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  1. Riley

    D&D 5E Armor idea would like some feedback was inspired by Nerdarchy video on armor that was posted on YT recently. " D&D Equipment: Armor Sucks! Let's Fix I

    My 1e elf fighter with field plate armor, 18 dex, +1 shield, and +1 ring of protection (AC: -5 at 3rd level!) heartily endorses this reform.
  2. Riley

    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    Always a true statement.
  3. Riley

    WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

    I remember every one of my cherished 1981-82 purchases. Expert set. Basic set. I1. Dragon 57. Finally the AD&D core late in 1982.
  4. Riley

    Challenge: Shows that Deserved More than Four Seasons

    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Season 5 was a majestic finish to the series.
  5. Riley

    Alternity: The TSR/WotC game that time forgot!

    Alternity was great! I picked up a black-covered prerelease version at Gen Con, and we tried its mechanics for a D&D-esque fantasy mini campaign when we were getting tired of 2e. (It petered out.)
  6. Riley

    D&D 5E Dungeon Denizens by Goodman Games

    Oh heck yeah! I propose a new Kickstarter: Erol Otus slipcovers for all the Goodman OAR adventures. And for all my RPG books, really.
  7. Riley

    What's the WORST Star Wars movie?

    Pick your poison. Voted Menace. I fell asleep during the final battle(s), and I’ve never made it through in a single sitting. Rise however gave me a horrible throbbing headache and it JUST WOULDN’T STOP. May I never see it again. (I like Solo and Rogue One, BTW.)
  8. Riley

    When were you introduced to

    D.C- <1974 (Superman costume and lunchbox in 1974. Adored 1973-4 S1 Super Friends. ) Marvel- <1976 (Spider-Man replaced Superman as my hero of choice. 1967 tv series & on 'The Electric Company' 1974-77) Star Wars- June 1977 D&D- June 1981 (Boy Scout camp) Earthsea- 1982-ish (1977 trilogy box...
  9. Riley

    Where do we stand on Harry Potter?

    Sigh. I miss enjoying Harry Potter. I do love the first three books. It's hard to believe that the author's anti-trans crusading only dates back to mid-2020, and before that her shortcomings seemed mostly to be an overreliance on stereotypes, and an inability of her characters to grow much...
  10. Riley

    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    “a really good fit”, “shares our values,” “enthusiastic,” “very positive,” “up-and-coming,” “strong reputation,” “well-connected,” “strongly endorsed,” “personable,”….
  11. Riley

    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    I don’t understand. How so? I see your post as 417. There are a couple missing numbers on a page when I am on my default viewing setting, and those ignored posts reappear at their previously-missing post numbers when I press the “show ignored content” button. The other numbers stay the same.
  12. Riley

    Kyle Brink (D&D Exec Producer) On OGL Controversy & One D&D (Summary)

    A block (ignore) list is a wonderful thing for maintaining civility. Note that the list can be set to be invisible/one-way- thereby not advertising to the people you have blocked that you are not reading their posts. Also, it can be set so the blocked posts are only hidden behind spoiler-like...
  13. Riley

    D&D 3E/3.5 Building an elf Cleric

    My 3.5e-fu has atrophied terribly, but there’s some good/quick discussion of 3.5e elf archery clerics from 2004 in the thread here:
  14. Riley

    Pathfinder 1E The Barbarian in the Intrigue Campaign

    In a 3e campaign, my bard (the eponymous Riley) was eaten by ghouls, because we were lacking front-line defenders, healing, and anti-undead options. So I replaced him with an optimized-for-dungeon-crawling, spiked-chain-wielding elf cleric who could fill our battlefield control...
  15. Riley

    Dragon Reflections #63

    Best of Dragon, Vol. 2 had lots of new classes, but only from about the first 50 issues.
  16. Riley

    Now that this is over (for now at least) What are you going to do?

    I might unblock Wizards’ Twitter accounts, and I might re-preorder that Keys book. But I’m going to wait a few hours first, to see if someone finds a ginormous loophole in this latest Wizards’ gambit.
  17. Riley

    WotC Backs Down: Original OGL To Be Left Untouched; Whole 5E Rules Released as Creative Commons

    So: are the publishers and games created under the OGL actually safe now? My trust for Wizards is low; I would like to know that the CC for 5.1e would preclude them from trying this again next year?
  18. Riley

    D&D 5E Which D&D books currently scheduled for 2023 are you interested in?

    I’m curious about Planescape and Phandelver, but 5e Spelljammer has set my hopes pretty low for Planescape, and their intentional shift to adventures made in small chunks makes me dubious about Phandelver. Plus, the general Wizards fiasco. 🙃 It may be a pretty cheap year for me! Probably just...
  19. Riley

    OGL 1.2 survey is now live

    The questions are all here: