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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    There's a community of people from all over the Known World who have made their home in an ancient underground fortress. The fortress lay abandoned for centuries until it was found by some lucky explorers years ago. As time went on, the explorers decided to settle there, and invited trusted...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    The dark swamp lay before them. The heroes who have triumphed over their enemies now face the murky waters and the foul creatures that inhabit its darkness. A wooden bridge lit by torches at its sides leads them out of this place, almost safely. But danger always surrounds our brave adventurers...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    The adventurers have bested the guardians at the gates of the tomb. Now it's time to really test their mettle and see if they're worthy of the Pharaoh's riches. Surrounded by faithful warriors, even in death, the Pharaoh is protected from intruders seeking to acquire their fortune. Add to that...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    Amidst the jungle, the brave heroes have encountered some ancient ruins that hold an artifact of unimaginable power. For centuries the orb has been laying dormant, but the true hearts of our heroic party have awakened it once more. Yet there are those who would use the orb's power for...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    Some adventurers are fortunate enough to have long, fulfilling careers: monster-slaying, ass-kicking, kingdom-saving and everything in between. Eventually they go off not only to save their own world, but other planes as well. And in these inter-dimensional travels is where they find this den...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    Thank you very much, glad you liked it! -- The adventurers have finally found it. Amidst thick forests they have found a portal to a plane beyond our own. To a realm of wild fairy magic and amazing creatures. But the portal is an unstable creation, and arcane knowledge is needed to stabilize...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    There always are dodgy things happening at city ports. Ask anyone about a any crime in a city and it will eventually lead you to the local port. From shady deals, to contraband and smuggling of dangerous materials, you are sure to find such activities in there. Now the heroes are tasked with...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    There's a plane of existence where the most dangerous criminals in all the multiverse are held. In this plane, there are many prisons of different types. Each more punishing than the one before. Creativity is abundant for the Warden-Gods and today they've decided to create a special kind of...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    Far into their mountain trek, the adventurers have spotted an icy cave close to their position. Staying true to their nature, they decide to go investigate. Still, the journey there proves dangerous and they are ambushed outside by the arctic bandits that unbeknownst to our heroes have made...
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    D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

    After the meeting took place and all the future heroes got together, the now adventurers have arrived to their first town. Here they can find many people that need their help, and also many people who can help them along their adventures. Will they go out and buy some new gear and potions? Or...
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