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  1. jimtillman

    D&D 5E Short rests and encounters a day.

    when i was playing 5th about 3 though mostly pf2 these days for my d&d rpg needs
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    D&D 5E Is Tasha's Broken?

    there's nothing broken in it..well twilight is the closest but its still not gonna break the game
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    Pathfinder 2e Character Chronicles: Matthew Lillard & Paul Shapiro (Beadle & Grimm)

    i can see it being nice for say a player that always plays say a wizard to have it as a personal character book, and my wife that loved journaling her characters would like it
  4. jimtillman

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder Second Edition: I hear it's bad - Why Bad, How Bad?

    im not seeing any issue syet, though we will see if anything crops up with once i have read the full book, so far im loving what i have seen and my wife really loves the new monk
  5. jimtillman

    Pathfinder 2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

    ill still have the d&d games im currently in but ill be switching to running pf2 in 2 of the games i run
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    "My Pathfinder Spoiler" Glimpses At Pathfinder 2

    I thought not but thank you for confirming my belief, it's a weight off my shoulders. But you make one valid point, my post did not add to the conversation , my thoughts on this thread is that I like the glimpses that we have seen but prefer larger more complete information. I am curious about...
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    "My Pathfinder Spoiler" Glimpses At Pathfinder 2

    Do you feel that you have added anything to this conversarion?
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    Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is An Isometric RPG Experience

    The treant bear and the tech league fights are beatable on normal. At level 2 but tactics and luck help a lot. The. Kingdom making is very well done also
  9. jimtillman

    Pathfinder 2's Sorcerer Goes "All In" On Bloodlines

    this may be the 1st time in pathfinder,d&d and d&d spinoff history that i might play a sorc before a wizard
  10. jimtillman

    Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done

    pretty much everyone has dark thoughts upon occasion , that's normal what matters is the actions that people take. also harasser is not some blanket category it ranges from a person that asks a person out a few times when its not wanted all the way to to serial rapists. and how harassers are...
  11. jimtillman

    Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done

    while it is of course entirely true that there are plenty of jerks that harass woman while sober. a lot of incidents and i would argue probably majority of harassment that happens at cons and parties involve alcohol. there are plenty of normally polite non aggressive people who yes might...
  12. jimtillman

    Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done

    while i do agree that the more aggressive harassers are usually like that sober or not, the same is not in my experience true of the average person that goes to far in hitting on people and does nto take no for an answer i know a ton of people that are very polite and reserved normally, even...
  13. jimtillman

    Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done

    depends on the con people go to different cons for different things gencon for example is a gaming con and most people are there to play games while dragoncon is largely known for partying. rules against drinking in the gencon convention hall would likely not be an issue with the vast majority...
  14. jimtillman

    The Goblin - Pathfinder 2's Newest Ancestry!

    m to each there own my wife and i are thrilled by them adding goblin pc's in the core book . frankly adding goblins to core makes a lot of people happy and takes nothing from people that do not like them . i don't like halforcs and elves but it does not bother me that there in the core book.
  15. jimtillman

    The Goblin - Pathfinder 2's Newest Ancestry!

    cha is not really about likable in pathfinder, it can be but does not have to be. there good sorcerers , have tons of mostly undeserved confidence, cha works for me. wisdom is basicly common sense, to paraphrase an old saying , intelligence is knowing how to make a bomb wisdom is knowing when...
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    Pathfinder 2's New Alchemist Class Previewed!

    from what i have read they can use there own creations like say a healing drink with out resonance but other people drinking them have to spend resonance
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    The Goblin - Pathfinder 2's Newest Ancestry!

    there most prominent mental trait is there loads of personality ..thus cha there lack of common sense is why they have low wisdom. as for str? meh chimps are stronger then men, i have no issue with goblins being strong for there size
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    Pathfinder 2E At Gary Con

    i have a 7 book shelf rpg collection I don't mind that one bit
  19. jimtillman

    Pathfinder 2E At Gary Con

    they released paper beta books originally also i know ill be buying it
  20. jimtillman

    The Pathfinder 2 Barometer! Vote your initial hot take!

    super excited. cannot find a preorder option, any idea when it will be possible to preorder it?