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    D&D 5E Must-have bard spells?

    Not sure how effective the smite spells actually are, given that they require concentration... so they'll interfere with any number of other amazing spells such as bless, haste, bane etc.
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    D&D 5E Warlock, Pact of the Blade, Melee

    No, I think you're right here, I just had vague memories of it granting you a 1d4 damage attack with the offhand, rather than granting you an attack, with 1d4 as the damage die. Crossbow expert also gives you a bonus attack with +stat to damage, so I think given you're spending a feat on these...
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    D&D 5E Warlock, Pact of the Blade, Melee

    I think glaive (or other polearms) is the best pact weapon in the long run, due to 2x 1d10 + str + cha mainhand attacks and a 1d4+cha offhand attack. It also gives you an extra hit to trigger Hex damage. At level 5, it should be roughly equal to the greatsword, or about 3 points ahead with hex...
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    D&D 5E Archdruid of moon - 90 free HP per round?

    I don't think your reading is correct, as Beast Spells says "Beginning at 18th level, you can cast many of your druid spells in any shape you assume using Wild Shape", it doesn't reference beast shapes at all. Elemental Wild Shape is a specific use of wild shape, but it still does use wild shape.
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    December Rules Update Available

    I'm not really sure about that, I'd consider Polearm Gamble a case of the specific (entering a square triggers an opportunity attack) overrides the general (shifting not provoking opportunity attacks for movement). Its open to interpretation, tho.
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    Chaos bolt: Max 3 attacks or infinite?

    It's been clarified that secondary attacks aren't required to be made even if they're available, you always have the choice of if you want to or not. So you don't actually need to hit your friends if you have no enemies left to target...
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    Temple of Light: does radiant keyword apply to followup attacks?

    Keep in mind that was a quote from the PHB1, back before they added in all sorts of trickiness... back then a power that did acid damage DID have the acid keyword. I view that more as a descriptive sentence than a mechanical rule. I'm of the view that unless you obtain the radiant keyword...
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    Avengers Assemble! -- er, Essentials

    My first thought on reading Avenging Resolution was that it doesn't actually specify it only applies to [W] damage, in which case it will raise the minimum damage on ANY extra dice you get, such as multiclass quarry, horned helm, vanguard weapon, etc. So more like Gauntlets of Destruction rather...
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    Charging Barbarian Catchup

    Its not really a specific item, there's a lot of them. And they don't contradict the rules, they're just worded in a way that suggests my interpretation of the rules. Eg. Boar Tusk helm. Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: You hit with a weapon at the end of a charge. Effect: <stuff> It...
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    Charging Barbarian Catchup

    I'm going to disagree with Draco and say that if you crit on your swift charge, you do still get your free basic attack from Rampage. Even if a charge does end your turn, free actions don't need to be performed on your turn... so there's no reason you can't take the free attack anyway (this...
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    Hide armor expertise

    Shamans don't get hide proficiency so they'd need to spend 2 feats to get it... hide prof, then hide expertise. Given the stat requirements for hide are the same as chain, they're better off just getting chain instead. Likewise warlocks need to a. get hide proficiency, b. multiclass to primal...
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    Ruling question: Sun's Illumination vs. Shroud of Night

    Its a sorcerer daily afaik, and a fairly mediocre one... no damage on a miss, and the bonus it grants is both somewhat minor and easy to counter, especially as its a sustain... But yeah, it should definately grant combat advantage in that situation as per usual.
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    Hide armor expertise

    That's not entirely true. A normal light armour character that has a secondary stat to AC and starts with 2 18s (including racial modifiers) will get +1 at lvls 8, 14, 21 and 28 from the stat bumps. Possibly another AC from epic destiny stat boosts. Barbarians with barbarian agility get +1...
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    The Most Underpowered Class?

    Possibly, but thats a really, really bad barbarian.
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    Paragon Sorcerer advice

    I'd really recommend against this, or you open up all sorts of crazy abuse. Eg Cold powers (admixture burning spray/blazing starfall), Radiant weapon, multiclass to paladin for Morninglord prestige class, grab a holy symbol of pure light (think thats the name), wintertouched/lasting frost...
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    Paragon Sorcerer advice

    Why 11th ? Neither expertise nor draconic spellcaster change from 5th to 14th, so its not really until 15th that it starts to get a little broken. I say a little because while it was obviously a mistake (should have just been a flat +1 to hit... and so should the eagle eye goggles), it still...
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    The Most Underpowered Class?

    I mostly agree with this, but the staggering amount of truly bad powers they get is incredible. The at wills (if you can trigger the extra damage for star/infernal) are better than most of the encounters! They get some nice dailies, tho. Centering a pact around the 2 most resisted damage types...
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    New Errata/Updates at Wotc

    Charge based items are actually a good example of a problem. There are already items so that on a charge you get a boost to damage, bonus to defenses, and no provoking AoOs for movement. It wouldn't be too bad if it truly was situational, but for a focused charging build, not only is it pretty...
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    The Most Underpowered Class?

    You could say that but I suspect you'd be wrong. Dual Implement makes up for iron armbands of power, and thats pretty much it. Weapon users still have plenty of other ways to boost damage that arcane users don't have. Area effect powers help implement users with this a bit, but keep in mind...
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    Declaring Immediate Interrupts

    I disagree with this. Even if you use it when the DM rolls a natural 1, it still does a decent chunk of damage. So its not a waste. Less useful than if it was a hit, sure, but thats a different matter. When I'm DMing I announce who I'm attacking with a monster, then roll the dice (in front of...