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  1. hvg3akaek

    13th Age What should 4e steal from 13th Age?

    We only play monthly, so updates will be slow in coming :) But the first night went well. Due to a short session, and the start-of-a-campaign RPing to set the scene, we only had one encounter, but that was a significant one - I think it was about level + 4? (so ~level 21 for a group of level...
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    13th Age What should 4e steal from 13th Age?

    Our group is a bunch of engineers, so we weren't ready to let go of our tactical maps - maybe one 'generalised' battle every session or so, but we al feel more comfortable, and have more fun, with grids. There were also mixed feelings on backgrounds instead of skills, and so although some...
  3. hvg3akaek

    Does moving a spell effect provoke opportunity attacks?

    Indeed, a good stance to have (until they are fairly confident with the rules / have been warned for an item many times). There comes a point where I just stop warning them that shooting a bow whilst standing next to an orc will provoke, or running past that soldier could cop an attack :p
  4. hvg3akaek

    Does moving a spell effect provoke opportunity attacks?

    Indeed! :) However: as has been said, many of us are DMs, how should we adjudicate it? hence, discussion ;) You seem to have neatly dodged my comment ;) Delayed Blast Fireball You use the power (minor action). How do you actually fire it? You can't use the secondary power, else that would...
  5. hvg3akaek

    Does moving a spell effect provoke opportunity attacks?

    Ah, you are a bit late to the game, Draco ;) have a look back here, and specifically at the DBF, and ask if the rules on "using" a power are really that simple ;)
  6. hvg3akaek

    Does moving a spell effect provoke opportunity attacks?

    Yup :) hence my initial comment that powers doing more than 'just' sustaining definitely could be argued to provoke OAs.
  7. hvg3akaek

    May Errata

    Thanks for that! Not sure why they don't stick that on their RSS feed... the bottom of the page, they have: The pdf list echoes this, so either they haven't updated the pdfs yet, or they need to update the month :p
  8. hvg3akaek

    Does moving a spell effect provoke opportunity attacks?

    Yup, they are definitely fuzzy :) And there doesn't seem to be any clear system, either. We have some powers (eg Delayed Blast Fireball) that have a secondary attack power written within the main power. Although the main power doesn't provoke, using the second part clearly is meant to. It...
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    Does moving a spell effect provoke opportunity attacks?

    Actually, the rule is: That is, it's not the attack that provokes, but using a ranged or area power. Ranged utility powers (that are not attacks) still provoke. Now - as to what "using" is, that is a much more fuzzy topic. Sustaining a ranged power, especially when the power does something...
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    How Often Do You Actually Play?

    I play in two monthly games (different groups with minimal overlapping players), and one lunchtime work game (which can happen anywhere from one to five times a week). I also play by post, and by *far*, more role-playing happens in the PbP games. Lunch games are fun, but are largely 'let's get...
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    Rule of Three: 05/16/2011

    The thing is, vampire as a race never really makes sense. Vampires are always some other sort of race (typically human, but in fantasy, not all the time). And again, why have two copies of the same thing? The developers have talked about themes being a third leg (race + class being the...
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    Rule of Three: 05/16/2011

    I still think it would be better to have a template (DS wise, not the new essential-templates), so that you could play the barbaric werewolf, or the druidic werewolf, or even the werewolf sorcerer or rogue. Add a few core features when the template is applied, allow powers to be swapped out...
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    Cleric (Templar) is Up

    and turn undead? did they really have to make it suck quite so much? d8's instead of d10's. close burst 2 instead of close burst 2/5/8 (per tier) and 1/2/3 dice of damage compared to 1/2/3/4/5/6. So we go (at high epic) from 6d10 in burst 8 to 3d8 in burst 2... ouch!
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    Rule of Three: 05/16/2011

    Indeed, themes would make vampires / werewolves (and any other template-like thing from earlier editions) work so well...
  15. hvg3akaek

    Armor of Repulsion - Useless?

    Wouldn't charging negate it, as being a reaction, the push would come after the attack?
  16. hvg3akaek

    Class Compendium Feats and Weaponmaster is out!

    I have a halberd fighter, and appreciate the axe expertise feat :)
  17. hvg3akaek

    Design & Development - Necromancy & Nethermancy

    I was disappointed to see that after all the talk of supporting the original wizard, than necromancers have to be essential wizards... I also would have preferred a different take on the "getting past resistance". Wizards especially should not just have "extra damage" features (which is in...
  18. hvg3akaek

    Limit on the number of characters

    I'd definitely be interested in this, too. As a DM of many online games, I kept records of many characters in the old builder (seeing as it told you if anything was houseruled, it was a great way to check over characters easily!). I'd often have ~80 active characters in there. It's one of the...
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    D&D 4E The yet still complete list of official 4E D&D products: now with new format!

    It feels me with confidence that they cannot even get this short sentance correct... I am quite concerned as to the "updates" they have planned. I am always happy with more options, but these updates sound like they will be hitting the original classes with the Essentials nerf-hammer. As...
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    Did you survive 1-20?

    I have a 4e game going at work (a few lunchtimes a week). I've had the same character from 1st to 27th level so far. He's died once (level 20), but it was whilst I was DMing (and thus not paying full attention to his abilities). We rotate the DM, as there are only 4 of us, and up until...