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  1. ngenius

    Shadowdark RPG: An Interview with Kelsey Dionne

    Looks like an awesome rules light role playing game. I am really interested now. But what makes this game receive so much funding when it looks more like a wonderful hack of D&D instead of something fresh?
  2. ngenius

    Andrews McMeel Universal Exits RPGs

    This is tragic news for fans. I did not back Into the Motherlands because the Kickstarter did not have an idea of the game engine before project launch, which is a a big fed flag to me that warns of delayed deliveries. However, I love the Flames of Freedom role playing game. It offers a nice...
  3. ngenius

    D&D General How To Use Creative Commons

    Thank you for the explanation, very helpful starting point for those of us totally clueless.
  4. ngenius

    Coming LEGO Rivendell Set for The Lord of the Rings

    And the essential LEGO back view.
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  6. ngenius

    Coming LEGO Rivendell Set for The Lord of the Rings

    Way above my pay grade, but can I start a GoFundMe campaign instead? The LEGO The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set is packed with fan favourite moments and Easter eggs, and can be built in three sections including; 6,167...
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  8. ngenius

    A Review of Blade Runner

    Thank you. That is a lot of games that are not Dungeons and Dragons. Good to step out sometimes and smell the roses in the community. One good thing from the OGL debacle this year. Thank you.
  9. ngenius

    WotC Talks OGL... Again! Draft Coming Jan 20th With Feedback Survey; v1 De-Auth Still On

    The Foundry Virtual Tabletop folks are not pleased with 1.2. Is that the target for Wizard's monetization drive? I would have thought it was the many million Dollar Kickstarters who did not pay royalties to Wizards. But royalties have been removed from OGL 1.2 now. Honestly, I thought we would...
  10. ngenius

    A Review of Blade Runner

    Is this coincidence that the most anticipated game of 2022 gets a nice review in 2023 when the hobby is looking for Not-D&D options? I will give this a go still. Free League is popular.
  11. ngenius

    Support the OGL v1.0a; sign this petition

    How many petitions do we need to nudge Hasbro? But this is Ryan Dancey, the original OGL creator. So yes sir, sign up folks.
  12. ngenius

    EN Publishing & The OGL

    Great news to hear. Bad news for me since I sold my Level Up 5e some days back when the OGL 1.1 news broke. Good news is that I can purchase a new Level Up 5e core set that is de-OGL-ified without the taint of Hasbro. EN Publishing could become the Paizo for 5e to Wizard of the Coasts 6e come 2024.
  13. ngenius

    D&D 5E Have You Started Planning How You Will End 5e Yet?

    I have over ten years of campaign material, and that is just official books from Wizards of the Coast. Then I have many third party publisher books, including many from Kobold Press. So I can keep playing 5th Edition for ten or twenty more years without purchasing anything new. I am not the...
  14. ngenius

    Battlezoo Shares The OGL v1.1

    Are memes allowed, or this is just for serious discussions? Being a player, I have less skin in the game. The stages of denialism when confronted by the dreadful OGL 1.1 that Hasbro is still silent about.
  15. ngenius

    OGL: What Are The Publishers Saying [UPDATED] The Kickstarter is running for 5e compatible products right now. I have not posted the Level Up 5e books my buyer paid for yesterday, but it would be rude to cancel. If EN Publishing survives OGL 1.1, I think...
  16. ngenius

    Ryan Dancey -- Hasbro Cannot Deauthorize OGL

    Good news for EN Publishing and bad for me, a buyer already paid for my books yesterday. But a new Level Up 5e Kickstarter is running. So EN Publishing found a providable way out of the OGL disaster.
  17. ngenius

    OGL: What Are The Publishers Saying [UPDATED]

    In Ryan Dancey's thread, I hastily mentioned selling my Level Up 5e books and got a ready buyer who already paid up yesterday. Probably that premature sale was a bad idea. I see EN Publishing seems not to be affected by OGL 1.1 so the new Kickstarter that launched looks safe for 29 days. But in...
  18. ngenius

    Ryan Dancey -- Hasbro Cannot Deauthorize OGL

    Reading all the debates about the legal standing of the OGL 1.0 versus the OGL 1.1 is just giving common folk mental trauma. Sorry for the all questions below, but the hobby is in chaos in 2023 now. For simplicity, what effect will the OGL 1.1 have on projects like EN Publishing's Level Up 5e...
  19. ngenius

    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    Not everybody who enjoys Robert E. Howards Conan is over 40. Many fans, though still a niche set, read their parent's books and comics or even just that popular collected omnibus of a book. Modiphius did a great run in 5 years publishing about 22 sourcebooks all from just 900 pages of stories...
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