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  1. lyle.spade

    Modiphius' Conan TTRPG Is Ending

    I'm bummed that 2d20 Conan is coming to an end, however, given the aforementioned heap of books, and the fact that Modiphius, through them, covered pretty much all of Howard's canon, outside of adventures I don't think there was much else for them to produce. I love the system, and I think that...
  2. lyle.spade

    D&D General Dragon+ Content Going Away -- Whoops, It's Gone!

    We see in this a major drawback to content that's not really ours...that is, stuff we access via streaming or logins is really not ours. Kindle books, online music, this...if it's not on your HD alone, or your record shelf, or your bookcase, it's not yours and you can't truly control when you...
  3. lyle.spade

    Kingmaker Adventure Path

    I've heard it, too. The problem with the AP - and I'd say that this is the only glaring problem with it - was that the whole "crazy fey behind the scenes" plot thread wasn't developed enough, not foreshadowed enough in the first five books, and so dropping it on the party in book six was...
  4. lyle.spade

    Kingmaker Adventure Path

    Well said, and for the most part I agree, although our group solved the problems with the AP differently. Books 1 and 2 were exactly what we expected, and we enjoyed them a lot - that is, carving out a fledgling realm and realizing that you can't act like a murder hobo and never experience the...
  5. lyle.spade

    RPG Inspiration: Non-Fiction

    History. Check out the 30 Years War for shifting alliances and big characters, plus nasty battles displacing civilians. There are plenty of off-the-beaten path wars, political dust-ups, interesting characters, inventions, and events. "When France Fell," about American and British relations with...
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    Not DnD: Star Trek Adventures at 10pm BST on Twitch

    Modiphius publishes some d20-based games, but they're all through their "Via Modiphius" program, which enables small companies to publish their work through MOD, None of MOD's games, however, are d20, and I don't see them moving anything from their house system to levels. In fact, MOD is...
  7. lyle.spade

    Jonstown Review: A Rough Guide to Glamour

    Elvis, and is that Danny DeVito to his right?
  8. lyle.spade

    THE REAL THING Is An Official RPG Based On 80s Band Faith No More

    So very strange. And yet, King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime is a classic album - all thrilla no filla. And yet I still have no idea what overarching idea or theme ties that, or The Real Thing, together.
  9. lyle.spade

    Green Ronin Announces 'Cthulhu Awakens' RPG

    I wrote a review of the Fantasy AGE version of this system a few years ago - you can read it on ENWorld here. In short, I do not like the system. It offers some interesting mechanics to provide players with some variety of actions, but they end up making for a cumbersome experience at the...
  10. lyle.spade

    Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs

    It was, how you say...a joke. Hence the smiley face. On the other and, Star Trek's serious business, isn't it? :)
  11. lyle.spade

    Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs

    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (the exceptionally bad one, directed by Shatner and with the cheesy 'god' alien) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Get it right, man! :)
  12. lyle.spade

    Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs

    Oh yeah....ST:V was dreadful. And shabby in its handling of the supposed 'god' figure. Many years ago I was at a Star Trek convention where Shatner was the keynote, and someone had the guts to ask him, during open QnA, if he regretted directing ST:V, given how bad it was. Shatner took it in...
  13. lyle.spade

    Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs

    Good points - I'm not a B5 fan, so I didn't know that. I've watched bits and pieces of Space 1999 recently but not enough to say I have any clue about it, and I do remember the somewhat corny (but actually really cool) Egyptian imagery and references in the original BSG (because that's the only...
  14. lyle.spade

    Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs

    This is a great point. Rarely have I seen a cleric in DnD played as anything other than a character with powers wielded as the player wishes...what about duties to the god? What about spreading the word? What tenets of the faith are expected of believers and practitioners? Beyond that, I think...
  15. lyle.spade

    RPG Crowdfunding News – HULL BREACH, Limitless Heroics, Limitless Monsters, and more

    I'll take the bait. :) The idea of using the Bible as source material for a setting and campaign is fascinating, and setting a story within the events on which the New Testament are based makes sense (there are plenty of other eras in the OT that'd work, too). Recasting classes in ways that...
  16. lyle.spade

    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck

    Thank you! I appreciate it.
  17. lyle.spade

    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck fact, some of the random encounter cards address this, one in the form of an irradiated impact crater if I remember it correctly. There are rules for dealing with radiation exposure, too.
  18. lyle.spade

    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Free League, Mongoose, and More

    If you dig T2K, the Weapons Deck is a great, low-price add to your collection. I've thus far only played the game as a skirmish system (in large part to become familiar with the combat system) and having cards to hand out with weapon stats makes it easy to keep combat moving quickly when, for...
  19. lyle.spade

    Review of Twilight: 2000: You’re on Your Own, Good Luck

    Spot-on perspective - yeah; me, too. A good system does more than resolve tasks when success is not assured: it models a certain vibe. This system does that, without getting nutty like Phoenix Command tried to.