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  1. Blacksad

    Spelljammer Check Out These Spelljammer Ships!

    Simply because the mix between the Astral Sea and Spelljammer is from 4E, and the fun ships were absent from 4E (except perhaps the nautiloïd in some adventure), so they did not have high hopes of seeing the fun ships back In 4E the ships of various domains were variations on a galleon theme...
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    Strahd Returns with Curse of Strahd Revamped: An In-Depth Review

    Is the sabertooth tiger still able to track vistani by smell?
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    The Plastic Ancestry of the Umber Hulk

    Thanks! That's it, and the project is still in progres.
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    The Plastic Ancestry of the Umber Hulk

    My Google-fu has weakened. The process of creating a monster based on a random mini remind me of a designer project : - to create a bestiary based on his father's description of the monster based only on its picture Does that ring any bells? I'd like to find if the project has been completed.
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    D&D General WotC’s Official Announcement About Diversity, Races, and D&D

    I have been the subject of ethnographic observations from an outsider. It's weird. You imagine being the lab rat in front of a biologist. Thing is, the outsider perspective tends to be more readable, and it's purpose is to instruct others. While insider ethnographic studies have sometimes...
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    What's a word that means "NPC or Monster"

    Souls, inhabitants
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    WotC Comparing EN World's Demographics to the D&D Community's

    Err, actually you do send them data, that's why you load a script from google on enworld page (googletagmanager and googletagservices). It gives them the possibility to set cookies, and cross reference with other websites visits (that's how they can know or guess age and sex). Google swear...
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    Fantasy Flight Games Discontinuing RPGs?

    Interesting given that Asmodee recently became partner with GF9 for the french translation of D&D instead of BBE (they already do the Spanish translation through Edge), and obtained the translation rights for Call of Cthulhu (Edge again) Edge was also doing the translation of FFG products. So...
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    D&D General Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    In terms of companies customers wish to buy from, keep in mind that call to boycott are forbidden in some countries (the last conviction I have in mind were for call to boycott Israeli companies with huge smells of antisemitism). Different cultures I guess (Tontine are forbidden in your country...
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    D&D General Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    Memetic From a society point of view, having people voicing objectionable point of view is what allows a society to select and make mainstream those that might be favorable to society. So we get equal rights for males and females, which was objectionable not so long ago in western countries...
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    D&D 5E What demiplanes have been described in D&D? Inspiration for Acererak's phylactery location

    There's a few in a guide to the ethereal plane (2e) Dungeon Masters Guild and at least one in the vortex of madness and other planar perils (2e) Dungeon Masters Guild the 3e manual of the planes recommend using them for dm specific cosmology (wizard closet, sealed realms)
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2020

    Is it related to the comics drawn by madd? Do you have a link? I couldn't find anything through search engines.
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    WotC posting a lot of Star Wars material before the license ends.

    This firefox extension (alongside this one for more permanent storage or an alternative) might help save the archive through the link provided by Windjammer
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    Have you considered grants for the arts ?

    Well, ENworld could make a profit, and you would get a decent salary ;) More seriously, I'll second the concerns of jaerdaph. With user contributed content in the wiki and review section with the mention "Site Contents © 2008 ENWorld" [1], donations, and the use of Eric Noah initials, a...
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    Have you considered grants for the arts ?

    Hi, Executive summary : Have you considered applying for a grant for the arts ? Short explanation : ENworld is a pen and paper role playing game community website. It helps communication between player (reader/art amateur), publisher, writer and artist. And many feel it does well in that...
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    Opinions, please! Is this forum valuable to you as a separate forum?

    I'm with ValhallaGH (except that I also visit the forum for press release sometimes)
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    Mythusmage on DRM

    It might be useful for other, so no email... You could try to emulate a x86 processor: Run linux on it: with Wine: which might allow you to run Acrobat Reader 6: As its name implies, Wine Is...
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    Open Oriental Content

    There is also the action! system which has a few addendum for honor kao and the like (it will be the system used in the new edition of Sengoku). Everything under the OGL.
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    Slayers D20

    Given that in the serie they tend to explode cities with spell similar to nuclear explosion, level 55 seems quite right :)
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    DragonMech Cover Art and Gallery

    Yep, make it color! If it is color I'll buy it!