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  1. theredrobedwizard

    Level Up (A5E) LU:A5E - Pregens on Roll20?

    I was planning on running the Holdenshire adventure on R20 this past weekend, until I noticed that while the website has the characters in PDF there isn't a pre-filled option for Roll20. I'm very unfamiliar with R20 in general, so I was hoping someone out there somewhere had a link to a...
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    D&D 5E Are you happy with the Bard being a full spellcaster?

    The best version of the Bard was the Sublime Chord in 3.5; full 9 levels of spellcasting plus buffing. Diminished fighting capacity was a small price to pay to be the most interesting music man alive.
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    Pathfinder 1E Help with a Power Gamer [Pathfinder]

    That hasn't happened in any of my groups over the last 20 years, but your experience may vary.
  4. theredrobedwizard

    Pathfinder 1E Help with a Power Gamer [Pathfinder]

    Sounds to me like the rest of the group needs to step up their skills.
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    Gamer Confessional

    Forgive me, Wickett, for I have been a bad man. I routinely take over any gaming group I join. Within two months, everyone has abandoned the initial game we were playing to play in a game of my choosing. We play my game for 6 months or so, then someone else wants to run. Usually, this person...
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    Words are hard!

    I didn't say my logic was sound, just that it was. :P
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    Words are hard!

    I'd only ever heard the word Sigil pronounced "sig-ill" until about 8 years ago when my friend Aaron was playing Planescape: Torment and went on a tirade because they pronounced "sij'ill" wrong. I believe my logic "It's got a G in it, why wouldn't it logically be pronounced sig-ill?". It's the...
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    Monte on Character Creation

    Option paralysis (or whatever people call having too many options from which to choose) has never been a thing for me. I don't really understand it, but then again I often have trouble understanding the mindsets of other people. I see options as a good thing; lots of options is a great thing...
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    Gaming Group Reaches 30 Year Milestone

    People quit gaming because they get married? Really? I can't really even process that. :S
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    The playtest has begun

    Yes. I think I've pieced together the problem. My WotC account is associated with a different email address than the one I used to sign up for the playtest. So if you're having trouble getting to the playtest materials, make sure that the email address you use to sign up for a WotC account is...
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    The playtest has begun

    What he said. Followed all those steps, have received the second email, still no dice.
  12. theredrobedwizard

    The playtest has begun

    This thing you're telling us to do doesn't work. How about you just post a link?
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    [L5R / Marvel Heroic Hack] Legend of the Five Rings: Heroic Edition

    Since my Mass Effect hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplay got some positive feedback here a month or so ago, I figured I should post my latest exercise in ridiculousness. I love L5R. I don't so much love its mechanics. So, I took a system that I do like and made it fit. Well, for the most part...
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    Fewer deeper archetypes or the kitchen sink

    The world changes, so too must the game. By marketing to everyone, we may lose a few. But by marketing to those few, we will lose more; some of them before they even start playing.
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    D&D 5E Playtesting D&D Next: Reapers, Cantrips, Turnings, Rests...

    My Thursday group is made up of three game designers/writers and a three oWoD LARPers. Take a guess which group dislikes the idea of a playtest. XD My Friday group hates change. HAAAATES it. I really don't understand their aversion, because it's not like they're old-and-set-in-their-ways; most...
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    Challenge the character, engage the player.

    My Wizard has a 25 Intelligence and 16 Wisdom. I have a 13 at best in either. Why shouldn't my character have an easier time solving riddles than I do? More to the point, this goes back to the "just RP out your interaction skills, rolling is badwrong" mindset. Why should Charismatic/Intelligent...
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    RPGs and mental health issues

    My two current groups include: 3 - Clinically depressed. 1 - Autistic. 1 - Bipolar. 1 - Cocaine addict. Six out of twelve seems statistically significant. Going back over my groups since the late 90s, the percentage seems to stay constant; even after changing cities three times in the interim.
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    How do you tell your GM and friend that he just isn't that good

    Getting my confrontation-phobic group to speak up will take some doing, but this sounds like stable advice. Thanks! Apologies for the semi-threadjack, Dordledum.
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    How do you tell your GM and friend that he just isn't that good

    I'm torn on that last point you make, because if no one tells him he's not good he'll never get any better.
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    How do you tell your GM and friend that he just isn't that good

    Whenever the game comes up in outside-the-game conversation, he believes it's going really well and that everyone is having fun. We have three other players chomping at the bit to run, but he seriously doesn't understand that no one is having anything resembling fun. Maybe we should just have...