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  1. Branduil

    Playing with Subclasses: how flexible is subclass design in the playtest so far?

    I would honestly be okay with that. While the concerns about overpowered combos is valid, I would counter with 2 points: 1. This would also make it easier for devs to identify overly good or bad subclasses, since now every class would have access to the good ones. 2. It would be a buff for...
  2. Branduil

    What would you put in 1D&D from 4E?

    A Ranger that's actually good and fun to play!
  3. Branduil

    Am I crazy, or did they just turn Stealth into full Ninja mode?

    It wouldn't be D&D anymore if the stealth rules were well-written
  4. Branduil

    D&D Survey Results and The Future of Playtest | Unearthed Arcana

    No, of course not. I am suggesting that there's a sizeable number of D&D fans who are anti-furry, that there is overlap between furry and queer culture (and similarly overlap between anti-furry and anti-queer arguments), and that some of the reaction to Ardlings is due to this factor. It's...
  5. Branduil

    D&D Survey Results and The Future of Playtest | Unearthed Arcana

    I mean I think there's a spectrum of conservatism. Obviously WotC is not going to try to appeal to the kind of toxic, extreme people who think that different skin tones existing is "woke" or anything like that. But there is a kind of "mushy middle" where people are fine with "inclusive gaming"...
  6. Branduil

    D&D Survey Results and The Future of Playtest | Unearthed Arcana

    Well, in earlier surveys their support was still high enough to keep them, so I think something did change there. It's quite obvious some people didn't like them, it's not like the Aardling opponents were shy to express their opposition. So yes, my supposition is that what changed is that as a...
  7. Branduil

    D&D Survey Results and The Future of Playtest | Unearthed Arcana

    So I guess with the OGL debacle, the Aardling shows WotC is going to lean even harder into the desires of grognards that D&D can never change or evolve too much or too fast. It's a shame, but I've already realized D&D isn't really for me any more.
  8. Branduil

    Change in Charisma Description

    Ultimately, it comes down to 3 things: There is no inherent benefit, to the player or society at large, to making Charisma explicitly based on appearance. There are inherent negatives to society at large by linking Charisma and appearance, however minor. There is nothing stopping any individual...
  9. Branduil

    What Should 1D&D Resurrect? +

    I don't know about bringing back attacking saving throws, but I would definitely favor bringing back Fort/Ref/Will for a variety of balance reasons.
  10. Branduil

    It is time to forgive WOTC and get back onboard.

    I revoked the OGL 1.0a 35 minutes ago
  11. Branduil

    How to use the OGL

    That does seem weird. How are things even written in the SRDs? "Generic Monster #543"?
  12. Branduil

    WotC quietly deleting access to the 3e SRD

    This reminds me of one of the funniest changes in 3.5, where they decided that special rules for small characters wielding weapons was too confusing and so they decided to make separate size categories and damage for every single weapon in the game. Definitely less confusing. It's especially...
  13. Branduil

    Beholders, Mind Flayers, and Strahd von Zarovich Released Into Creative Commons (Kinda)

    At last, I can finally release my my masterpiece of erotic fiction, "10 Rays to Say I Love You," the story of a forbidden and drama-charged polycule between a Beholder, Mind Flayer, Count Strahd, and there's nothing WotC can do to stop me!
  14. Branduil

    It is time to forgive WOTC and get back onboard.

    I'm not much interested in anthropomorphizing giant corporations. I greatly appreciate everyone who fought for this victory, and I'm glad WotC leadership caved on this. I hope they can rebuild a healthy relationship with the community that supports them. For me, I decided a while ago to move...
  15. Branduil

    Roll for Combat reveals the terms of the "sweetheart deal" offered to 3pp

    8 social media posts over 2 years is hilariously bad. Like, it literally costs nothing to make a social media post, you could automate an advertisement every single day if you wanted to. And they were offering 1 post per 3 months. LOL. LMAO even.
  16. Branduil

    The new OGL 1.2, What is Victory?

    For me, victory is for simple. I want WotC to place all previous SRDs into ORC, so that they will always be freely available, and out of WotC's hands. I do not care at this point what they do with their own license, I'm moving on. I do think the morality clause is awful and abusable, but if...
  17. Branduil

    I think I know how the morality clause acceptable(+)

    Oh my god, no! I absolutely do not want to hear any stories about a young RPG writer getting cancelled because they wrote something outrageous on social media like "Palestinians have human rights and do not deserve to be murdered forever." Of course, I don't trust WotC with this power either...
  18. Branduil

    What could have been: More officially supported nonspell nonMages

    I'm going to be honest, I consider never again having to deal with the shambling mound of zombified, sacred cattle cadavers that is the "D&D magic system" a very nice glass of lemonade to get out of this. I mean I'm not disagreeing with you that 3PPs could have done a lot with the class groups...
  19. Branduil

    Legal Eagle has entered the chat, about OGL 1.1

    You're right, it was overprinting and too much unsold stock which helped kill them. I guess we'll see if investing massive money in a VTT ends up being a similar waste.
  20. Branduil

    Legal Eagle has entered the chat, about OGL 1.1

    I'm admittedly not a D&D history expert, but I seem to recall how TSR's era of "let's sue everyone and fail to produce sufficient content" went.