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  1. leonardozg

    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    1-Consistent description, using keywords, frames, structure, avoiding misinterpretations 2-Class balance 3-Options and customization 4-The way they made different attributes relevant, like Wisdom for Fighter or Strength for Sorcerer. 5-Swordmage 6-Three saves 7-Bloodied condition 8-Paragon paths
  2. leonardozg

    If WOTC announces that OneDnd will be called 6th edition and will be backwards compatible with fifth edition adventures and supplements What changes?

    For me, if it is compatible it is not a new version. That's my understanding regarding version, be it a software, a system, a document or anything that can have new iterations. One D&D is not a major change since it does not break compatibility, and it is not just a patch that fixes some bugs or...
  3. leonardozg

    What could OneD&D to bring YOU back to D&D? (+)

    Are they available somewhere? Could you share? I'm always interested in tweaking the system and creating new ones.
  4. leonardozg

    Hello, I am lawyer with a PSA: almost everyone is wrong about the OGL and SRD. Clearing up confusion.

    Fate is from Evil Hat productions and OGL is from WotC. Had Evil Hat used its own license it would be playing with their own toy. Didn't mean to write an article about the situation.
  5. leonardozg

    Hello, I am lawyer with a PSA: almost everyone is wrong about the OGL and SRD. Clearing up confusion.

    Third parties are realizing they are playing with someone else's toy. Isn't it similar to what happened with the Book of Erotic Fantasy for 3e? At that time it was told Wizards revoked it's d20 license because of the sexual content.
  6. leonardozg

    Armor training

    No, because 13 gives you +1 bonus and 14 gives you +2, that's exactly the reason I prefer odd numbers for requirements. And it is basically a design pattern in 5e. That's why requirements should be odd numbers, to make them desirable and somehow relevant. But that's just a detail.
  7. leonardozg

    What could OneD&D to bring YOU back to D&D? (+)

    They should try do mix everything from all editions into one, of course the things that were good, trying to blend everything and making optional rules for things that don't work together. Maybe having modules for the things that can't be used together, like 3 skill systems, so your group could...
  8. leonardozg

    Armor training

    I prefer to use odd numbers for ability requirements because the even numbers already give a bonus.
  9. leonardozg

    Armor training

    There should have a tradeoff when chosing armor. There is no reason besides money to take leather, hide or splint, and money is just a matter of time, once you get it there is no reason to get these armors.
  10. leonardozg

    Armor training

    It's a big restriction, it just make some builds impossible. 13th Age does it, but even there you have 2 armor options.
  11. leonardozg

    D&D 5E Randomness and D&D

    5e is the edition I've seen most of the players wanting to play pre-made adventures. I just don't get it. When DMing I love when something unpredictable happens and I have to deal with it, using my creativity to keep the flow, keeping the story or coming up with a new plot, a new branch or a...
  12. leonardozg

    Concentrating on more than one spell...

    I don't like this idea. I remember my 3e and 4e eras as DM and it was a mess to track everything. Furthermore, spellcasters still have a lot of options and I think it is also a balance tool. As a martial player, if my DM allowed it I would request to remove the multiattack restriction for...
  13. leonardozg

    Reducing ability score impact.

    I like the idea, but not the execution. I would like to be able to make a charismatic fighter without being penalized in combat abilities (str, con, dex). I like some ideas presented, specially the one that changes 18 to +3. But I also think a Str 20 figther is a really strong man, and a simple...
  14. leonardozg

    It goes to show you can't please everbody!

    It's not getting better.
  15. leonardozg

    Fighting Styles Are Not Worth a Whole Feat

    Fighting Style is not worth a whole feat, agreed, but it is also not a good 1st (or 2nd) level feature. Why not allowing 2 fighting styles for both Feat and Feature?
  16. leonardozg

    Does anyone else think that 1D&D will create a significant divide in the community?

    New rules will cause some division, but not a significant division. In some contexts it will be the same, groups playing new OD&D rules and groups sticking to the original 5e, but due to the fact that they're compatible, it will not be a significant division. Judging by what I've seen in the...
  17. leonardozg

    Does anyone else think that 1D&D will create a significant divide in the community?

    I think I'll see dialogues like this: "Let's play D&D fifth edition?" "Sure! Can I use One D&D rules?" "No, just 5e." Or posts like this: "LFG 5e to play Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Tuesdays 8-10PM. Updated rules from D&D One only". Call it different editions or not, the word doesn't matter...
  18. leonardozg

    Mind Style versus Grid Style: can core support both?

    Just include both, the number for grid and the name for mind. Distances/Range example: Distance Range Melee (adjacent) ~ 5 feet Close (one turn move action) ~ 30 feet Mid (2 turns dash action) ~ 120 feet Long (one minute dash action) ~ 600 feet Far (2+ minutes dash action)...
  19. leonardozg

    Return to the 3 saves for 1D&D?

    What I really can't understand is that Wizards know how to avoid this kind of problem but it seems they chose not to do it in 5e. Just bring back bonus types and don't let them stack. Paladin Aura of Protection bonus should be considered as ability bonus, so instead of adding to the saves it...
  20. leonardozg

    Return to the 3 saves for 1D&D?

    I don't know, you asked me to name monsters with good AC as examples. We've gone too far in this discussion. We can go as deep as we want in the discussion, add complexity by taking in consideration a lot of factors like criticals, ability bonuses, specific builds, average monster AC and saves...