...
  8. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    Obryn You have not said why Fighters and Barbarians are "athletic" characters. I'll say it one last time - tie skills into Backgrounds, leave the core class out of it. Not one skill says "Hey, all Fighters would have this", nor by extension a group of skills that suggest "Hey, most Fighters...
  9. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    Obryn Wizards and Clerics learn Knowledge skills related to their teaching. Knowledge Arcana, Knowledge Religion. These are tied in so clearly to their role that it can't be disputed. Rogues have always relied on skills and expertise to survive. Skills have always been one of the very...
  10. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    shidaku My argument is that, within D&D, there has never been a mention of Barbarians being trained soldiers, and that Fighters are traditionally such a wide variety of kinds of people, that forcing them into the soldier role (one of the many that are open to them) is inappropriate. I'm all for...
  11. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    @Falling Icicle Military history is something only Knights would know. Gladiators and Men At Arms wouldn't be riding animals into battle. Bandit Kings, Gladiators, Knights, and Warlords wouldn't be training or handling dogs or other animals at all. Knights, Warlords, Bandit Kings, and...
  12. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E The Cleric

    Falling Icicle When Druids choose to venerate "nature", the deity with the Nature domain is granting their spells. Clerics don't get to choose Domains as their deities, because all domains have deities. They choose the deity with the domains (and therefor, "causes") that work for them. Then...
  13. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    Falling Icicle Yes. They are people, and they have their own interests, desires, motivations, and lives. You're not arguing that they're people, you're arguing that they should be skilled in certain things because of their class. A Fighter is not a person who runs, jumps, climbs trees, and...
  14. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E The Cleric

    I don't understand the "champion of a cause" style Cleric. My Fighter is a devout follower and champion of humanitarian efforts. His cause is righteousness, virtue, equality, etc. Why doesn't he get Cleric spells because of that? Clerics cast divine magic. Divine magic originates of a divine...
  15. Sekhmet

    What's a Caster Without Spells To Do?

    Personally, at lower levels when it is an issue, I almost exclusively use Aid Another to support a hireling or another party member. Once level 4 or so rolls around, I start looking at getting a few low level wands for things like Sleep, Summon Monster, Charm, or the like, to ease the burden of...
  16. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Design your core races

    Humans: You are a human. You are the average. You have no bonuses, you have no penalties. Your mother is disappointed in you.
  17. Sekhmet

    D&D 5E Why Don't Barbarians or Fighters Get Bonus Skills?

    Wait, since when are were fighters or barbarians trained in climbing, swimming, driving, survival or, for the most part, riding? Intimidation and Knowledge (Warfare) is a -possibility- at best. Fighters are trained in combat. Barbarians are not trained in anything, except possibly picking up...
  18. Sekhmet

    crafting larger portable holes?

    Loren Pechtel Consider a fourth spacial dimension, rather than remaining within the bounds of three.
  19. Sekhmet

    crafting larger portable holes?

    Greenfield I know I'm not really supported by rules, here, but it makes more sense for the space to be anchored to an existing plane (eg; wherever you currently are) than it does to be tethered to no where. The text of the Portable Hole suggests that each Hole is a portal to it's own space...
  20. Sekhmet

    crafting larger portable holes?

    I would say "yes", they can stand on a ladder with their head and shoulders above the edge, and their body inside. However, they count as being outside of the hole, not inside. I'd say this is because the portal is anchored on the Prime Material Plane. Attempting to stand between two holes would...