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  1. Wulf Ratbane

    Wulf's Collected Story Hour -- FINAL UPDATE 12/25

    Tolkien's birthday is a fine day to bump this Story Hour. It's hard to believe that the first post was over 20 years ago.
  2. Wulf Ratbane

    [UPDATED] A Savage D&D 5E Campaign Setting From the Makers of PRINCES OF THE APOCALYPSE

    I'm in the same boat. I backed them the first time even though I did not then and still do not play 4e, PF, or 13th Age. If I could have had a 5e version, that's absolutely what I would have chosen. I hope they make the 5e PDF available for prior backers.
  3. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E I have the DMG!

    RETCONNED! (imc)
  4. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E I have the DMG!

    Which version of the playtest? Better yet: link?
  5. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E A Glimpse Of High-Level Play

    Tell me more about this "two sneak attacks in one round." Strictly for educational purposes, of course.
  6. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E A Glimpse Of High-Level Play

    Thanks for the interest guys; it's very gratifying (even after all these years). I don't want to derail the thread but I don't want to leave it unanswered, either: Story Hour is very unlikely. I just have so many irons in the fire, right now! Setting aside my day job, I am thrilled to say that...
  7. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E A Glimpse Of High-Level Play

    This struck me the other day as I was pondering the new inner workings of 5e. I think that, because the game has shifted many previous "save or XXX..." effects over to straight hit point damage, maxxing hit points is going to be an essential (and widespread) tactic. Bounded accuracy (and...
  8. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E 5e "raw" spell data?

    Got it, thanks, Ari. I'll see if I can find some time tonight to expand it, and if so, I'll email something back to you. Otherwise I may just wait for your next update. :)
  9. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E 5e "raw" spell data?

    Yeah, that would save me a ton of work.
  10. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E 5e "raw" spell data?

    Tinkering with various caster builds, I quickly recognized I'd like a quick way to categorize spells-- school, class availability, cantrip or not, ritual or not, higher slots or not, type of save/attack roll, damage type, etc. 1) Does anything like this exist yet? If so, where? 2) If not...
  11. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E I can haz WILD MAGE and the first DRAGONBORN art?

    Because the people who play wild mages expect to experience the defining :):):):)ing feature of their class.
  12. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E I can haz WILD MAGE and the first DRAGONBORN art?

    My solution would be not to play with you. Simpler and more effective. That's why the wild mage is a non-starter in any incarnation. It slows down the game, it puts too much focus on one player, it's highly likely to "divert fun" to the wild mage at the expense of other players, and it wreaks...
  13. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E Tiefling preview!

    Assuming that guy gets past the town guard... And actually makes it down the street and into the inn... And somehow makes it over to my table in one piece... And somehow convinces my companions to let him join our adventuring party... Me? I'm going to spend my every waking hour trying to...
  14. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E so, mountain dwarf wizards...

    I've never thought of "spellcasting in armor" as a system balance mechanism-- and it's quite obviously not, since it's been "broken" by both clerics and elven chain since the inception-- but rather as a bit of system designed (punitively) to enforce tropes of the genre.
  15. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E D&D Icons of the Realms Starter Sets have arrived

    Ugh. What a weird thing to bake into the cake. (That's becoming my 5e refrain...)
  16. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E D&D 5e Basic Set: Things that make you go "what?!"

    Yes, odd. I don't have any rules in front of me (playtest or BASIC) but it seems trivial to allow a "Defender" an opportunity attack against a foe who attacks an adjacent ally. I'm strictly grid-based myself, but that seems a workable Theatre of the Mind solution. You could require a feat or...
  17. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E Just a reality check.

    This. OP, you're reading the wrong forums. I will say from my own perspective, yes, I've been all, "Can't wait to fix this! Can't wait to fix that!" myself. That's a good thing. 5e has re-engaged me in the broadly defined meta-hobby of "Giving a :):):):) about D&D."
  18. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E So Is The Dex Based Fighter Just Strictly Better?

    Too powerful, I think. I was shocked when I saw them in the combat section. They'll definitely need tweaking in my game: You have disadvantage on your check if your opponent is larger. You have advantage on your check if you are more than 1 size larger than your opponent. This will stack both...
  19. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E Unexpected but (mostly) awesome new rules in Basic

    It does indeed; but I didn't mention it because it felt boorish to do so; and at any rate I am completely up front about having yoinked the essence from AU in the first place. My further tweaks to 5e will probably include putting all spellcasters on the same spell slot progression, with such...
  20. Wulf Ratbane

    D&D 5E Unexpected but (mostly) awesome new rules in Basic

    Unless I'm not reading deeply enough into the changes, AU was exactly like this. A great leap forward in design. I wonder if it was Monte or Mearls' work...?