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  1. pneumatik

    WotBS Mission to improve Mission to the Monastery of Two Winds

    My WotBS game is almost to the third act of Mad King's Banquet. I'm going to steal pretty much this entire thread.
  2. pneumatik

    WotC WotC will do what you say for 5 years. What are your instructions?

    Update Greyhawk for 5e, because I like Greyhawk. Play around more with different rules as drop-in replacements for existing classes. Like Book of Nine Swords, but with classes as drop-in replacements for Fighter, etc. Psionics as a drop-in replacement for arcanists, or clerics. I want more...
  3. pneumatik

    WotBS WotbS RELOADED - Pathfinder

    The update morris mentioned is that he's had terrible luck with freelancers working on WotBS Reloaded. As of Oct 26, 2015 he only has manuscripts for a small handful of the total number of Guides and adventures that make up WotBS.
  4. pneumatik

    D&D 5E Stormwind Fallacy and Vonklaude's observation on limitations

    The thing that seems odd to me about not doing some amount of optimizing is that adventurers are killers. Their job is putting themselves into clearly dangerous situations over and over again. From an RP situation I can't see how surviving fights can't be a reasonable priority for a PC. I don't...
  5. pneumatik

    Greedy player

    *shrug* So his PC is someone who might like to say he's interested in magic and old books and whatever, but in reality he just wants lots of money. That's okay. Money is an easy hook for adventures. You can tempt him with monetary rewards in exchange for doing bad things, like working for...
  6. pneumatik

    Focus after a Translation

    It's fixed. If you translate to a recursion you've been to previously you show up with the same focus when you were there before. Dragged foci are the only way around this according to RAW, though the book does say that you could pick a different focus in certain situations that are up to the...
  7. pneumatik

    Should you be able to cut a beholder's eyestalks off?

    Is there a reason for enemies to not use this against PCs? I worry that smart enemies would try to hack limbs off at levels well before PCs have access to magic to heal those injuries. More generally DnD bounds player freedom in some specific ways but not in others. It's heavily bounded at the...
  8. pneumatik

    Elves and Secret Doors.. how do you pull it off?

    I just mention to the elf player that they need to made a roll. If they don't find the door I don't tell them why they needed the roll. Sometimes they figure out it must have been a secret door, in which case they try to figure out if they have an in-character reason to actively search...
  9. pneumatik

    Serious question - are you going to invest in D&DNext?

    Very probably yes. I find myself wanting a little less rules from 3.5 these days, but more and better than older versions. And the only thing I like about 4e is how each class has a couple of sub-classes built in, which is also in Next. Maybe those rules are implemented poorly, but I haven't...
  10. pneumatik

    What's exciting you now?

    Numenera, definitely, even though I have no time to actually write and run a game. And maybe stealing a little bit from 13th Age for my 3.5 game that's 95% pre-written adventures (from Living Greyhawk).
  11. pneumatik

    WotBS 3 Questions 2 WotBS and 1 Enpublishing question

    Sorry if this is necromancy, but sounded like Fallenibilis was using the compiled version of WotBS. That version has no mechanics for the Shroud of Dreams. They don't seem to have made the transfer from Scouring of Gate Pass. Anyway, if it's not too late for Fallenbilis, the Shroud of Dreams is...
  12. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Berrent, Human Rogue After stopping in to see Karr'Aashta's Investigations, Berrent heads down into the Cogs. As he descends lower and lower it becomes clear he doesn't belong. His clothes aren't extravagant but they aren't covered in patched holes from a life a physical labor. He's a little...
  13. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Berrent, human rogue "Beige, eh? Well, I expect we'll see you in a day or two. Keep your eyes peeled like grapes on the way home." After Beige leaves Berrent says, "Great work tonight everyone. I was a little nervous going into a fight with people I didn't know very well. It's too late to get...
  14. pneumatik

    Mummy:the Curse

    I read through the development blog. Mummies are called Arisen. They were created in pre-history in the most powerful magic ever worked by mortals. Their spirit is forever bound to their physical body. The big theme is Memory. People weren't designed to live for 6,000 years. It looks like...
  15. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Berrent, Human Rogue Berrent turns over all of the evidence from the cultists except for the money, which he distributes out to the party at 3sp and 17cp per person. He makes a note of the cultists' names and addresses before leaving. Back at the Golden Horn Berrent goes up to talk to the elf...
  16. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Berrent, Human Rogue "We are duly deputized law enforcement officers," Berrent says to the landlord. "We had permission to enter the premises. We showed you all the appropriate paperwork earlier. While carrying out our official duties we ambushed by these men. One died in the fighting and...
  17. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Berrent, Human Rogue Berrent looks around the room. "What in Xoriat were they doing here? I guess it's good that they're dead. This would be a pretty creepy room if they were still walking around in it. Though I suppose being a bunch of dead bodies instead doesn't improve it much." He begins...
  18. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Bereft, human rogue "I'm not all that religious, but I'm not willing to let Vol prevail if its over me." Berrent swings at the remaining cultist but misses. Sorry about the delay. I was afk for a few days and then ENWorld was down whenever I tried to post.
  19. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Sorry. I was confused and thought PCs needed to wait for the bad guys to take another round of actions before we went. Question: What kind of action would it be for Berrent to move into flanking with one of the cultists on his next turn? Could I five-foot-step into position or would I have to...
  20. pneumatik

    IC The Thirteenth Moon: Night of the Blood Moon

    Berrent, Human Rogue "What in the Host!?" Berrent yells as he dodges darts and cudgels. "I think this qualifies as being 'attacked'. Someone stop the guy going out the window!" He turns to the cultist who just swung at him. "But first, you got a nasty piece of business there, buddy." He draws...