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    Need Clarification: "untyped"/"unnamed" Bonus

    untyped is any bonus not given a type. For instance, if you have a feat that gives you a +2 bonus to damage rolls it would be an untyped bonus. On the other hand if a feat gives you a +2 feat bonus to damage rolls it would be a feat bonus because it is called out as such. Bonuses with types...
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    Vampire in play

    Agree'd. A long lived Vampire is no different than a long lived Elf.
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    opportunity attacks

    I've never had this issue. Mostly because I have been in group fights and, rather surprisingly, people don't tend to take that opportunity to attack when their opponent is throwing a punch at someone else. I think it's because, for most people, when you see someone throwing a punch you...
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    DDI VT beta has re-opened

    Eventually, all DDI subscribers will have access, but right now they only invited 4000 of us. There should be another round of invites in the next week or two. Follow the instructions tuxgeo posted and you might get in the next round.
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    New D&D Monster Builder Coming March 22

    The program is called Adventure Tools and and it has a monsters button listed under catalogs.
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    Rule of 3 3/21

    How is that any different that Beastmaster Ranger powers being useless to a Archer Ranger?
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    Inherent bonuses and non-weapon attacks

    Actually Aulirophile, the power, in Dragon 381, is indeed missing the 'weapon' keyword. It is clearly an oversight since the power has a weapon range and does weapon damage, but the 'weapon' keyword is indeed missing. The compendium version has the keyword though, but if you go by what you are...
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    Herores of the Fallen Lands - Are Slayers underpowered?

    Players Handbook 3. It's a skill power.
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    Thief seems overpowered to this new/old DM

    It's an editing mistake. Cunning Escape is never explicitly listed as 4th level they just forgot to add level 5 to Cunning Escape. When you build your thief, he still gets it a level 5. There are similar mistakes like this for some of the other essentials classes as well.
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    March and Beyond

    Hmm, ok, I can get behind that.
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    March and Beyond

    Then the end of the "till the end of the encounter" is a mistake because the fluff for "Hound's Baying" seems to indicate that it's going to work in conjunction with your companion. If you can only call you companion for one encounter and "Hound's Baying" is an encounter power then that would...
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    March and Beyond

    For now, I'm going to assume that it being a daily is a mistake since it's the 11th level power and 11th level is suppose to be an encounter power.
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    Thief seems overpowered to this new/old DM

    That's my point. I don't see any difference in DPR between a Thief or an Artful Dodger Rogue using Sly Flourish or even a Brutal Scoundrel Rogue for that matter. Actually, at 1st level, a Artful Dodger Rogue will have a higher DPR because they have a higher chance to hit and Sly Flourish does...
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    Thief seems overpowered to this new/old DM

    Why are you guys comparing a Thief to a Ranger? If you are trying to figure out if the Thief is OP then shouldn't you be comparing it to a pre-E Rogue?
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    Critique my D&D tool

    I have an idea for a new feature that I think could be helpful. It would be cool if when you were placing monsters on the mat if the program could add up all the xp values and tell you what the encounter value would be for an average sized party(5 PCs). So say you had 5 4th lvl standars...
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    The dominated condition and sneak attack

    You can ask anybody anything, but if they can't back it up with text rules or page numbers, like the folks here do, then what they say doesn't hold any weight. The biggest problem that I have with CS is that they NEVER provide where they are getting their answers from. The Devs have made...
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    VTT beta feedback?

    The problem is that they are designing the VTT so that it can also be used for 3e and before as well as 4e. They may at some point in the future decide to add in automation for the 4e rules, but that is not part of the design goal at this moment.
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    Immediate Actions

    Correct. Correct. Correct You got all three.
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    Opportunity Attacks - no limit ?

    OA's are interrupts, so the attack actually happens before they enter the adjacent square.
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    So it's finally happened? D&D reduced to board games...

    OMG, how dare WotC make DnD board games. They are totally trying to make DnD into a board game because TSR never did anything like this ever.