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  1. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 What happens if you dismiss a spell made permanent?

    Of the spells that can be dismissed: Detect Magic is a cantrip and unless you absolutely need to know right now if something is magical, it can wait until you get home / out of the dungeon. See Invisibility would be worth being made permanent. I like the idea though of a mage having to blink...
  2. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 What happens if you dismiss a spell made permanent?

    I think in the case of Mage's Private Bubble, I would rule as the GM that the area affected by the spell when cast can be made permanent. So, if your sorcerer cast Private Bubble in their bedroom and then had it made permanent, the Private Bubble would persist in that room indefinitely. It would...
  3. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 Figuring out a role for my 3.5e Cleric

    What level are you starting at? I saw you have a hefty amount of gold to play with so I'm assuming higher than first level. If you can start off with your Level Adjustment already gone, then Aasmir is a lot more appealing (Less bookkeeping ;) ). Even if you can't, assuming you start a level...
  4. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 Figuring out a role for my 3.5e Cleric

    Raptoran: Raptoran is an interesting race. No LA with a slowly scaling flight speed. Flight can either make things trivial (flying across a pit) or be a pain in the butt (what do you mean I don't have room for my wingspan? I'm a five foot cube!). Sky domain synergizes well with the race, too...
  5. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 Figuring out a role for my 3.5e Cleric

    @DarkMoon250 The stats you rolled are equivalent of 34 points. So it's up to you if you want to keep them or not. Do you know anymore about the campaign? What types of enemies you'll be facing? I assume the fighter and paladin are going to be melee? Can you tell us anything else about your...
  6. Grogg of the North

    Games that you haven't run but want to [+]

    D&D-esque: A game set in the dwarven mines/under dark beneath the ruins of a city. Inspired by Metro 2033. I would like to someday re-run Shackled City someday. Huh, I thought this list would be longer. Stupid brain. Systems: Any of the Star Wars systems. Alice is Missing BESM Call of...
  7. Grogg of the North

    are Paladins Jedis , or

    Sorcerer/Monks? In 3.5 you could add in either the Master of the Unseen Hand prestige class or Enlightened Fist prestige class and focus on (force) lightning. And don't forget your brilliant energy longsword! It's feat intensive and, IIRC, doesn't "come online" until the mid levels, but it's...
  8. Grogg of the North

    D&D 3E/3.5 What happens if you dismiss a spell made permanent?

    I think we need to look at the Duration entry in the Magic chapter (10? IAFB). It seems that the Permanency spell changes the duration of the spell. Instead of having a duration of 1 min / level (D), the spell now has a duration of Permanent. Now as a GM, I would allow you suppress the effects...
  9. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E The Barbarian in the Intrigue Campaign

    Honestly, that's on the GM mostly. It's not that hard to tell your players in a short email that you're looking to run a campaign that is going to be light on combat and heavy on social interaction. I am, of course, assuming that the barbarian in the comic is geared completely towards killing...
  10. Grogg of the North

    D&D General Tieflings

    Nothing a Hat of Disguise can't fix!
  11. Grogg of the North

    D&D General Tieflings

    Excellent! Moves onto the next player In all seriousness, I tend to default to my players when it comes to character appearance.
  12. Grogg of the North

    D&D General Tieflings

    stares at player Well, why don't you tell me what your character looks like? :)
  13. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 2E Pathfinder vs. 3.5 - Help Me Decide

    I really like PF 1E. I haven't had an opportunity to play 2E yet, so I cannot discuss its merits. What I will do is direct your attention to a few free modules you could use as you ease into either system. If you play 1E, I highly recommend We Be Goblins. Get in touch with your inner muder hobo...
  14. Grogg of the North

    Player Engagement Outside of Session Time

    Before the campaign starts, I think the amount of backstory depends greatly on the type of story being told. If the characters are going to be in a "hub town", I want to know all about it. Who are the movers and shakers in town? What's been happening recently? Are there established churches...
  15. Grogg of the North

    Board Game Suggestions

    My children, D12, S10, and D8, all love playing board games with me. However, their enthusiasm for games like Battleship and Life eclipse my own. So I'm looking for suggestions on things we can play together. Either one on one or as a family. They can all handle Catan, though my 8 year old needs...
  16. Grogg of the North

    Best GMing Advice you've ever gotten

    A few spring to mind. 1) Everyone's first game is awful. Don't sweat it. 2) Have fun. If everyone at the table is having fun, don't sweat it. Maybe you're ignoring a rule from the book. Maybe you've added in something you saw online or in a magazine. If everyone is having fun, then don't...
  17. Grogg of the North

    D&D General I DM because...

    Because I wanted to. Because I had a campaign/story I wanted to run. Because I find GMing more enjoyable than being a player lately.
  18. Grogg of the North

    Pathfinder 1E RESIZING GEAR: Suck it up and deal with it?

    It can definitely be a problem and feels like you're unduly punishing small characters. What I've allowed small characters to do is use weapon equivalency. I know there was a chart in 3.5 but I don't know if it made it into PF1E. For example, a medium dagger would be a small short sword. Armor...
  19. Grogg of the North

    D&D General Best D&D Novels

    Now it has been a long time since I've read anything Drizzt, so take everything I'm about to say with a heaping spoonful of salt. But I think there are two main problems, especially in the later books. First, Drizzt seems to have gotten a reputation as a Mary Sue. He's simply the best at...
  20. Grogg of the North

    No Ghost in the Shell rpg?

    If Cyberpunk doesn't work, what about Big Eyes Small Mouth?