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    Elite - it may come back

    If you are in your late 30's or 40's you may remember the truly outstanding elite. It may happen and they are seeking funding, read it here about Elite IV
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    DDI VT Beta thread

    Thanks Dannager. We are running a hosted mapper designed for PBP and wondered if the DDI VT would be better for PBP. From what you say it seems at the moment we are better to stick with the PBP mapper we have. You can read our discussion here if you fancy: Play by Post, Dice Roller, Demo Map...
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    DDI VT Beta thread

    I may have missed it, but I did read the thread and there is one question I have: Does this map application require the DM's PC to be on running it for a player to access it? I ask this as I wonder if it would be good for play by post games, where of course the DM may not have his PC on when...
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    The poster below me

    True The poster below me has a tablet computer
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    The poster below me

    False (They tend to be a bit too good aligned) The poster below me loves dungeons with loads of traps (e.g. Tomb of horrors)
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    The poster below me

    False The poster below me will give the creator of this thread an XP point.
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    The poster below me

    False The poster below me loves toasted cheese sandwiches
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    The Scale of the ---- UNIVERSE ----

    Yes this really gets it all into perspective. A Scale of the universe from the smallest to the biggest, take a look it's cool The Scale of the Universe
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    Top Gear

    You certainly see some mad stuff on the show: 1) Landing a helicoper on top of a skoda when the skoda is moving. 2) Running a mini down a ski-jump. 3) Turning a three wheeler car into a space shuttle and firing it into the air And countless other things, class :)
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    The poster below me

    True. The poster below me feels like it's about time to try a new system.
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    DM's Suport Group: Most Cliche Player Behaviors Ever

    In face to face games the same daft voice people put on when they try to roleplay. At least to my ears there seems to be a standard roleplay tone of voice that most people seem to adopt when roleplaying. Now of course roleplaying is great and all, but would be nice if people could try a...
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    DM "adding" to your PC's background?

    Some players maybe ok with it, but some may also think a DM would be taking a big liberty by deciding bits of the background for the player. I've DM'd a number of games and would always discuss with the players if I wanted some bits of the background better defined. Also no DM has ever written...
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    Why is there no talk about the Castle Keepers Guide preview?

    I have the C&C players handbook and it's a good alternative to AD&D should you want that. I read the preview in the link provided and yes it could do with less of the self trumpet blowing and less waffle words. The production values of something like the pathfinder players handbook so much...
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    My town has been destroyed - gaming cancelled

    Seriously big amount of bad luck for you guys. I've seen it on the telly. As far as the game, if you all still have access to broadband there's the online option, using a Play by post site or real time rpg hosting software. There's PBP here, and I run a PBP website, should you want to carry...
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    Really quite different is Misfits to what you mention, it's filmed in Britain and is much more raw. If you watch it you will see what I mean.
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    Yea I know what you mean I thought the same initially and I only decided to watch it because someone at work said it was worth watching and when I did I was glad. Basically it's got really strong and interesting characters.
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    Guilty pleasures

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    It's British (That's the TV we get here) and the 2nd series ended a bit back. But this had to be my favorite series in ages. It's about a group of ASBO (young offenders) who are brought together to do community service. They are struck by a strange lightning storm and this gives them...
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    What is the best computer game you have ever played?

    Civilization - I've played it on and off for decades, hows that for playability. Also of note: Halo, Knights of the old republic, Diablo.
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    Top Gear

    Ah also forgot to mention we get the BBC where I live, and will watch the latest episode, it's on tomorrow at 8pm GMT