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    What If the D&D Movie is a Hit?

    Good call. The War of the Lance trilogy would make excellent material for a film.
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    RPG Print News – Free League, Goodman Games, and More

    The description of Dwarven Fiasco is oddly phrased: "They pooled their resources but stray light from a distant star pierced their magic circle." I have no idea what that means. Any suggestions?
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    Let’s Get This Party Quick-Started

    The Shadowdark quickstart is impressive. Lots of good material... Thanks for pointing this out!
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    Breaking into Keys from the Golden Vault: An In-Depth Review

    I agree. The "planning phase" could take as much time as needed, but once the heist started, I would go round-by-round. The rules easily accommodate this (as if it were combat). Keeping track of time would not be difficult.
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    Breaking into Keys from the Golden Vault: An In-Depth Review

    Follow-up: I gave the book a quick scan. Good format. Great art. Excellent maps. A note on the maps: Most of the adventures have a "hand-drawn" map (from an informant, an infiltrator, or insider) in addition to a more accurate map for the DM... Brilliant!
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    Breaking into Keys from the Golden Vault: An In-Depth Review

    Those art samples are stunning. The elf standing on the dock has an excellent 3-D quality. I am looking forward to this book, because I prefer shorter adventures. Sometimes, playing a story arc that takes 40 sessions to complete can seem like work (rather than fun). This book is arriving in...
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    Gizmodo Reveals OGL v1.1's 'Term Sheet' Carrots For Selected Publishers

    Here's my solution: I've been a fan of Savage Worlds for a long time now. The game system is independent of the OGL and they have an ethical business model. They recently produced a version for Pathfinder (and an excellent reincarnation of Rise of the Runelords), that feels very much like 3.5...
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    WotC On One D&D Playtest Survey Results: Nearly Everything Scored 80%+!

    The problem is that the original post did not follow regular rules of grammar. The post is rushed and confused. If you are going to post something that many people will read, please use good grammar and punctuation? Half of all these responses are due to miscommunication.
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    Dragonlance Check Out Shadow of the Dragon Queen's Table of Contents!

    I find this very exciting. I like the distribution of the various chapters. 14-15 pages of history. 14-15 pages on race and class options. Approximately 150 pages of adventures (divided into 6 chapters), a few pages on equipment and items, 20 pages of friends, foes, and sidekicks, plus...
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    Dragonlance Dragonlance Creators Reveal Why There Are No Orcs On Krynn

    Just to throw a monkey-wrench into this whole discussion: I like Kender. If I could vote for a Kender politician, I would. I am grateful that they are back. I realize that a lot of people find them annoying, but I can't help but cheer for the little folk who possess more bravery than brawn...
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    WotC Ray Winninger Steps Back From WotC

    Howdy gang! As Zaukrie pointed out, there are literally hundreds of options out there... If you want a "real" table top experience, no one is stopping you from engaging an an old-school game of D&D. Go ahead and purchase a 5e or an OSR game right now (just in case you are worried that the...
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    One D&D Expert Classes Playtest Document Is Live

    Personally, I am very excited about this whole process. As one of the many people who disliked 4e, I was very glad that WOTC initiated a play-test for 5e. In my opinion, 5e is far-and-away the best version of D&D. A lot of that is due to the feedback that we provided. I just hope they...
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    One D&D Expert Classes Playtest Document Is Live

    Good catch! I always wondered why subclasses progressed at different levels...
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    D&D Tactics: Hikes

    Thanks for the clips. I've been to New Zealand, and I regard it as one of the best places on earth.
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    D&D Tactics: Hikes

    Excellent point. There is a lava tube named "Subway Cave" in northern California. The floor is treacherous, to say the least... It is definitely "difficult terrain"!
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    D&D Tactics: Hikes

    Greetings. I come from a different world, so I wanted to offer my perspective on this issue: I think it is a little bit sad that the majority of the replies in this thread consider hiking in the wilderness to be dangerous, threatening, and/or exhausting. It may be difficult, but it is not...
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    Spelljammer My Five Favorite Things From Spelljammer: Adventures In Space

    Very clever... I am impressed with your lyrical adaptation!
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    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition: Advanced Player’s Guide, A Review

    Retreater: I've GM'd the first adventure so far (Burnt Offerings) of Rise of the Runelords with a group of veteran Pathfinder/D&D/Savage Worlds players. They all seemed to agree that the Savage Worlds edition helped make game play very smooth, keeping with the "Fast, Furious, Fun" motif that...
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    Blog (A5E) Dungeon Delver’s Guide: It’s a Trap!

    This is a great process that includes excellent detail. I like that the solutions are "pyramid tests" that outline critical failures all the way up to critical successes.